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  1. банковская гарантия по 214 фз Now, who will believe him? From the beginning he started lying. Lying on the stimulus money in 2009, lying on the Benghazi case, lying on Fast and Furious, lying on the ObamaCare, lying about the IRS scandal, lying on the Bowe Bergdhal scandal, lying on Solyndra, lying in the VA medical care. Everything he does is lying. Now, what credibility is left on him to force the American people to believe him? NONE!!. инструкция skmei часы So, President-elect Trump, please be very cautious. You are dealing with people who are addicted to LYING and are up to destroy you. They did everything to nullify your victory. The American people have chosen you to be our President. Democrats lied, and colluded during the election; they lied and cheated during the debate; democrats counted and recounted the votes, they failed. They tried to convince the electoral college votes to take the votes from President-elect Trump. They failed. Now, their last resort, they blamed Russia of helping you win the election. конкурс на лучшую грудь They must blame them for all the lies, corruptions, fraud, and deceptions. The American people are not really stupid to swallow all their greed of destructions. WE ELECTED TRUMP TO BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT FAIR AND SQUARE! Democrats don’t want to give up the WH.

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