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This Trump Shutdown Mutiny is Beyond Pathetic

Were we thrilled with President Donald Trump’s decision to “cave” on the shutdown Friday and reopen the government without so much as a single nickel for the wall? Hell no. Truly, this was one of the lowest moments of the Trump presidency, and if he took a few shots on the chin from some of his supporters, well, they were not undeserved. This whole thing was a major, gloating victory for the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi, and no amount of spin can make us believe otherwise.


Let’s cool it with the mutiny talk, shall we? Do we really need Ann Coulter (love ya girl, but c’mon) acting as though electing Trump was the worst mistake in Republican Party history? Do we really need anti-immigration activists jumping up and down like Rumpelstiltskin? Do we really need conservative commentators speaking in breathless terms like “BETRAYAL”? Give it a rest. This is still Donald MF-ing Trump, and he’s done more for this nation and the conservative movement than any fifteen Ann Coulters.

So this wasn’t a great example of master negotiations, granted. And it sets us on a path that may not see us get that wall after all. Okay. That sucks. No doubt about it.

But that’s not the beginning and the end of what Trump means for this nation. Fact is, there is no one else with a snowball’s chance of being elected president who would do HALF as much to combat illegal immigration as this president. Is he going to shut down the border and save America? Maybe not. Maybe our hopes were just a tad too high. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s leagues beyond what any other Republican president would or could bring to the table, which makes him light-years ahead of any Democrat.

His fervent, outspoken, angry supporters surely know that. They are making a grave mistake by acting as though they are going to abandon him in 2020. What, they would rather Kasich take over? Bill Kristol? Mitt Romney? Let’s get serious.

Massive tax cuts.

Massive deregulations.

A conservative takeover of the Supreme Court.

A conservative makeover of the federal judiciary.

The destruction of ISIS.

The end of the Iran deal.

The list of successes goes on and on. No, this was not Trump’s finest moment, but he was up against reality. With airlines scaling back and flights being canceled and/or delayed, the you-know-what was about to hit the fan. He had no choice but to re-open the government and live to fight another day.

And fight he will, mark our words. He’ll fight harder and smarter for true border security than anyone you could ever dream of. Will he win? That remains to be seen. But we do know this: Trump has been underestimated from the word go. Don’t think for a minute that he doesn’t have a few more surprises up his sleeve.

What do you think?

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Written by Andrew


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  1. Mutiny is Beyond Pathetic
    by Andrew
    Hey andrew
    I acknowledge you as a hateful neverTRUMPer

    what’s new dumbass

    So what makes your pathetic criticizing any different than any other hateful neverTRUMP critic

    nothing, except for you spoke it, and that you broken record player, just being a bitchy dumbass liberal

    and that’s that “andrew stupid dumbass”

    tbere you’ve been renamed, go enjoy yourself!!!

  2. Thank you for recognizing the achievements of
    our President. This country will be destroyed
    by the DemoRats unless our President has our
    support now and in 2020.
    Nothing but a bunch of flakes and RINO’s to elect
    for president.
    You have a man willing to fight for you and try
    to make this country both strong and great. Don’t
    blow your chance to really think this over and
    realize without President Trump we are on the
    road to ruin.

    • I support our President 100%. I agree that he has done a great job so for.
      Right now though, I am wondering who really is the Boss of our country. President Trump or Pelosi? When I seen Schumer’s reply about so called winning the border wall fight and making OUR PRESIDENT bow down to their demands was purely sickening.
      Where is the deal maker we voted for. God bless America.
      God, Country, Family always!

    • Trump is older than many, if not most, of your aforementioned ‘RINOS!’ ISIS hasn’t been ‘killed’, ‘eliminated’, or otherwise ‘stopped!’ North Korea still has and is building more missile sites! I find it really funny that as soon as the king of publicity seekers started being fact checked and commented on for his flagrant disregard for the truth, they became his ‘enemies of the people’..I seem to recall something like that causing 2 World Wars! And I’m not going to merely call him a liar more than 8000 times since his inauguration, I’m only going to point out ONE lie that should poss all real Americans off! His lie to the troops, you know, those who he says he ‘loves and respects’? If he loves our troops so much, why did he lie and tell them that he had just passed a bill giving them a 10% raise when, in fact, it was 2.6%? And he went on to say that they ‘deserved it because they hadn’t had a pay raise in over 10 years? True is, in 1963, Kennedy signed a bill giving ANNUAL pay raises to the military, and that there hasn’t been a year go by since then that they/we haven’t had one!?! Yep, Cadet Bone Spurs out and our lied to his precious troops..just like he lied to avoid fighting with the rest of us in Vietnam!

