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The Truth About the FBI’s Counter-Intelligence Investigation Into Trump

It’s been nearly a week since The New York Times dropped the revelatory bombshell that the FBI had opened a counter-intelligence investigation into President Donald Trump in the spring of 2017, shortly after he fired then-Director James Comey. Normally, in the high-speed world of today’s political media, today’s bombshell is tomorrow’s birdcage lining, but this story apparently has legs. Democrats, who were all but certain that the juiciest parts of their conspiracy theory tying Trump to Russia were long behind them, seized on the opportunity to swing for the fences one more time. See? Even the FBI thinks he’s a mole for the Kremlin!

Yeah, well, that’s the Obama FBI for you.

For certain, this is a big story, but not for the reason the media thinks it is. The truth is that this is one of the final pieces confirming what we already knew about the intelligence/law enforcement apparatus holdovers from the Obama administration. It confirms what we already knew about Comey, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, Peter Strzok, and the rest of the anti-American cabal. The rest of the so-called “Republicans” in the FBI and the DOJ who made it their mission to reverse the 2016 election by any means necessary.

Take it from The New York Times themselves. In their story, they tell us that there were two incidents that precipitated the investigation. The firing of Comey (and Trump’s later remarks about that firing) was one of them, which we’ll get to in a minute. The other? Trump’s joke in a 2016 press conference where he called on Russia to find Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 missing emails. Seriously? Either we have people in the FBI leadership who are dumb enough to believe that this was Trump’s actual signal to Russian hackers, or this is a bad excuse they thought of later on, just in case they might have to answer for their treason. Either way, it’s a sad statement about the state of corruption in our FBI.

As for the firing of Comey, we’ve been over it a thousand times. The President of the United States is fully and constitutionally authorized to hire and fire anyone in his administration he would like. He can give a thousand conflicting reasons or he can give no reason at all. Using this as an excuse to open an investigation against him is beyond silly; it’s outrageous.

“No evidence has emerged publicly that Mr. Trump was secretly in contact with or took direction from Russian government officials,” the Times tells us in one of the last paragraphs.

Yeah, and none will. But the evidence that the FBI was run by partisans who abused their authority? Oh, we’ve got LOTS of that.

What do you think?

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  1. Another pointless, ingenuous article by a quasi-anonymous, cowardly writer… and hack for this corrupt administration. WHY?

  2. Is there a test the American people can administer to see if the person running for office is an adult? Bickering and name calling are all that gets done in D.C. Are these people working for the country or themselves? Are there are any adults left in D.C. can we please hear from some of them? Do these representatives understand how much the American people hate what’s going on, do they care? GROW UP!

    • We need to let the corrupt Democrats and Rinos know how we think about the Gov, next election. Election 2016 was a failure. Notice, I did not say “Feel about the Gov”!

      • Dang right! Others don’t want to hear Conservatives or our defense of our POTUS. The best way to respond is through *informed* voters. If anyone is unsure or even thinking slightly that there “might be some truth” in the Witch Hunt then they need to do some research, NOT msm, but actual research to be truly informed. Those who don’t want to know the truth are either blindsided/fooled or hate Trump more than they love *OUR* country. It took time for me, I admit, but I honestly believe that Trump’s sincere desire is to serve American’s appeal to secure our borders, limit immigration, and stand strong knowing that millions of people who believe in him don’t even admit it in mixed company.

