University Activists Demand Administration Remove a Racist…Boulder?

As sick to death as we are of watching leftists and racial groups dream up new ways in which the country is oppressing them, you have to admit that it does have a funny side. Sometimes the overreach is so absurd that you can’t help but shake your head and laugh. You know things really aren’t all that bad for black people in America when there is time to rage against a racist boulder.

A racist boulder, you ask? Oh yes, this is what’s consuming the thoughts of the Black Student Union at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Believe it or not, but the students discovered that once, in 1925, the rock was referred to as a *ni***rhead” in the press. This boulder specifically, yes, but also all boulders of this sort were apparently referred to by this title back then. But because this boulder now carries the stain of that long-ago reference, it has to go.

From The College Fix:

In 1925, workers pulled the rock out of the side of a hill on campus and named it “Chamberlin Rock” after Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin, a 19th century glaciologist and University of Wisconsin president. The rock was adorned with a plaque commemorating Chamberlin and placed at the university’s Washburn Observatory, where it remains today.

While Chamberlin Rock has been a campus fixture for 95 years, it recently came under fire due to once being described as a “n****rhead” in 1925 as was common geological practice at the time to describe large dark rocks, reports.

The Black Student Union at UW is now calling on the university to find an alternate way to represent Chamberlin on campus without the legacy implied by the rock.

In an interview with, Nalah McWhorter of the Black Student Union explained why it’s so important for the 70-ton boulder to be removed.

“You clearly see what the rock was called and you can’t deny the history. Additionally you can’t deny the way it makes some people feel,” McWhorter said. “If you’re not going to move the things that are disrespectful to us because other students love it, put something up that us Black and brown students can celebrate.”

But don’t anyone refer to the new monument by a racist slur, because then we’ll just have to scrap it and start all over again!

It baffles us every day how so many people are taking this stuff seriously.

What do you think?

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Written by Andrew


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  1. Now even rocks are racist? Really? Is it an attempt to see how far people can be pushed? Is it an attempt to prove how much power this group has? Or is the whole thing as ridiculous as it seems.

    • Ocrazyo-Cortex says that cauliflower is racist…. it’s white.
      Ridiculous, but that’s what she said.
      Good grief.

  2. Those fools will stop at nothing to continue a race war. So who cares what a rock was closed in 1925? Obviously the students need more homework because they have time to dream up another way to get what they want. Leave the boulder alone and tell the malcontents to suck it up because nothing is going to change!

  3. WOW! . . . I didn’t know that a BOULDER can register as a Democrat, Republican, or INDEPENDENT. Must be that COMMON CORE education that it was receiving – Ridiculous! One Educated Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. It is a shame that we have become so small and insecure. Listen to what my Mother told me listen young man if your are going to react to things that happened years ago You are too late. Look at it “It is just a rock” It could have just as well been called a White head” then what would you do?

    Grow up CHILDREN, complain about something that is important.

  5. So african americans who are over privileged and often get to attend college despite having lower gpa’s then Asian or white students due to black privikege and often attend college for free due to special scholarships and grants offered only to those with black privilege had to go back 100 years to find something to be offended about.

    They had to go back before thousands if people were killed in world War two, Korean, and Vietnam. Back before Stalin murdered millions of soviets. Back before China killed millions of Chinese. Back before the last 60 years of the racist affirmative action law institutionalize systematic racism against white males.

    Even going back that far these black privileged racists could only find a rock, yes a rock, to be outraged about.

    All bkacjs everywhere should be embarrassed

  6. this is proof there is no racism in America. When a group has to be outraged about an informal name given to a type of rock 100 years ago. Clearly there is no racism in America.

  7. So…..calling someOne “African American” is racist…….if your American YOUR American don’t need to use the extra word. Hundreds of years ago Africans actually sold/traded other Africans to others countries.

  8. So, this is how a Snowflake handles a mistake that happened 100 years ago and was corrected 60 years ago? We need to remove a rock that was there when the University was founded because some college kids called it a stupid, mean name? A name Blacks still use today. The rock did nothing wrong. It is probably been there since before any human landed in North America. (Just Guessing) SO, calling it a bad name means we have to move it? So, if I call a BLM Activist a bad name can we move it? I’ll volunteer to move the rock if the answer is yes.

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