  3. “Is he going to shut down the border and save America? Maybe not. ”

    To the author of this article-If he doesn’t,I’m sorry to say,we lost America!!

    • President Trump cannot do it all….he needs our support. If Americans would get off their asses and do something too instead of sitting on your asses and watching the football games (which doesn’t do a damn thing for our country) get off your ass and do your part too…writing letters to Congress and the stupid politicians here in this country. Go after that bitch Pelosi…she can’t live any longer…get her impeached…she has dementia and you let her run the country? Get the Clintons in prison for what they did to this country..destroy Mueller, that lying SOB and commie ,get the RINOS who are playing to destroy our country, especially two faced “I don’t trust Mitt Romney”. Come on fellow Americans…do your part..don’t just sit there and bitch. It takes more than one person to make a team. I’m doing my part in writing letters to the editors, politicians, talking to people, educate the dumb ones who shouldn’t be allowed to vote until they learn the facts. Welfare is not going to take care of all the lazy SOBs in the world…

  4. The fight will start if theDemwits take control of the White House!
    This dumb lady that wants Medicare for all at 3.6 trillion a year just who is paying for it? Who says the Doctors will accept it?? They may double or triple their rates.
    This Country is at the edge of disaster!!

  5. Wise Up, Dude. The Democrats own the Shutdown. Read Nehemiah 6:3 It is about Sanballat (Pelosi) & Tobiah (Schumer) who tried to intimidate & scare Nehemiah from building the wall around Jerusalem. They were opposed to building the wall & were scheming to hurt him. So, now I will call Pelosi and Schumer, Sanballat and Tobiah.

  6. It’s beyond pathetic, it’s dangerous ! I would NEVER vote for any politician who refuses to protect American citizens and our borders.
    Far to many of our elected officials were more than willing to sell their soul and their country for money, power and votes !

  7. Well said Frank, for those who doubt Trump’s capacity to lead our nation beyond the Obama “apologetic” years, I only ask them What would the US look today under a Hillary Clinton Presidency.? or moving to 2020 what would the US look like under a Kamala Harris administration.? Perish the thought of either!!

  8. President Donald J. Trump is the first LEADER this nation has had since Ronald Reagan. The “wall” or another physical barrier will be built. Five Houston Police Officers were shot yesterday in a raid on a DRUG HOUSE there. Hmmm…I wonder WHERE the Black-Tar Heroin CAME FROM? Hundreds of “caravanners” are DISEASED, and are bringing that into OUR back yard. Hundreds of these “catch and release” people are old hands at it, having been deported several times. Many, MANY are SERIOUS CRIMINALS. Looking to do the same or WORSE THIS time! President Trump has BEEN to South Texas and other places. Jim Acosta has too, and made a complete ass of himself (apropos, neh?) noting there were NO people crossing the border into the U.S. at THIS section of the WALL! (What an idiot) So, President Trump, being a GOOD Parent to the unruly Congress toddlers is giving them the brush and the paint to end up in their own corner and STUCK! I SUPPORT HIM. I support the WALL! God Bless President Trump! God Bless America!

    • Since 2000, arrests at the Mexican border have decrease by 94%. For the 8 years under the Obama Administration, average arrests were 413,377. For the first two years under Trump, the average is 350,247. They were dramatically higher under Bush 43 with four of those years exceeding 1 million arrests. The highest number in the study came during the Clinton Administration with 1,643,679 arrests in 2000.

      94% decrease… with NO WALL! “Border Security”… YES! WHY… a 12th Century solution to a 21st Century problem. We just caught a couple hundred immigrants who tunneled under a barrier. Walls can be breached. How about working with those nations who’s people are coming here… to improve THEIR environments…. so they have no reason to come here!

      • We need the wall! You say we should work with those nations who’s people are coming here?? Why do you think the US sends lots of $$ to those countries, it’s called AID to help them, does it work?? Their people are still coming in droves. You think 350K people coming across are borders are not that bad? Do you know since January 1st we have already spent over $20 billion dollars taking care of these illegals? $ 5.7 billion that our President is asking for is much less that the multi billion dollars we spend every year taking care of these illegals…$20 billion dollars already spent, and it’s NOT EVEN THE END OF THE FIRST MONTH OF 2019!!

      • Bdog, we send them money every year they are just as corrupt as the assholes that are trying to run this country. They have the same agenda , no walls and plenty of crime. if the wall was built a major part of the influx of immigrants will be solved. Then go to the next area of concern. Right now we are playing waka-mole. The dems are sitting back laughing because they think they are beating Trump. Well, do they think they are safe from ms-13?

