University Students and Employers Must Agree to “Combat Systemic Racism”

If students and employers want to keep attending and working for the University of Colorado-Boulder, they must not only agree that systemic racism is an actual thing that is happening in America today but that they will dedicate themselves to “combating systemic racism.” A memo sent last month informs all recipients that those terms make up a “non-negotiable condition of enrollment and employment.”

In the memo, the chancellors of several university offices wrote:

“We strongly support the many messages of solidarity that members of the CU Boulder community have shared in recent days, from the chancellor, vice chancellors, deans, department chairs and directors to CU Student Government, United Government of Graduate Students, and other student groups. At their core, many have expressed the following: Black Lives Matter, and as a campus we condemn all acts of racist violence and discriminatory behavior — regardless of who commits them.

“We may be confronting the unparalleled challenges of a global pandemic, but we can’t let that work distract us from making real changes to our campus culture to combat systemic racism and bias-motivated behavior. These changes must be seen in how we recruit students, faculty, staff and administrators — in how we signal to them the need to embrace our community values as a bottom line, non-negotiable condition of enrollment and employment.”

While it would be of no consequence for the university to have students and employers sign a document promising not to actively engage in racist behavior, this memo goes well beyond that. To sign onto this message in good faith, you have to essentially admit that the Black Lives Movement and all of its progressive ancillaries have the right take on modern America: It’s an impossibly-racist institution built for whites to the exclusion and detriment of black opportunity. That’s hardly a proven fact, and indeed, there is a great deal of evidence to the contrary.

But any opposing view, no matter how well established in fact, is apparently not welcome on campus.

Campus Reform spoke to Greg Lukianoff of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. He said that the memo was an astounding attempt to enforce “ideological conformity.”

“University presidents and chancellors often take great advantage of their bully pulpit to condemn behavior they deem inappropriate, but they should be careful lest they create a pall of orthodoxy over the classroom, the research, and the institution itself,” said Lukianoff. “In order to function as both a ‘marketplace of ideas’ and the ‘laboratory in the looking glass,’ an effective institution of research and higher learning needs to always take seriously the possibility it might be wrong, test its assumptions, and not accept any dogmas.”

Hmm, that sounds a lot like science. Unfortunately, today’s racial activists have decided that STEM and related science education is also racist…mostly because it provides precious little support for their theories. If universities are ready to capitulate on that front…well, we’re in for a return to the Dark Ages.

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Written by Andrew


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  1. How about while you are at it, combat racism towards whites. That’s all I’m seeing is hate towards us when we weren’t the ones that did all that stuff 200 years ago. I have always loved all people no matter their color, yet I’m suppose to pay for the long ago past?

  2. Not worth the ink it’s printed with or the paper it’s printed on. Anyone who signs ANYTHING like that needs a brain transplant, stat. Just sayin’.

  3. wasn’t the the university of Colorado Boulder, one of the ones listed as receiving funds from China, if so what can you expect, The article didn’t say what the money was for, but appears it went to administrators. 401K

  4. So the fascist administration of Colorado U. wants to control not only behavior but thought as well.

  5. There is no such thing as systemic racism! The ‘system’ is made up only of two things: 1) rules, and 2) people. The ‘rules’ apply to everyone, no matter the race or color. So the only possible racism generator is the ‘people.’ If someone is not following the rules, fire his ass and the racism problem is fixed.
    There CAN be no such thing as systemic racism.

  6. There is no such thing as systemic racism! The ‘system’ is made up only of two things: 1) rules, and 2) people. The ‘rules’ apply to everyone, no matter the race or color. So the only possible racism generator is the ‘people.’ If someone is not following the rules, fire his ass and the racism problem is fixed.
    There CAN be no such thing as systemic racism.

  7. You can see no racism. Just go shopping or to a restaurant. People treat each other well & don’t see color. People hold a door for each other, smile , talk to each other, help each other( no matter muslem, black, white, Indian, Chinese, Latino. It is a great world! If facists/ Democrats stay out of our lives & stop pushing this narrative. We love all people, that is why all people want to come here. Don’t let these fascists take anything away from out great way of life. We are all Americans!!! God Bless America always. Wake up young people or you wonderful way of life will be gone forever & you will suffer for it greatly.

  8. This is based on a total pile of BS. Look at the facts and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that the US does not have systemic racism in any way, shape or form. Most studies have shown that we are the least racist of all countries. Do you know that one out of every five marriages in the US are biracial couples? The blacks need to get their acts together and address their horrible schools, the fact that 77% of all families are single parent led and that almost all crime against blacks is perpetrated by other blacks. Those that want to leave………..their motherland Ghana would love to have them all back. Their goal is to ruin this country and defeat President Trump. Boulder has always been one of the most liberal campuses in the country and the professors brainwash all student to think that socialism and marxism are viable. Time to start cleaning up those people and firing hundreds of them.

  9. “Systemic racism” doesn’t exist in the United States unless you are referring the capitulation of every School District lowering the standards because of EBONICS, the acceptance of disruptive student’s, the refusal of student’s to do home work all at the demand of NAACP. Now you have unemployable un-willing incompetent’s that think they deserve everything for free. I have a friend that resents being called African American. He says that I was born here, I grew up here, I went to school and Collage here and Taught here, He is right the NAACP caused all of this division because they didn’t want to loose control of the poor black.
    The have taught the young that they don’t have to respect everyone else, not just other black people. BLM is the next step they are introducing Marxism (Socialism)
    I have another friend that resents African American, he was born in Cuba and got out back in the late 50’s. He has more degrees behind his name than many people and as he put’s it I earned them fair and square.
    One of our local Mayors refers to the black community as UNDER SERVED. They have gotten Free food, Free housing, Free transportation and the same free education that a white child would receive but because the black community doesn’t teach their children respect, and to work in school all you have is a bunch of under achievers.

  10. God Bless: What a great true article. It all starts in the home. When Baby mamas are paid by Uncle Sam for every new baby produced. What did the Sociologists think would happen–Children being assisted in getting emancipated from parental care and set up in government housing in their own apartment with all expenses covered.? Children having children who then run wild–join gangs because they have no real family life. They never learned any discipline so they do poorly in school. The Baby Mamas just let them run wild and they find selling illicit drugs is an easier way to get money and it that does not work–robbery does.. They need to look inward at some of their own behaviour. Will they never get it? That is why so many become incarcerated for felony offenses.?

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