        • Thank You, Sandra! Sometimes it is even better to have come over from another point of view. It just shows that you have grown in your awareness. I believe that by using a thinking brain, and paying attention to everything that is going on around you, you can come to a reasonable conclusion that there are people in our government who only care about keeping their jobs! They don’t even care what the different politicians do to the country, just as long as it doesn’t affect them too much. “Just let me stick it out until retirement.” Yes, I agree that some of these jobs are not even needed or authorized by our Constitution, but that is a discussion for another day. Right now we have 800,000 people who have jobs that they signed on for in good faith, that are not getting paid.
          Did anyone complain when the Clintons had the FBI deliver information dossiers on all of their enemies, just so they could keep tabs on them. Using the government’s intelligence services to dig up information on people, and then if that wasn’t enough, make something up. Walter Cronkite’s biased reporting caused us to lose the Vietnam War, when even the North Vietnamese thought we had won. LBJ breaks up the Black family with his “War on Poverty” & “Great Society”. Just let the government be the Father in the home and we will give you money for all your children, but don’t you dare have a real solid Husband! A strong Male Father figure that every child needs. It isn’t even a “racial” thing, because children of both sexes (yes I said sexes, only 2) need a Strong Solid Father figure, along with their Mother, to guide them in their journey to adulthood. After so many years of politicians who promise everything and do nothing, except to increase our debt to over 20 Trillionwe, we have elected a successful business man, to run our country, and all the progressives in both parties have lost their minds. The democrats and the RINO’s are beside themselves, because he actually believes in keeping his promises. He promised to secure our Border and a Wall to help the Border Patrol keep the invaders out. Yes, we are partially at fault, because we buy these dangerous drugs that the Cartels provide, but that doesn’t mean that our guardians shouldn’t do everything in their power to stop it. We have the technology to assist the Border Patrol by building a strong Wall so that the invaders will be funnelled into areas where a wall is not possible and then our Border Patrol has a chance to respond to any breaches. I know for a fact that we have thousands of Mexicans legally working in our country, who cross over every day, or week, and go back home at night. They have “Sentry Passes” that they buy, and renew every 5 years. We know who they are and some American businesses depend on them. We had a “Bracero” Program up until the 60’s, where Mexican workers came over to harvest our crops, but that program was stopped. It was a combination of greedy Businessmen and Caesar Chavez’ activism in favor of American Farm workers. How many thousands of H1B Visas have been issued to just the companies in Silicon Valley? Who suffers the most when we have illegal, and even Legal foreign workers in our country? The people who suffer the most are the unskilled and low skilled sweat labor workers of every race but most especially the Hispanic and Black American Citizens and our young people just coming out of High School, looking for their first jobs. So now we have this multimillionaire Nancy Pelosi, and her Senate cohort Crying Chuck Shumer, who say it is immoral to help stem the flow of illegals from all over the planet, who are sneaking into our country, with who knows what intent. So just who is responsible for this “partial” government shutdown.

          • David,
            Put beautifully! Couldn’t have done it better! At 82 I have watched the decline of this country with a sticking reality and the thought of how little the democrates think of this country and it’s people. When Obama was elected and I saw how he was out to distroy the USA and the democrates jumped on the band wagon and they haven’t gotten off.
            Now we have someone who’s whole work is restoring this country they can’t stand it. Eather folks wake up or we’re done for. PRAYERS FOLKS and vote the Dems out!

  3. Go ahead your damn vindictive Dems and ;your going to find yourself in very big trouble. People are watching and do you for one second think they are going to put up with your damn crap come voting day.—think again ——-get busy on our wall that we want and do it NOW.!!!!!!!!! WE ARE TELLING YOU DEMS MOVE IT OR YOUR GOING TO LOSE IT. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR STUPID GAMES.

  4. The Obama administration hit the panic button when Trump got elected, they were about to be found out and there are a number that are facing jail because of their illegal activity. Also Washington was well on its way to embedding a socialists/communist bureaucracy in these agencies and Trump is destroying these plans.

  5. Thank God we finally have a President who has the fortitude, guts to fight back against these traitors in the Demorat, Repugnant and lying mainstream media. I would have thrown in the towel long ago. The man is truley amazing to be able to hold up to this steady onslaught attacking him daily. He clearly loves this country unlike the last bit of garbage that occupied the White House.

  6. Corrupt FBI…Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, CATH0L1C tra1tor retired, Replaced by Bowdich.
    Comey, CATH0L1C tra1tor in FBI, Strzok, CATH0L1C tra1tor in FBI.
    Robert Mueller, CATH0L1C tra1tor in FBI.  A lacrosse teammate and classmate at St. Paul’s School was future Massachusetts Senator and Secretary of State John Kerry.[13], CATH0L1C traitor.
    [David] Bowdich, CATH0L1C tra1tor also has ties to Mueller. He was picked by Mueller in 2011 to handle the transition to a new FBI director after Mueller’s 10-year term expired. But that role become irrelevant after Mueller, [Christopher] Wray August 2017, was confirmed as FBI Director,, [Christopher] Wray began his legal career as a clerk for Judge J. Michael Luttig [CATH0L1C traitor] of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. 
    ex-FBI agent John Guandolo. Guandolo [CATH0L1C traitor] resigned from his position with the Bureau in December 2008 after he was caught engaging in a sexual relationship with a key confidential source in the midst of a corruption investigation of a Louisiana politician. 
    There is not one AMERICAN on the SCOTUS. Almost all are CATH0L1C traitors. The rot is within. Vote for ANY CATH0L1C and you vote for a traitor.

    • Get an education, Catholics are NOT the traitors you are postulating.
      How do I know??
      I am a practicing Catholic, and a strong supporter of POTUS Trump, and have never heard a word of critique of POTUS Trump in church or Catholic literature.
      If you are looking for historical equivalents to today’s time, then Democrats are the Hitler Youth supporters during the so called Kristallnacht, where Jewish public institutions were ransacked. This is where an equivalent comparison to the Mueller investigation can definitely be drawn.

      • Catholics are not evil;however, the devil (quite some time ago) invaded the Vatican and polluted Those within it’s walls.