  9. Just to simplify the issue:


    You’re driving down the highway and you see a sign that says the lane you are traveling in is closed for the duration.

    Do you stay in that lane, the way you demand President stay in a dead end lane?

    Or do you alter your route to bypass the deadend?

    It really is that simple!

  10. So you don’t like what President Trump did on Friday….to me, he was more concerned about those who were working without pay than about those that are not working and still getting paid (Congress and Senate). How about if we make them getting paid tied to their actually working.
    I support President Trump and his administration 100%. I say wait until 2/15 before you say he caved. I think one way or another the wall will be built.

  11. I think Trump is crazy like a Fox and a) he showed what the Dems are all about and that is good campaign fodder b) he wanted to get people back to work and c) the wall will get built. Timing is everything my friends…..there is more than one way to get things done. Don’t take everything at face value. Have Faith!

  12. All the supporters of Donald Trump must get on a writing campaign to the Republican Senate and House of Representatives demanding they support us by supporting him. For them to develop back bones and fight the Democrats all the way down the line. It is time to save our country.

  13. Trump doesn’t have the back up he needs because the Republican Party sat around with their thumb up their exhaust pipe in the last election. In California, the Demoncrats went door to door signing up voters!

    • I have all the faith in our President that he WILL get the wall built, give him time and all the credit for his many accomplishments in a short span of time.

  14. President Trump had to open the Government not for his sake, but for the 800,000 Democrats who were not getting paid. It was a hardship on them and their families. With the government reopened, President Trump doesn’t have to deal with that right now. Pelosi and Schumer can dance all they want, but he who laughs last, laughs best, and President Trump will get the last laugh on this. HE WILL BUILD THE WALL WITH OR WITHOUT THE DEMORATS.

  15. so who will you blame , it cost more to shut down the government then to just fund the wall and who refused to fund it , the democrats , once again democrats wasting the tax payers money , oboma spent 10 trillion and nothing to show for it , at least we could look and see what the money went for , instead of politicians sticking it in their own bank accounts

  16. Any one with a ounce of brain matter , knew why he stopped the shutdown .
    POTUS, has more , then just walk away, in him , He is looking at the best way to
    proceed ,. I have seen several ways he could fund the wall, DOD, seems the most
    realistic, without having to have congress approve it . It is there , just waiting for him to use .
    Other, option , he could , use the moneys from the drugs that have been seized.
    AND , the money that will be coming back to the US from the changed NAFTA , will be coming ,back into the general fund , really does make in a round about way , Mexico pay for it . How many times have we seen the Dems do their happy dance just to be shut down a few minutes later , from Trump . Don`t sell him short .

  17. I can tell you come the 2020 elections all these Democrats are done, for these Democrats have been nothing but deceitful and the bias media does everything they can to help these Democrats with telling lies and Trump bashing!!!! The Democrats really think just spending and giving things away will give them nothing but votes and power!!!! Let’s think about it these Democrats are heading down the wrong path, for America isn’t in anyway happy about the way these Democrats are putting illegals above our own citizens and the spending of Billions if not Trillions of dollars on these illegals and not protecting our borders, and not funding all the money for a wall, and even worse not passing Trump’s immigration policies and new laws, not to mention that these Democrats are moving to make this country a communist socialist country!!! One thing that really makes me laugh is how these Democrats want to tax all the rich, for why aren’t they including themselves as being taxed for a great many of them are also very rich and got it all from us, for they are nothing but snakes and will destroy this country and take away our freedoms!!! They really think we are all stupid for it is plain to see that they are only after power and control, and if you really think about it all the free stuff they promise is nothing but lip service, for everything that they give is all going to come right back to them through raising taxes and adding new taxes and you and your families will end up right back where you started and these Democrats will be getting richer and with more power!!!! All of those that hate Trump will be begging to get Trump back, for he might not be liked for his character or in the way he carries himself or his past, but he has been 100% a man that loves our country and has shown that in every way just by putting all of us first!!! Ask yourselves what in Gods name has the Democrats ever done great for our country other than just spend and spend, and they are the party that is 100% unconstitutional and lawless!!!!

