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The Week the Collusion Theory Completely Imploded on the Left

Even President Trump’s fiercest, most rabid critics must be at the point where they sense things are not going to turn out like they once imagined. After two years of screaming about us having elected a Russian mole, after months of breathless speculation about the day Robert Mueller would perp-walk Trump out of the White House, and after reams of articles written about Trump’s indentured servitude to Vladimir Putin, they must surely see the writing on the wall. They must surely see that the collusion theory has already imploded.

Two big moments from this week.

The first was the arrest of Roger Stone. Hidden beneath all of the ballyhoo and the ridiculous scene of the arrest itself was an indictment that did everything but clear President Trump of any wrongdoing. Yes, Stone apparently lied to Congress. Yes, he may very well have lied to federal agents as well. And certainly, he appeared to try and intimidate witnesses into lying on his behalf. All of these, if proven, are crimes that could land Stone in prison for the rest of his life, should he not be so fortunate as to get a reprieve from the president.

But nowhere in the indictment does Mueller suggest that Stone committed any crime prior to the start of the investigation. “Colluding” with Julian Assange is not a crime. Trying to get information as to the timing of Wikileaks’ drops – also not a crime. Making the most of those leaks in the context of a political campaign? Not only is that not a crime, to do otherwise would amount to political malpractice.

Furthermore – and most importantly – the fact that Stone was going to these lengths to get an audience with Assange proves he did not have any communications open on the other (read: Russian) side of the equation. Which blows the collusion theory right out of the water.

The second was another big one: The revelation that, after all this time and all this speculation, Donald Trump Jr. did NOT call his father before and after the infamous Trump Tower meeting in the summer of 2016. Those calls to blocked numbers had Democrats going wild, with Adam Schiff all but certain that the son was on the phone to the father, and that those calls were going to bring down an American president the moment Democrats gained control of the House.

Alas, it was not to be. Turns out that Don Jr. was chatting with his buddies in corporate America – not to his dad. The Democrats still have no proof whatsoever that the president was in the loop on that meeting with the Russian lawyer. Nor that anything nefarious came out of that meeting in the first place.

The Russians messed around in our election, hacked the DNC, and made a whole lot of noise in an effort to see Hillary Clinton lose. That much we know. But if ever there was a thought that Trump was involved on the back end, it was almost totally debunked by this week’s revelations. It’s time for this witch hunt to end, and it’s time for the country to move on.

What do you think?

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  1. I think the Democrats should have to pay back the millions in tax money they wasted on this travesty called, “Collusion With The Russians.” One has to ask if it has been a witch hunt from the start, in order to cover their trail for actually doing themselves, what they accused President Trump of doing. (While she was Secretary of State, does Hillary selling off 20% of our yellow-cake uranium to the Russians on the sly, ring a bell? And I wonder where the money from that sale ended up? Has an audit of the Clinton Foundation been done??) Just asking….?

  2. When this fiasco finally comes to an end, there is only one way to make sure that it does not happen again. All the costs for the Mueller Lib team should be paid for by the DNC with a fine doubling the costs. Hillary and Bill should be fined many milions and Obama should be imprisoned.

    Currently the Libs have no platform except to obstruct any meaningful legislation and defame and impeach the president. Put these fines over their heads and let’s see how many new witch hunts they want to pursure

  3. Let’s take a look at this he said she said !
    Q. Why Does President Trump want the Wall ?
    A. To keep Illegal People and Illegal Drugs and Gangs out of America without Costing America Billions in benefits, Healthcare ,Housing and Law Enforcement and to keep American Citizens Safe !
    Q.Why do the Democrats fight the President so vehemently about this Wall and Lie about wanting to negotiate it’s merits ?
    A.That is the ploy Nancy Pelosi used to get the Government opened,It’s Obvious that the Democrats want open Borders for the cheap labor it provides them and after all the Gimmies provided to the Illegals (with Taxpayer money) they are assured Votes ! They have No Plan other than Socialism designed to bring America Down So they can call the shots (With Taxpayer Money) They care more about the Illegals “So called Rights” (Which are non -existent)than the rights of American Citizens which didn’t come cheap because many fought and died for them and We as a people should never forget that !

  4. When TRUMP is re-elected I think he should call for a special investigation into the CLINTONS! It is time they are charged for the crimes, that everyone knows about, won’t take much of an investigation nor money since it’s all right there out in the open. But first just for the hell of it, let’s send a swat team at 1 o’clock in the morning to bring them in!

  5. Collusion made up and pushed by democrat politicians. They are the greatest danger for American people; along with mainstream media, Past presidents, and rhinos. They are the cause either by participating or closing their eyes to let it go on. Conservatives has no problem with immigrants, its the illegal way they come in . The dems support this. Nasty nancy gets benefited for illegals, by having them work in her vineyard. Dems is not for Wall because they have walls in California. They hate anyone who disagrees with any of the One World Order and evil agendas They try to sneak into a group of bills they try to pass. Who really supports what they want to turn our country? They did this with evil obama permission. No scandal under his watch? Many dems elected, that should have already been removed. they have tried to push their crimes on President Trump. President Trump is greatest president America has had . Everyone has a past. Trump was God given. An answer to our prayers.

  6. The Russians did NOT hack the DNC. It was proven to be an inside job, & that’s why Seth Rich was murdered. He was going to talk to the FBI, although it wouldn’t have done him any good, since they were squarely in HRC’s hip pocket. And, GOD allowed Mr. Trump to win the election. There was a snowball’s chance in h*#$ of his winning the election. Soros had spent millions setting the stage for Hilary to win. But, they left God out of their equation. People all around the world were praying tha Hilary wouldn’t win, & God answered our prayers. Now, all we have to do is stop the Dims from destroying the country before the 2020 election. And, if Mr Trump decides to not run again we need to ALL get out & vote like crazy. If Republicans hadn’t sat home in ’18, instead of voting, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in now. And, somebody needs to put a stop to the vote cheating in Ca. It should be challenged in court, so a stop is put to it. That’s how they won the whole state. They CHEATED!

  7. Gentlemen:
    Would you please STOP asking that same, damned, stupid question about “should Obumma be able to serve a third term? You know the damn raghead can not, so WHY keep asking the idiotic question?
    Clay Dungey

  8. Xyour absolutely right ever6 single dime and that includes the millions Obama gave to Iran he had no right to do that! Robert Mueller is also involved with the Clinton gang crimes so why is he head investigatetor!! It’s starting to look like we need to duputize Our Bikers to start arresting those involved since the Justice Dept, FBI and CIA we’re all involved with this serious crime!

  9. Remember this was all made up by Clinton after she was defeated! Even Mueller should know this but the DNC gave him his marching orders.

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