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Trump Goes to Bat for Gays. LGBT Writer Says it’s an “Old, Racist Tactic.”

Proving yet again that there is absolutely nothing President Donald Trump can do that won’t get twisted into something evil and perverse by his detractors, a writer for “Out” Magazine says that his administration’s war on the criminalization of homosexuality throughout the world is just an “old, racist tactic” meant to move the United States towards a war with Iran.

Matthew Rodriguez, taking a break from writing meaningful articles about whether or not it’s “gay” to appreciate your girlfriend’s butt, was horrified to think that Trump might get plaudits for moving against laws that have seen gays imprisoned, exiled, and even executed. He wanted his readers to understand that this was the same old, evil, homophobic Donald Trump.

From “Out”:

The most telling detail of NBC News’ report is that his plan centers homophobic violence in Iran, who NBC News calls the administration’s “top geopolitical foe.” The plan has reportedly been spearheaded by the U.S. ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, who is also the administration’s top-ranked gay official, in response to news that a young gay man was hanged in Iran recently.

Homosexuality has been illegal in Iran since the theocratic 1979 Islamic Revolution. By at least one Guardian account, since the exit of president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2013, enforcement of anti-gay laws has softened somewhat. Homosexuality, according to the writer, is an “open secret” and most queer people fear homophobic reaction from fellow citizens more than the authorities.

Grennell’s sudden interest in Iran’s anti-gay laws is strikingly similar to Trump’s rhetoric after the 2016 Pulse massacre in Orlando, Florida. After the deadly shooting, Trump used the 49 deaths as a way to galvanize support for an anti-Muslim agenda rather than find a way to support LGBTQ+ people. In pushing for immigration restrictions and a Muslim ban, Trump argued, he was the true pro-LGBTQ+ candidate. Rather than honor those who died, Trump used the tragedy as a way to stoke fear among the American people, and Grennell is taking similar actions with Iran — trying to reach an economic goal by painting the administration’s opponent as anti-gay.

The left likes to talk about privilege, right? Well, we’d say it requires an astounding amount of American privilege to sit back in your office and muse on whether “homophobic” Iranians or the laws against homosexuality pose a greater threat to gay Iranian citizens. We’d have to guess that the guy who was executed recently would come down on the latter, but hey, we’re sure the rest of them would gladly keep the laws in place as long as it meant denying Donald Trump a public relations win with the American LGBT community. Priorities are priorities, after all.

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  1. Matthew Rodriguez appears to be a sexually confused LGBTQ individual who is still grappling with oral/anal questions! Nothing President Trump will satisfy him unless it is twisted to be homophobic and racist!

  2. There are a lot more things than brown dicks to focus on. The 1,958,700,000 Muslims are still gonna kill them. Even they know it is wrong.

  3. As is usual for the radical LGBT comunity, nothing any Conservative says will EVER be accepted as truth! This pea brain’s response to Trump as to be expected. God forbid they should EVER accept any positive comment from the president. At least they never got their candidate in, as she had her former male and/or female lovers murdered when she got tired of them!

  4. I’ll say it again”,Homosexuals have a Right to exist without Fear and should have Compassion from their Brothers and Sisters.I do on the other hand feel that The LGBTQ+ has gone way to far in trying to reach the Same Rights as Heterosexuals have.Problem,Heteros reproduce.LGBTQ+never will.Lets start at the beginning.If our values had been the same as the LGBTQ+in the beginning we would All Perish.This is why God Created Man and Woman to keep Us in Existence.I believe the LGBTQ+ are a bit selfish and want to satisfy their own pleasures Above All Else.Well go for it.But Not at My expense.I believe LGBTQ+ partners should Not have Hetero Marriage Rights and use of each others Social Security and other Rights married Hetero’s have come to have.Start your own society of Rights for Gays.Stop All the Gender Crap.There is Only Man and Woman,like it or Not.