  18. you know, people, they said much could not be done – UNTIL Donald J. Trump did it.!!!! He’s still the same, great President we could want for. He’s been fighting some pretty fierce forces. They think that “they are president” . Thoughts don’t cut it though. Pelosi thought she’d gotten the best of him. But, she was thinking when she’s not at all used to it. Her brain wouldn’t fill up one dab of Trump’s. He’s really got her licked in the Brain’s Dept. So,, ease up on the Donald, ok??? He’ll get that wall come hell and high water. I’ve never known him to stop or back down in a fight before and don’t count on it now.

  19. It’s distressing to me that Coulter and so many others have turned on the President so easily. He hasn’t caved on the wall. He has only been forced to take a different path. I mean come on. He can not afford to let an extended shutdown hurt his economy. Nothing the traitors in congress would love more than to see the economy falter. If the commies still refuse to negotiate after the three weeks, it will be that much more obvious that they are only obstructionist. If Trump’s efforts are defeated and he is not reelected, then America is toast. Six more years may be enough time for the millennials to grow up and wise up. Everyone becomes more conservative as they grow older and have families. May not happen but Trump is our only chance.

  20. Fact is Trump re-opened the Government to get those 800,000 people paid so they would not be late on their mortgage. He will circle back on the 15th and either get the money he needs or claim an emergency. It’s that simple

  21. I’m sad that President Trump, gave in to the dumocrates, but I don’t know what was going on behind the scenes. I’m sure he didn’t have a choice. I will still vote for him in 2020, and remember we still have the Gofundme account. Everyone just donate, and we will soon have enough to build the wall. Between the Muslim brotherhood, and illegal immigrants we definitely are going to loose our country. The muslim brotherhood is working behind the scenes to take over our government. England has lost half of their country to sharia Law.

  22. Personally I don’t think the President “caved” at all. I think that he proved that he cared more about the 800,000 workers who were not getting paid than he did about “saving face”. He knows that he is going to get the money for the wall, one way or another, and he proved that the Democrats do not care about the government workers, the DACA recipients or the TPS recipients. They could have gotten a 3 year extension. But now, President Trump will get the money for the wall another way,and the Democrats? Well they will get nothing! And I think that is genius.

  23. At no time have I lost faith in MY President Donald J Trump. All the flakes and socialist pr1cks combined couldn’t do what he has done for this country!! And if you think you or anyone else is gonna change that, you’re as dumb as a box of rocks!!! OUR President saw people that the’tards had lost sight of because they just don’t care and never did!! It wasn’t all that long ago that they approved over 3 times what President Trump asked for. obutthead sent that money to the middle east to curry favor and suck up (off) to the worst creatures in the world. If President Trump killed that deal, I’m just curious where that money went!! And what about all the money confiscated from smugglers in the past. Me ico could be payin’ for that wall, which we really need, after all, just not the government. And he just said Mexico!!! Well, they’re Mexicans!!!

  24. What is pathetic is the left thinking it can blame President Trump for this latest government shut down when it is so overwhelmingly obviously a Democrat obstructionist movement.

  25. It’s the art of the deal.

    The Dems think they won and the Republicans feel like they lost.

    Congress has less then three weeks to come up with something that Pres. DJT will sign . . . and Congress will blow it. Gar – un – teed!

    Pres. DJT and we his LOYAL supporters will get the last laugh. Pelosi, all other butt – ugly leftist and the traitorous RINO’s will lose and cry foul. And Anne Coulter and the other FOOLS will be on their knees wiping egg off their mugs for quite a while.

    This ain’t over by a long shot and the pres still is a force to be reckoned with.

    I still have President Trump’s back and he deserves yours too.

  26. the only thing he did by caving was to embolden the democrats , it’s already said ,pelosi will not put any money in bill for wall, and the last shut down cost 5 times more then if they just funded the wall, before feb 15 i would go on tv and tell the people , if there is another shut down you can blame pelosi and i will not sign another bill to pay back pay for the time yous are out of work , so you better straighten out the old witch before feb 15th

  27. The negotians are not over yet.
    Remember when we had both houses we did not get the wall because we need 60 votes to end filibuster in the Senate. Ain’t gonna happen
    The shutdown was just a first salvo. It willl take a compromise. I will give you this, if you give me that. A real negotiation.
    Trump offered some amnesty to the Democrats,, they did not buy it. Shutdown looms in two weeks. THe Democrats have offered nothing. I have confidence in Trump, even though he said that negotiating with the Chinese is easier thtan with the Democrats. HE has a plan.

  28. I love, appreciate, respect, and support OUR President! I’m sick and tired of hearing all of the whining and pouting! He will do his job and have plenty leftovers! If you don’t support him, just shut the crap up and crawl back under your floor planks and stop breathing in all of our fresh air!

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