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Trump Cracks Down on Illegals Using Subsidized Housing

A little more than a month ago, Trump’s closest aide on immigration, Stephen Miller, outlined the administration’s new plan for the border. Miller said that there would be a renewed focus on changing rules and regulations within the federal government to close loopholes left by previous presidents. In other words, instead of trying to move an immovable ball in Congress, the Trump administration would exercise its full executive authority – here, there, and everywhere – to make life in the U.S. very difficult for people who do not belong here.

That philosophy was on display Friday when the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced a new rule that would make it harder for illegal immigrants to gain access to federally subsidized housing.

From Fox News:

The rule, proposed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and posted in the Federal Register, would require that those seeking public housing would be subject to verification of their immigration status. Only families in which every member is either a citizen or a legal resident would qualify for federally subsidized housing. Currently families where at least one person is either a citizen or green card holder can get federal assistance, even if other family members are not.

The administration says that regulations “presently excuse individuals from submitting documentation if they do not contend to having eligible immigration status. This results in no actual determination of immigration status being made.” The rule would also require current participants who have not previously proven their eligibility to do so at their next evaluation of their need for public assistance.

An agency analysis, reported by The Washington Post, found that approximately 25,000 households, representing about 108,000 people, now live in subsidized housing with at least one person who would be ineligible.

As none other than ultra-liberal Cher said last month, America should focus on helping U.S. citizens before focusing on illegal aliens. If Cher can get a concept that simple, anyone can. There’s only so much money to go around. How many American-born households are struggling to make the rent while illegal aliens get taken care of by the taxpayer? It’s bad enough that our domestic welfare state has expanded to the size that it has. The least we can do is make sure that money is actually going to citizens.

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  1. This should have happened years ago, before President Trump! We have been forced by the Democrats and Rinos, to subsidize the illegals for years in many ways. America is not a country for free loaders, it is for those who are willing to work for freedom, not breed women to raise more Democrats/ IE, liberals and communist!

    • You hit the nail right on the head, Junius. I’m on Social Security and it angers me knowing the taxes which are taken out of my check go to fund illegals from all over the globe coming here for the “freebies” they know they will get while I have to scrounge to buy food and hand over co-pays for my Medicare doctor bills.

    • oh i agree with you 100 pecent all the democrats and rino commie republicans should be loaded up and sent to chins and russia where they belong and nancey polosie the first on the boat

    • Amen to that!! Just imagine all the things President Trump could accomplish if he didn’t have the Democrats and Rinos nipping at his heels all day long. It is a darn shame. His critics really look “small” compared with his ideas and accomplishments to date!! Keep going, Mr. President!!!

    • How do you think that landlords feel? If they agree to section 8 (subsidized housing), they’re stuck with it not only to ONE tenant, but to any one that comes after they move out leaving the housing TRASHED!!! DON’T believe it that the government will pay to clean it up, they LIMIT what they will do!! Subsidized housing is NOT only limited to illegals but to lazy, sick homeless types that DON’T want the responsibility of being productive members of society. They’ll just move on to ANOTHER place to live, leaving their TRASH behind!

  2. Mahatma Gandhi-“Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.”

  3. “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government: so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” – Thomas Jefferson

  4. Well it is about time. Our veterns are in the streets, defecating in the streets of the Demoratic run state of California, and we are giving free homes, free food, free healthcare to illegals. Way to go Democrats and Obama! What a bunchof suckers we are. Now Biden wants to give free healthcare to illegals while many here in America can’t afford to have it thanks to Obamacare. Over the last eight years of Obama, they ,(DEmocrats) have trippled the national debt. killed industry to the point that Obama said that these jobs are gone, never coming back except with a magic wand, and the world has been taking advantage of us worse than ever. Then giving millions to the terrorist state of Iran who cries Death to America from its capital while John Kerry breaks the logan act while conspiring with the Iranians. All this under the Democrats. But Trump calls someone a funny name and he is criticized to the hilt. I thank God for a leader with a brain instead of a pay for play scheme like Clinton, Biden and Obama. Keep ongoing doing the RIGHT THINGS FOR AMERICA TRUMP!!!

    • John Kerry, (AKA) Lurch, is a traitor to this country and should be investigated for his dealings with the Russians and helping another traitor Hillary Clinton, with the Uranium deal, that enriched the Clinton Cartel.

  5. The Democruds are the Grim Reapers, America’s worst enemy, the Dems still live in the past no hoods or sheets. Now, they dress in suits and their plantation chains are Welfare, those on welfare will never escape this chain, because they don’t have to work, they are held in bondage. Why have to work? If they need a raise in their family, they just shoot out another baby, that happens every 9th month for some. Its a theft of taxpayer money, that is what empowers them to vote for Democrats, the Plantation masters.

