Uh-Oh: Poll Finds Majority of Americans Want to Abolish Free Speech

Well, we’ve reached a dangerous time in America. Perhaps it was inevitable. Eventually, the left-wing propaganda machine would convince a majority of Americans to give up their rights in order to protect the Great Victimized Oppressed Minority – that ever-expanding group of people who essentially comprise everyone who isn’t white, straight, male, cisgendered, Christian, and/or Republican. Now we’re there. And only trouble can follow.

From The Daily Mail:

A new poll found that the majority of Americans would like the First Amendment to be rewritten to reflect the current climate – including updates such as being able to punish ‘hate speech’ and media who publish content that is ‘biased, inflammatory, or false.’

The study, conducted by the Campaign for Free Speech, found that some 51 percent of people in the US believe that the amendment – first adopted in 1791 – ‘should be updated to reflect the cultural norms of today.’  

According to the Campaign for Free Speech, findings from the study ‘indicate free speech is under more threat than previously believed.’ 

Of the 1,004 respondents who completed the online study, 51 percent of Millennials (those between the ages of 21-38) felt that hate speech should be against the law. In comparison, some 46 percent of Gen X (ages 39-54) and some 46 percent of Baby Boomers (ages 55-73) felt like hate speech should be against the law.

As far as punishment for hate crimes, some 54 percent of those Americans surveyed found that they would prefer ‘possible jail time’ while another 46 percent shared they would want ‘nothing more than a ticket and fine.’

It’s never ideal to find yourself in a position to defend “hate speech,” but that’s exactly what we must do if we want to hold on to our freedoms. Hate speech can and should be condemned, but it must never be penalized by the government. For, who is it that will tell us what qualifies as “hate speech?” Well, it will be the same leftists who, right now, consider everything from the term “illegal alien” to “misgendering someone” to be elements of this thoughtcrime.

The left has been policing our language for a long time, because they know that short-circuiting discussion is a shortcut to political victory. Now they have convinced 51% of Americans that we must change the First Amendment to more fully hinder the right to free expression. That way lies the death of liberty and the end of the American experiment. Hopefully, this is just a blip of temporary madness that will soon pass.

But we’re not optimistic.  

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  1. This is fake news, for no citizen in this country is going to give up their right to free speech nor are they going to give up any of their rights period!!! As for these Democrats that want to take away are second admendment rights they can all kiss their careers good by for that right is for ever going to stay!!!

  2. re whatever these may be— “the cultural norms of today.” Hitler did that to the Weimar Republic, and that was the catastrophe of the 20th Century….among other like that around the globe… At almost 90th years, I witnessed most of them….

  3. They better abolish the US Constitution then! Oh, and if they try to, they’ll see a Revolution/Armed Rebellion the likes of which will end these Communists can only dream about. Only they’ll be the ones taken out with great extremes! Perhaps it will come to this someday, only it will be to the Lib \’s demise!

  4. Muslims, Communist,Socialist Libs Left Dems Hates Freedom & Freedom Of Speech
    Solution Muslims,Communist,Socialists,Libs Left Dems Deportation To Mideast

  5. WHAT POLL? . . . the COMMUNIST Amerika poll? Who did they REALLY ask? NO ONE asked me, and I surely didn’t see any poll like that one! Must be FAKE NEWS (As always!). “He that GIVES UP a little FREEDOM for SECURITY will lose BOTH and deserved NEITHER (Benjamin Franklin?)”. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  6. This is totally a dirty, filthy lie!!!!! Polls mean NOTHING !!! Results of a poll depends on who you question and what the questions ask and how you ask the question.

  7. A definition of “hate” speech would be helpful. It appears those who sling the slurs are the ones who would ban free speech. Consider….changes in thinking, in speech patterns, people moving back to a more normal thought process–all could change in a short period of time. The people demanding have no idea what they are asking for or is it the communist/socialist government they crave?

  8. This is fake news! These polls have been proven to use biased liberals and skewed data to make some stupid statement that isn’t true at all. Most Americans want their rights protected and these poll taker are idiots trying to destroy the fabric of our country! This is one of those polls, just like those that profess majority wanting gun control, climate control, free this and that. That is all bullcrap!

  9. All that proves is that anyone who votes Democrat should not be allowed to vote because they are more psychotic than those they vote for.

  10. Us US voters are wanting to abolish our US Constitutional Freedom of Speech

    that is very deceptive

    there is absolutely no reason why WE’d ever consider relinquishing such a US Constitutional

    Freedom WE practice magnanimously every moment of everyday

    In No Way that WE US voters are relinquishing our US Constitutional Rights in any way shape form and understanding

    and that’s that

    🎆❤👍TRUMPence2016-2028👍❤🎆 successfully US Landslide Reelected assuredly Amen & Amen!!!

  11. The only good that will come out of this is all CNN reporters will be out of a job. Who am I kidding this will only apply to news media that favor Republicans.

  12. What a load of crap!!! I’d be curious as to exactly who is the arbitrator of what is and isn’t “hate speech”? This could vary considerably depending on your race, sexual habits, age group, education level and exactly where you live. Different parts of the country use various words to mean different things. The last thing we need is more big brother and the Speech Police. “He said/she said” would have all manner of people bickering with each other and tattling to the authorities, all ending up clogging up an already over-flowing court system. What an absolute stupid idea! The Constitution is to be interpreted as it’s written and isn’t meant to be tinkered with except for an occasional new Amendment. Censoring speech is a very dangerous slippery slope for the US to even consider going down. Whoever thought this up needs their head examined. Plus I’m quite sure it was a DemoRAT socialists, who detest all our freedoms. The Socialists are all about rabid control; first it’s speech then it will be the Thought Police and re-education camps.


  13. Correctly said. No one wants to give up free speech! This is a lie and a poll taken by liberal idiots to confuse ignorant voters. The liberals want to control us and it will not work. They are using the legal system to aggravate us and stall the president from his mission to make our lives better. Tell liberals to stuff it!

  14. Those that what free speech removed are the brainwashed moronic idiots in a socialist college, they do not know what to say, they have to wait for a socialist to tell them.

  15. I think that Democrats, Liberals, Communists, etc are in danger because all of then are hating every advance of our democracy. The constitution is very difficult to change. The other thing I don’t believe in any survey. If you go to the Universities, Colleges and High School to do some survey you will find that a lot of students don’t read the news. They are listening to the liberal professors than are destroying our values like family. I think that the American people are happy with their laws and their constitution. I consider that the media must be honest and not what are we seen today. If some of those media defame, slander, etc. they must be punished by the civilian laws and taken to court including the Democrats in Washington, DC with the witch hunt they are doing to the president.

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