UCLA Professor: Latinos Deserve Reparations, Too!

The national conversation about giving reparations to African-Americans descended from slavery is more or less dead in the water, but that isn’t stopping some progressives from demanding reparations for other racial minorities. In a new book called “Latinos: A New Story of American Racism,” UCLA Professor Laura Gomez not only makes the case that “Latinos” is an invented race meant to further codify white supremacy, she also argues that there are ways that Americans can pay back that racism by delivering various forms of reparations to the Hispanic community.

In an interview with UCLA to promote the book, Gomez said, “Thankfully, we’re talking a lot more about reparations to African Americans. I think that’s a long-overdue conversation. How do we repair the damage that racism has done?

“Because of the way that American military, government, and corporations infiltrated Central America and destroyed the indigenous way of life, and slaughtered so many people,” she continued, “people in Central America should get asylum here, like we had asylum for the Vietnamese, for Cubans. We must allow those folks in.”

Gomez continued, saying that the U.S. could give amnesty to illegal aliens as a way to give back to the Latino people.

“Another is amnesty, a pathway to citizenship for undocumented persons who are here, have not committed violent crimes, and can prove that they’ve been here for a certain amount of time,” she said. “Again, we’re looking at a different story of anti-Latino racism. And so what does that suggest in terms of what we might do as a society to make amends, repair the relationship, and bring people into the fold as full-fledged Americans.”

Unsurprisingly, progressive professors from other universities have fallen all over themselves to praise Gomez for the ideas contained in her book.

“Gómez also reveals the nefarious roles the United States has played in Latin America—from military interventions and economic exploitation to political interference—that, taken together, have destabilized national economies to send migrants northward over the course of more than a century,” said Brigham Young University’s James-David Gonzalez. “It’s no coincidence that the vast majority of Latinos migrate from the places most impacted by this nation’s dirty deeds, leading Gómez to a bold call for reparations.”

We would certainly agree that it’s “no coincidence” that the vast majority of migrants come from countries to which it is possible to travel to the U.S. by land, but that’s hardly a condemnation of U.S. policy in Latin America.

Anyway, this strikes us as just another round of racial grievance politics, another attempt to divide the country by race, and another excuse to get progressive policies pushed through by yelling “whites are racist” in the most academic-friendly tones possible. If this is the Democratic Party’s big idea to keep Latinos from fleeing to the other party, they may want to reconsider.

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  1. This is insane. If your White you are a racist and you owe money too others to say, “OH, I’M SORRY” Well, let me say this, if your not White you can kiss my White ass.

      • Also, is it my fault or others fault that a very high % of Black children grow up without a Father and most of the mom’s are on drugs and Welfare and that most of those children neve finish High School and that most of the male children have criminal records by 18? How is that my fault? The biggest racist group of people in our country are BLACKS!! Try being a White family and move into a Black community. You would not last 2 weeks yet a Black family could move into a White community, like they do all the time too feel safer from where they moved from and for the most part they would be just fine and feel welcomed. I’m 43% Jewish and German has yet to send me my Reparation. Check the mail everyday. So my advice too minorities?? SUCK IT UP, LIKE DUY!!!

  2. I grew up on welfare and was discriminated against because of it. I demand reparations.
    I am a Vietnam vet. I was spit on when i returned. I demand reparations.
    I went bald before I was 21. Many women discriminated against me because of that. I demand reparations.
    I’m almost 75, Biden’s Medicare Czar says I should start thinking about dying. This is age discrimination. I demand reparations.
    I’m still bald. I demand twice the reparations.
    My diabetes is agent orange related. The government discriminated against me. I demand reparations.

    • Lol, DUDE, your the best. I am also a Vietnam Veteran, 7 years Marine Corps (1968-1075). 14 months in Vietnam as a Tunnel Rat (1969-1970). Provisional Rifle Company, 3rd FLC. I am 100% Sevice Connected. I remember vary well coming home and been treated like crap.

  3. So do the Irish need reparations for their enslavement in the 1600’s WELL BEFORE any black person was put into slavery. Yes, right here before there was an America that we know today. The Irish that came to our land back in the 1600’s were captured by the American Indians and treated far worse than any black ever was. While we are at it, why don’t we just give reparations every single person that is living in America and go bankrupt! This thing has gotten far out of hand. This is one of the things that is dividing America. One person wants free money for their ancestors and many of them were not even involved in slavery or held under slavery and then suddenly, everyone wants reparations. The black people are not the only humans on earth. We are all in this together equally! America is turning nuts. Where is all of the reparation money coming from? I can’t pay it, can you?

  4. Unfortunately our politicians have forgotten that they represent the People of the United States, not just the people that voted for them. In my opinion this representation of GROUPS is Unamerican because we are all citizens of the United States and therefore they are causing division and that causes problems.
    Lets look at our history for a minute:
    1964 the Civil Rights Bill
    No one ever says it’s my responsibility, they only say that it’s my right.No one ever taught our population that for every Right there are ten responsibilities
    I don’t recall the year but we lowered our standards because of EBONICS
    in the 1970’s or 80’s we began to provide instructions in Spanish because the Cuban population refused to learn english, something that everyone that came before learned and it strengthened the United States.
    The leaders of the Democratic Party want to introduce Eleven Million MORE illegal aliens, here is how this works against the people of the United States
    Loss of jobs
    Within ten years of arrival in the United States over seventy (70%) percent are on government support programs and many are working for daily wages.
    The law requires every Hospital to provide care regardless of their ability to pay, there fore we have State and Federal funded health care.
    Between 2015 and 2019 the illegal community sent a staggering Five Hundred Eighty Billion Dollars to their families back home. Our National debt is Three Hundred Billion Dollars.
    Now you want to tell me that the Latins deserve representation, how stupid can you be and you are a University Professor, I don’t think you deserve the title.

  5. The people from Vietnam and Cuba were given asylum as they were escaping communists like you! If this country was so evil why did you stay? People died trying to get to our shores! Haven’t heard of many Cubans or Vietnamese or anyone else doing that to get back to their communist countries!

  6. OK,if you people are really serious,who is going to pay reparations to the White people?
    Here’s one you haven’t dug into,or don’t want to talk about.
    Look it up.
    Blacks in Louisiana owned White Slaves.
    I say knock it off!
    Have a nice day.

  7. The grand canyon is a giant hole in the ground, I say we fill it with people that want reparations. put an end to it once and for all.

  8. What reason would I give you money. The Irish people were slaves have become lazy freeloaders wanting not to work. Get out. Sick of your crap. Keep listening to the democrats you won’t even have a house or food. Loser.

  9. This is simply nuts. What they’re saying is “If you’re not white, then you were screwed by somebody who is. And you are owed big money. If you are not white, then you are entitled.”

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