  6. If not a legal no subsidized housing or and other social benefits
    There are many seniors and homeless Citizens that deserve these programs
    And many wait too many years to receive
    Or never receive due to shortage of HA
    Funds, lack of affordable housing that
    Will take HA programs and just pure waste of the funds on illegals
    USA legal citizens pay taxes to support these programs and they should always
    Be for USA legal, no others need to apply
    Or be approved. Period!

  7. The simple answer is for the American people to take a stand and DEMAND the riddance of CAREER POLITICIANS. Term limits must be placed on Congress to stop their idiotic belief that they are Royals and we are their subjects. And until this is done the American people will continue to be bent over and sodomized by our Congress. HRH government politicians should not exist in the united states of America. And only legal citizens of this country should be entitled to any type of benefits due to the fact that the majority of them pay taxes and theoretically are kicking in to the pot one way or the other. Wake up America before it’s too late. We already have one group of people in this country who are rapidly procreating and in a short period of time will be able to out vote anyone who is not Akin to them and take over our Country.

    • Take a stand? The politicians dont need to be talked to. They need to be arrested and imprisoned. Their Ill gotten wealth stripped from them. I’m betting not one politician could pass muster.
      Talking to them wont fix this mess.


  9. Vice President Biden a democrat gave a speech in 2006 saying we need to make business accountable for hiring illegals. I think there should be criminal charges for anyone hiring known illegals. The owners should lose everything, their house, cars, money, etc… Just like drug dealers. Only free thing illegals should receive is a ride back to where they came from.

  10. The illegals in are country shouldn’t be getting anything except deportation when caught, for they have no rights here in are country or any other country that they enter illegally!!!! I really hope that Trump puts an end to the illegals voting in are elections and the welfare of any kind that these illegals are getting for these illegals are costing us the taxpayers a fortune in the trillion of dollars and this is outrageous and unlawful!! We can only blame this on the Democrats and liberals, and what is even worse these Democrats and liberals put illegals over are own citizens!!! There is a reason for coming here legally sdo we can vett those that want to enter are country for we don’t want people coming into are country that are lawless and have nothing to offer are country for they bring in diseases, crime, drugs, and human trafficking, and even terrorists!!! All those that want to come into are country must come in legally so we all know what we are getting!!!! These illegals that sneak into are country don’t give a damn about are countries laws, or are traditions nor are values and it is the Democrats that have created this invasion on are country with them giving them whatever they can for free, and it is the real reason we have crime out of control these illegals now come in and tell us we have to let them come in and we have to support them because the Democrats don’t want to pass strict immigration laws and policies nor do they even want to fully fund are wall!!! The Democrats want nothing to be done they want open borders and the only reason they want open borders is because it is there cash cow in getting votes which they are already trying to make it legal for illegals to vote, and I think that these Democrats have really bit off more than they can chew and putting are country in grave danger!!!! I hope that Trump is going to get all are elections places covered from all kinds of fraud and illegals voting, and if a polling place gets caught in committing fraud no matter what party it is that gets caught, that politicians that was running he or she won by fraud that politician will be automatically remove from the race!!!!

  11. Illegals and Muslims have been Raping American Citizens for years and it’s well overdo for American’s to take Our Country back and send all of those people packing back to their own Country including All of their Children born here..

  12. This whole illegal thing could have been stopped by closing the border. Using the best non-lethal device the Military has called the AD. This is a spelling device and needs to be deployed immediately.

  13. Being as our President is trying his best to close our illegal entry point with the democratic party fighting him all the way, I think it’s time for all of us to show some support. I say, we all take the time to go down there by the hundred of thousands and camp on our border, and physically throw them BACK over the border. Tell the democrats to piss off, it’s our country and we are NOT going to do things their way. It’s time we did something about this, and if we did this would become one of the monumental moments in history, an earmark in our history books. Actually telling the democrats that we are going to fight for our freedom, the freedom to choose who we let in our country, and show the worthless democrat whose blocking our President that they are nothing, they are NOT in charge. They are not going to tell us our country is changing because they want it to. I know people down there and those ranchers would welcome hordes of us to go camp out on their land, at the border, if given the choice of us, or the illegals. Our own border security is overwhelmed by the sheer amount of illegals and I don’t think they or our military would even say a thing about us being there. No paperwork, no housing, no medical, no nothing just turn around or get pounded into snot and thrown BACK!

  14. Det är ju så att mycket negativ men konstruktiv information om Barack Obama kommer inte fram då journalister inom “Fake News Media” håller informationen för sig själva… Obama är både muslim och kommunist och hade som första mål som president att riva ned konstitutionen för att få USA att bli Socialistiskt.
    Ni kan öppna denna länk så får ni information som “Fake News Media” inte nämner… CNN – Communist News Network vinklar fram det som positivt……

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