  5. When are people going to realize that gays is more than a moral or legal issue? When are leaders going top show them how to be saved. Here is my unique approach in ministering to LGBTQ people. My love letter to gays. I’m not hateful or discriminating or homo-phobic. So please don’t be offended or gospel-phobic or normal-phobic. This is good news. This is a point of view no one in media, popular religions or politics seems to be aware of. They all try to make “gay rights” and LGBTQ into a legal, political or moral issue. But here is a more important perspective, from God’s point of view. Please don’t agree or disagree with me, but “Consider what I say, and the Lord will give you understanding.” (2Tim 2:7). God is more selective about who goes to heaven than people realize.
    According to the Bible, God intended for our life on earth to be a temporary journey into eternal paradise in God’s pure holy presence, not to eternal suffering in a lake of fire. Through the shedding of His precious blood, His death, burial and resurrection, He paid the painful price to give us a joyful new birth procedure that can save us, and put us on the pathway to heaven. When people believed gospel and received the new birth “of water and of the Spirit” (John 3:5-8), beginning in Acts 2:38-41, God saved them from dozens of sinful desires, attituded, emotions and activities listed in the Epistles. I am a witness.
    “The gospel is the power of God unto salvation” (Rom 1:16-17). “And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God” (1Cor 6:11). The salvation referred to in these 2 verses refer to the complete new birth procedure that began saving believers in the Book of Acts 2:38-41.

  6. I am very disappointed in Trump doing this.The LGBT abomination needs to be ENDED in any way necessary, hopefully by peaceful means. JUST as strongly as abortion needs to be ended.

  7. Homophobes need not worry, as Donald is as friendly to them as ever. His war against transgenders in the military and those using the “wrong” restroom goes on and It is okay to discriminate against and hate all GLBT people as long as you use religion as your excuse.

  8. It’s always good for me to remember that I’ve received more mercy in my 69 years and certainly not deserved or earned. I’m pretty sure one of His most powerful teachings was when the religious crowd came before Him and threw the whore on the ground and told Him she had been caught in the act of adultery. They said stone her, and wanted to see what He would say or do. He responded by saying, “ let him who is without sin throw the first stone.” I’m out of here…

  9. Love be it gay or straight is not confined to the goal of reproduction. Most heterosexual acts are for pleasure not for the purpose of having children and millions of straight couples who cannot have or do not want children still marry. At the same time many gay families DO have children either by adoption or artificial means. God made ALL people, gays as well as straights. He must have had his reasons for making gays, probably as a check on overpopulation. Many gay couples have been together for decades and under our Constitution have the same rights as straights, including the right to marry. This right is not going away. The right to live as God made you is not selfishness but common sense.

  10. LBGTQ none of those are a race – therefore you cannot be called a racist if you do not like, condone or agree with the life styles. Everything is racist these days -it’s ridiculous.

  11. As a gay man who supports President Trump, who, so far as I know, has never been actively or even verbally homophobic, the rants of this so-called “journalist” are doubly offensive. Just as the President has been, as his actual words and deeds have shown, a friend to both the Black community and the community of legal immigrants, so has he been to LGBT people. Now of course, there are a number of ways on which the Progressive/Liberal activist community have taken the issue too far: denying the basic biological reality of the human species– that there are, genetically and (insofar as reproduction is concerned) functionally only TWO sexes. This is a root truth, a fundamental truth, and no amount of verbal labeling can change it. XX, female; XY, male. There are a very tiny number of people whose genetics differ– XXY or XYY or XXX– but such things, again, are a matter of actual genetic truth, not personal opinion, or whim, or desire. As for those who desire to be the gender opposite to that which they are at a cellular level, it is one thing to be compassionate and accepting; but quite another to try by social pressure (“political corr3ectnmess”) or legislating or demonstrating to deny and destroy the true sexual dynamic and structure of the species, to say that “male” and “female” are merely points along an indefinite spectrum. This is more than simply untruthful:. It is madness. So the President, quite properly, has limits to the extent he will go in accommodating this group. (Hence his reasonable stance on transgendered people in the military.)But he has never been homophobic, no matter what the Left wing may claim.

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