This Solves Everything: California Has a New PC Term for “At-Risk Youth”

Writing for The Federalist in 2018, Benjamin Dierker noted, “Whether we are communicating something simple like a restaurant order or something complex like a tax code, we expect others to understand. Language provides an avenue to express shared meaning so humans can relate to one another. On college campuses, social media, and in the courts, this shared meaning is being destroyed. Through linguistic activism, leftists have begun a full-scale war on language, playing by their own set of constantly shifting rules.”

The war on language has been one of the left’s most successful fronts against American culture and values. With a deft hand, the left changes a clear term like “illegal alien” into something much more benign: “undocumented immigrant.” Without lifting a finger to change policy, a term-switch like that automatically solves the problem. Can anyone really get upset about a crisis of “undocumented workers”? It sounds like something that can be fixed by a halfway-decent clerk.

Through these language techniques, the left propagandizes the nation. But the PC terminology mission isn’t just for changing minds; it also lets Democrats skip past solutions in favor of simply burying the problem itself under a pile of horse manure.

For instance (courtesy of CBS13 in Sacramento):

The term “at-risk youth” was commonly used in both penal and education codes in California – until now. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation that went into effect on Jan. 1 that officially wiped the phrase from the state’s language. The phrase will now be replaced by “at-promise youth.”

Assemblymember Byron Jones-Sawyer (D-South Los Angeles), who penned the passed legislation, says the measure will change the negative connotation that comes along with the “at-risk” label.

“I learned that words matter – and once they were called ‘at-risk,’ they almost were in the school-to-prison pipeline automatically,” Jones-Sawyer said.

Jones-Sawyer says the negative narrative has the greatest effect on young people who are a part of minority populations.


“No educators, no law enforcement will no longer be able to call our young people who make a mistake ‘at-risk,’” Jones-Sawyer said. “We’re going to call them ‘at-promise’ because they’re the promise of the future.”

The human eye literally can’t roll back far enough to express the proper amount of disdain for something like this. You’ll detach your retina before you even get close.

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  1. Well…if they can come up with “Previously Associated With The Legal System” for someone with “A Criminal Record” what do you expect? So to be PC we just say that CA Dems are “Politically Challenged”….right?

      • How about just simply reality challenged. Reality is not subjective. It is what it is. An at-risk child is a metaphor too. They are delinquents. They make bad choices. Is “sociopath” better? It probably fits the personality of a bully, thief or liar well enough. What about psychopath? Someone who enjoys hurting others? Bully? Gossip? I think we try too hard to protect the criminal and lose track of the victims. It is time for the pendulum to swing back that way for a while.

  2. Leftists are the enemy of the people and of this nation. I could state they are all ignorant liars but that would be mean and they might be triggered.

  3. That is what they get for electing low-life uneducated idiots that cannot use the English language the way it is intended as we all learned in grade school.

  4. CA schools are one big mess with illegals gangs intimidating the kids, threats to kill family unless they join the gangs and seek drugs.
    The kids are not getting help.
    No suspensions or expel in CA school. Sent back to class for teachers to deal with. Trachers are quitting. CA hiring teachers who will teach kids how to be gay, schools can take kids for abortion and birth control pills with out parents concent. Parents have no rights to the kids from K-12 grade.. Time to home teach.

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