These Professors Want to Make “Obese” the Next Oppressed Identity

Progressivism rewards progress, we suppose, so it’s only natural that the same academics who gave us critical gender theory, critical race theory, and white privilege would eventually come up with the next entry into the Oppression Olympics. Apparently running out of inherent characteristics to use for the endlessly-evolving discipline of identity politics, two professors at the University of Wisconsin are now working to make “obese people” the newest victims of society. And if recent history is any judge of the future, we have no doubt that they’ll be extremely successful in doing so.

From The College Fix:

Two professors at a midwestern university are working to develop and legitimize the field of “fat studies,” a discipline that examines the cultural and sociological phenomenon of overweight and obese human beings.

Laurie Cooper Stoll, a professor of sociology, and Darci Thoune, an associate professor of English, are both leading scholarly research in this field from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. Their website, “Two Fat Professors,” declares that the academics are “fighting fatphobia with education, community-building and a lot of sass.”


Broadly speaking, the two scholars are working off a thesis that postulates the voices of obese individuals are absent or sidelined in contemporary research on obesity and health. To remedy this, the professors have argued for the incorporation of “standpoint theory” into fat studies. “Standpoint theory,” according to the two, stresses “the importance of situated-knowledge and the epistemic advantage of marginalized groups.”

Another term for this word-jumble is “the importance of lived experience,” which is already a hugely-popular meme among social justice warriors. Primarily because studies, science, and statistics fail to line up with the claims of SJWs, they have begun to prioritize anecdotal evidence over…well, actual evidence. Therefore, if every study in the world concludes that police don’t kill black suspects at any greater rate than any other race, these dishonest actors can simply say, “Well, that’s the way it is in MY experience,” and everyone else has to shut up.

Here, these two professors want to push back on every single available scientific study that has been done on obesity, all of which have proven that being fat is extremely unhealthy. But because they can’t do that with actual science, they’ll do so by simply asking a few fat people: Hey, how do you feel? And if the answer is, um, not that good, actually, they’ll just chalk it up to systemic oppression, skinny privilege, and everything else other than personal responsibility.

Like we said, we’re sure this effort will be wildly successful. It seems that there is no shortage of people searching for a way to claim legitimate victimhood status. Anyone willing to give it to them can count on making a fortune.

What do you think?

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Written by Andrew


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  1. And this is who is teaching our children.If our colleges and universities keep on i this directio it will come to fruition that America will be destroyed from within by damn fools.

  2. What’s next…. Tall People…..Short People……Ugly People…..Beautiful People….Dark Haired People. ..Blond Haired People….Red Haired People….. Too Rich People…..Balded People….Skinny People…..Fowl Mouth People….Sarcastic People…..Looking To Old for their Age People……
    Some People have some Legitimate reason for Being Large, But far to many of us, unhealthy eating or living habits are the cause of unhealthy body weight….

  3. In the United States, you are granted the freedom to be whatever you want to be, as long as it is legal, and you are free to believe whatever you want to believe. So if you want to believe that society is wrong in its treatment of obese people that is, in fact, your right. However, that being said I also have rights, and that includes the right not to have to contribute to your delusion or to take part in your fantasy. As mentioned in a previous comment there are some medical conditions that cause people to gain weight and make it very hard for them to lose that weight. I believe that most people that are obese are that way because of poor eating habits. Contrary to the current feelings, Fat is not beautiful. If you are 5 feet tall and weigh 250 pounds you are not a full figure person you are obese. There is nothing beautiful about having no visible neck and having your chest, waist and hip measurement all over 60 inches. If you take a few minutes and read the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence you will not find a single paragraph that gives you the right to happy, or does it guarantee that your feelings will not be hurt. There is also nothing that states that I must conform to your way of thinking.

  4. When Americans are told that they CAN’T eat or drink what they want, there will be fireworks. The illustrious Bloomberg was trying to legislate morality by making Big Gulps illegal. You cannot legislate morality in any form. If I want to eat a double cheeseburger, that’s my right as an American. If I don’t want to eat anything, that is also my right. But it is also my right to not enter in to the ridiculous movement of making everybody love overweight. I won’t tell you what to eat~~ you don’t tell me.

  5. People who are obese got that way by making poor choices in what they eat. If you don’t want to be overweight, then watch what you eat and select foods that are healthy choices. If you indulge in making poor choices, you must face the consequences of your eating habits.

  6. 95% of the fat disgusting looking slobs out there are that way because they are LAZY!!!! To lazy to exercise, prepare the right foods to eat and to lazy to eat properly. They disgust me, they are EYE POLLUTION! Ever see how these fat pigs dress? They have no shame or consideration for others. They wear those tight stretch, really stretch, pants that show every wrinkle and pimple on their asses. Some of these slobs even wear two piece bathing suits at the pool or beach. Seriously they ought to be shot. Now two, I bet, lazy teachers are looking for a cush way to get overpaid.

  7. I have to disagree with ttd on this one. Some are born with a thyroid problem or a genetic issue. We always ate healthy but everyone did not have an abundance of food because of money to help them eat healthier. I have friends who are overweight, they are loving, caring productive people. I don’t judge them because of their weight. I look at the heart and the person they are. Some have worked very hard to loose weight with the help of there Dr. and encouragement from others. I do agree on one issue about the clothing some people wear. But, it’s not only obese people, it’s people with nice figures too. Shame on you for judging others.

  8. As pointed out by recent blogs,
    You make the choice in this free country.
    Make a bad choice, correct it.
    Get the necessary help if needed.
    Read the food labels, change your live styles,
    YOU are in charge! 👍

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