Trump’s Plan to Make Democrats Regret Impeachment

You don’t have to look far to find reticent Democrats who think this whole impeachment plan has a good chance of blowing up in the party’s face, costing them both the House majority and any shot at winning the presidency in 2020. Republican fundraising numbers have gone through the roof since Nancy Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry, and Trump’s approval numbers among Republicans haven’t budged an inch. It’s very possible that, the moment the Senate votes to acquit Trump on all charges, the president could sail towards a general election landslide that puts Washington firmly back into GOP control.

As for the White House, the plan is to start even earlier – forcing vulnerable Democrats to regret their party’s decision to try removing Trump.

From Politico:

Starting this week, Vice President Mike Pence will embark on a national tour of congressional districts represented by Democrats who’ve come out in support of the inquiry. The move comes as the administration is struggling to combat an intensifying investigation into President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.

Each of the districts on Pence’s itinerary were won by Trump in 2016, making them potent targets for Republicans. The vice president will travel Wednesday to the southwest Iowa district of Rep. Cindy Axne, and Thursday he’s slated to visit the suburban Twin Cities district of another freshman Democrat, Minnesota Rep. Angie Craig. The vice president is then scheduled to barnstorm an array of battleground districts, including those held by Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin and Virginia Rep. Abigail Spanberger.

This is, of course, exactly what Pelosi wanted to avoid. This was why she pushed back on the Squad, Jerrold Nadler, Al Green, and the rest of the impeachment-hungry Democrats for so many months. She knew that it was going to put her moderate, red-state Democrats in trouble. As she pointedly said once, anyone with a (D) by their name could win a race in the Bronx. It’s quite another thing to win in certain Michigan or Virginia districts. And it is to those close races that the Democrats owe their newfound majority.

From all available polling, swing voters in these areas did NOT vote Democrat to see the party remove Trump from office. Win the next election? Maybe, depending on the candidate. Start up impeachment, thus nullifying 2016? No, there’s very little appetite for that. And these vulnerable Dems are going to know it when their ticket comes up in November.

Pelosi has lost control. She let the inmates take the keys to the asylum. The results are unlikely to be good.

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Written by Andrew


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  1. I believe the Demon Rats have gone out of bounds for even trying to impeach America’s duly elected President. We have Osama Obama and Hillary Dillery to thank for all this evil vicious attack on AMERICA! TRUMP 2020, MAGA STOP the Palace COUP now!! Don’t destroy the AMERICA that I fought for!!

    • We have George Sorehose(socialist) to thank for Obummer, Killary&Bill, Schumer, Pelosi and all of the rest of the FEEBLE INSANE LIBERAL DEMOTARD TYRUNTS. These folks need to be put away for not working with our President, which they were hired to do… impeach/abolish them, nobody else can/will do it. As usual it’s up to us… if ya follow the $$$ trails, ya always seem to find one of these traitors at the end of it…. And Gerald E Swaffar, thank YOU for your service, we couldn’t do it without your help… I wonder how many of these demotard have been in the service? I know McCain and Kerry were, two complete loser/sellouts, both should have been hung long ago, they are stoogs, traitors, liars, cheats and thieves following the trail that makes em mo $$$, nothin for the people… that makes a great democrap!

  2. Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic party has just GONE OVER the cliff. The Swing voter WON’T STAND for it and she knows it. She AND her party are FINISHED, and she KNOWS it. Time for Nancy to RETIRE and go home. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (KEEP America Great again).

  3. DevalRats need to pray that only Pres Trump is trying to eradicate them as we’re it a civil uprising, which might be still there would completely do away with the whole party of wanna be Communists for their dream of a lifetime of control with Ovomit as their Dictator. We’re not going to stand for their continuing hate of President and the American Patriots,People are highly against them and all this political crookedness they are now pushing off on us.

  4. We are going to throw an Irish Wake for the death of the Democrat Party in 2020. All patriots will be invited to participate. There will be fireworks with comet like trails designating the termination of each democrat. Patriotic music and songs in the background. Plenty of beer to celebrate. And most importantly thank you prayers to our Divine Creator for His intercession.

  5. I think this whole impeachment affair, has ruined the Dimocrat party. When they were voting God out of their party, satan moved in, & took control. That’s why there’s so much hatred towards Mr. Trump. We all need to pray daily for God to strengthen him in this coming battle. What we’re seeing now is just the tip of it. They will do everything they can to destroy President Trump, & us Christian conservatives. Christians are the most persecuted people in the world, & they are doing horrific things to these people. If you’re conservative, but don’t claim to be a Christian, they might leave you alone, for a while, but eventually they’ll come for you too. UNLESS God intervenes, & helps us stop this horrible affair.

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