Uhhh: Only 8% of Democrats Blame Migrants for Migrant Crisis

In a bizarre CNN poll this week, we learned that only 8% of Democratic voters say that migrants are responsible for the migrant crisis at the border.

Indeed, 81% of voters think there is either no crisis at all or, if there is, that it is the fault of the Trump administration. A further 7% believe that the crisis can be blamed on both the U.S. government and the migrants. We’re guessing that the 8% and the 7% are the kinds of Democrats who are feeling increasingly uncomfortable in their own party. Not sure what’s keeping them around at this point, but they could be ripe for the picking next year if Trump plays his cards right.

That there is a certain percentage of Democrats confused about whether or not there exists a border crisis is not surprising. It was only recently that the mainstream media began to admit that talk of a crisis was not just Trump’s propaganda, after all. As recently as January, you had morons like CNN’s Don Lemon telling viewers that they shouldn’t believe a word of it.

“Here’s my question,” he said back then. “Are you convinced this last-ditch effort to persuade Americans that there is a crisis at the southern border — did it work? Trump is determined to convince you there is a crisis at the border. They’re playing the public, you, for suckers.”

It was not until the media and the Democrats found an opening that they began admitting that the crisis was real. It wasn’t real when thousands of illegal immigrants were coming to the border in caravans, but it was plenty real when there were pictures of “brown people in cages” at said border. Never was it mentioned that one inevitably flowed from the other. Never was it noticed that Democrats could have helped nip this crisis in the bud a year ago…if they had been willing to admit there was such a thing.

So no, we can’t really blame Democrat voters for being confused (except to say…really, you’re still believing what you see on CNN and read in The New York Times??). They’ve been guided to their current confusion by a Democrat/Media conglomerate that has absolutely no respect for the truth, and absolutely no respect for the rule of law.

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  1. Well this goes to PROVE the are all NUTS. Dear God what do they need to prove it to them. Anyone that votes for these idiots should be shot. This is just amazing to me. DUMB DUMB DUMB AND DUMBER

  2. It is impossible to understand why any one with an ounce of sense would vote for the liberals, radical agenda. There is not one thing they claim to want that will benefit Americans in any way. Increased taxes, open borders, gun control, medicare for all, UN taxing Americans and US Troops under UN control, anyone of these would be the kiss of death for America.

  3. While the immigrants are partially at fault, the majority of the fault lays with liberals who refuse to acknowledge, that there is a crisis, and their continuing refusal to fix it. Liberals will blame it on the President, and Conservatives, but it is, Liberals (Obama)who told them what to say and do to be allowed into the country, and liberals are the ones helping them sneak across the border. They have made it absolutely clear that they don’t care what happens to Americans. Their one an only concern us regaining control of the government, and American citizens. Then we will see how low they will stoop to ruin what is left of the US.

    • NO…indeed NOT…the fault lies totally on the IMMIGRANT, believing that he will get a free ride from the Liberal…the Liberals desperately NEED these illegal dregs of society, who come here with open hands, and loud mouths…What did they expect when they came here, that the American people were going to set them up, for an unknown period of time at the Ritz Carlton, or some other 5-Star rated motel…I’m like Rush Linbaugh said…”for some of them, drinking from a toilet bowl is a step up…!!!We don’t OWE these people anything, except a map back to their “homeland” if they need one…We NEVER requested their presence, nor do we desire it now…So, if it’s not their fault, they should look for a way to get about going home!!!

    • Right on , and promising free everything to buy their loyalty like they have the black population for generations to the point that they refuse to know true history of the dem party. Believing lie after lie for a free ride. Disgusting.

  4. Democrats have shit for brains. Bunch of dumb ass motherfuckers. They suck big time. They are going to get killed in 2020. No one with any brains will vote for these cocksuckers.

  5. Remember this article is from CNN plus being one of their not so accurate polls.
    IMO, it’s not so much many American’s don’t know, it’s the fact they don’t care. It’s hard to miss the fact our last 5 Presidents refused to enforce our immigration laws and the tsunami of illegals poured in. Neither political party cared nor did American citizens. The best guesstimate on the number of illegal aliens n the US now is between 30-50 MILLION ! Nobody really knows as the number changes daily. The Barbarians are not only at the gate, they are HERE and we are going to have to deal with it. As to how is anyone’s guess but I di not see mass deportations anywhere in our future.

  6. The illegals knew full and well that one step into the United States is criminal. But some person and somewhere, they are being coached and given incentives to come here. They do not look impoverished or starving! The asylum claim is used frequently and falsely to gain entrance to the United States. Very few of them qualify. I, for one, say send every one of them back. Birthright citizenship should be deleted and should be retroactive. We have laws in this country and it is shameful that many of our elected Congressmen do not comply!

  7. It is just sick for anyone to vote for a radical Democratic politician for they have nothing good to offer us the citizens or are country and if the citizens would just wake up and really listen to what these liberals and Democrats have to say in there debates is meaningless and nothing but BS!!! These Democrats and liberals have nothing but lies to feed us and are trying put fear into are lives with their climate change crap for we have already been working very hard to clean up are air and are Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, Streams, and Ponds and all this is going on across the world!!! But if you listen to these Democrats we aren’t doing nothing which is a huge lie, for just making cars and trucks and buses across the world run without fossil fuel is a huge fix in cleaning up are planets air, and all the countries on this planet need to also see to it that their doing the same thing, and every country needs to get very strict on people polluting are Waterways, Oceans, and are Forests, Parks, and Streets and Alleyways!!!! To get all this done is not going to cost us trillions of dollars plus keeping are planet clean will also create new jobs for many!!!! I hope are citizens all wake up and get these corrupt and radical Democrats out of office for they really have no realistic answers!!!! I am tired of even listening to these good for nothing politicians!!!! These Democrats offer us nothing but more and more taxes and cities and states with lawlessness out of control due to their not protecting are borders and upholding are laws!!!! Let’s face it these Democrats and liberals are leading us to complete doom!!!

  8. Well, I have to say this is one time I agree with these democRATS. It’s not the immigrants, it’s the DEMOCRATS’ fault!

  9. The illegals made a choice to cross the YOU’RE LEGALLY!! NO ONE FORCED THEM!! They put their children at risk they paid coyotes / smugglers instead of investing in their children in their healthcare! They made bad decisions. THE ILLEGALS ARE TO BLAME FOR THEIR OWN ILLEGAL DECISIONS!! STOP BLAMING OTHERS!

    • I totally agree that you are responsible for your own actions, if by peer pressure your child does something illegal, he or she is still guilty. As with the illegal trespassing immigrants whether barging in your front door or crossing the border they are breaking the law. However their is a co conspiracy by the democrat party and openly for all to see. Enticing poor third world persons to break the law in order to receive anything whether free healthcare or employment is unlawful and all to fulfill their lust for power even at the detriment of our laws, indeed our nation.

  10. This poll is one of the most asinine idiotic statements made. The CRISES at the border is being CAUSED by the DEMO-RAT PARTY and their refusal to do what is right all because they do not care about the UNITED STATES and its CITIZENS. Their only concern is for themselves and their HATE for PRESIDENT TRUMP. THEY WILL DO ANYTHING TO STOP PRESIDENT TRUMP AND THAT INCLUDES SELLING OUT THIS NATION AND ITS CITIZENS ALL FOR THEIR OWN GOOD OF LIBERAL SOCIALIST COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP.

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