  7. The DOJ & FBI are merely weapons for the Democrats, lacking focus, bias, right & wrong, and reverence to the Constitution and established laws. They openly will not investigate the criminal activities of Hillary, Rice, Holder & Comney to name a few. Yet, they will prosecute any Republican that J-walks. Its beyond time to remove the leadership at both organizations and instill leaders that follow the Constitution and the established Laws against ANY person, whether elected or not, that break those laws. I, for one, have lost faith in either of these two organizations for doing the “right thing” as they are bought and paid for by the Democrats / Liberals / Special Interest groups. Yea, they don’t like the fact of pinning the tail on the Donkey, but they are the Donkey unless, a big unless, they get their act together and become the Agency they were intended to be….impartial.

    • After the SLAUGHTER of JFK came the “cover up” and all innocence in America was lost. LBJ (the evil bastard) ushered in the (in 1965) the changes in Our Immigration Laws that led to “massive” welfare and “massive” importing of the unskilled “new democrat voters.

  8. These are ILLEGAL al1en CATHOL1C INVADERS…..The whole CATHOL1C thing is a failed cult from the middle ages. Look south of the USA see a hundred nations, all CATHOL1C an all failed forever. Vote for ANY CATHOL1C and you vote for a traitor. NO CATHOL1C is an American, they are all CATHOL1C traitors. Vote for ANY CATHOL1C and you vote for a traitor.

    • The catholic priests came into areas where people worshiped idols and just replaced those idols with new ones—–Ever notice all the idols? —-Are there idols in , say a Mormon Church, any other Christian Church? The reason was simple, thing had to be made simple to bring peoples that believed in many gods into mono theistic belief.

  9. . In the USA we have ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC ‘C’ INVADERS. …..The only difference between Muslim and “C” is the continent they destroy…… R and D mean nothing…….. Hitlery has been in bed with the “C” traitors since Bill signed NAFTA and money went south and the 60 million ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC ‘C’ INVADERScame north…….. CATHOLICS have controlled the USA since 1956……… Now there is not one AMERICAN on the SCOTUS… Most are “C” traitors. No “C” is an American, they are CATHOLICS. …………… Have you ever heard of a “C” nation that is not corrupt? ….Have you ever heard of ANY successful “C” nation? Have you heard of a “C” nation that does not need to ‘export’ the illiterate ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC ‘C’ INVADERS?……. There is not one successful “C” nation on earth……….. Vote for ANY “C” and the borders will never be secured.

  10. Obama did criminalize the DOJ and FBI and these federal employees would have never done for anyone less. I believe Obama told them that Hillary was going to win and if she did not they would have an insurance plan in place. I believe all these federal employees did not get together on their own. They had too much in stake in the department, time, benefits and reputation but Obama talked them into it.

  11. If you go back and study the sequence of events, at the time Trump joked about wanting the Russians to “find” the 33,000 missing emails, it was public knowledge that Hillary had already taken down the private server. In context then, which Democrats played stupid about, it would have been impossible for anyone to “hack” a server to obtain these emails. Russia would already have to be in possession of these emails at the time of the quip, and “finding” the emails would translate into publishing them.
    The Dems were traditionally for adept at understanding tech than Repubs, but that was put aside in order to inflate a talking-point accusation that Trump was “encouraging the Russians to hack”.

  12. The upper echelon of FBI, DOJ, CIA, Hussein Administration, etc., have ALL been proven to be diiryy rotten scoundrels on a mission to interfere and secure a Presidential election for the candidate of their choice. HRC for goodness sakes, the Queen Of Collusion AND Corruption.
    Time for a change folks. The day these morons decide they have an iota of a right to interfere In ANY election, we’re done, we’re no longer a Free Republic. From the dirtiest cop, Comey to Clapper, Brennan, Mueller, on & on, for them to entertain the idea of such egregious behavior is a traitorous act in and of itself. Every last one of them SHOULD be indicted, tried & sentenced to ? Nothing we could do to them would be good enough to have them FEEL the painful consequences they have EARNED. Disband all management and weed out the Hussein Holdovers. If there aren’t any left with any better integrity and character, then shut down down period.

  13. McCabe – No religious affiliation known
    Comey – United Methodist Church (don’t know if a practicing member)
    Strzok – Raised a Catholic but not practicing. Also affiliated with Muslims in Iran, Iraq, and
    Saudi Arabia
    Page – Protestant no sect religion named
    Mueller – Raised Presbyterian and later became an Episcopalian
    Kerry – Raised a Catholic…..unable to practice and is a fall away.
    Bowdich – Baptist
    Luttig – Unknown religion, probably Lutheran
    Guandolo – Raised Catholic. No longer practicing
    SCOTUS – 6 Catholics, 3 non-Catholics

    Your whole article smacks with ignorance. Being a Catholic does not prevent a person from being American. Even sinners can be forgiven by the Lord. Your references to traitor does not make sense. Suggest you educate yourself before stating your “faux facts”.

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