Univision Hack Can’t Believe That Hispanics Actually Support the Wall

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos has spent most of the last four years abandoning any pretense of objective reporting in favor of an ongoing war against President Trump and his supposedly racist policies. So we have to imagine that, when confronted with a new Univision poll that showed how many U.S. Hispanics actually support Trump’s plan to build a wall across the Mexican border, his shock and dismay were real. How could it be that Hispanics would support a policy that is racist against Hispanics!? Why, you’d have to change your whole worldview for that to be possible!

No wonder Ramos was baffled.

“Let’s close with this,” Ramos said on his political show. “I had a chance to view the poll, it hasn’t been published, but let’s break some news here. When you ask Latinos whether or not they support the building of the wall, I was surprised at the amount of Latinos that agree with building the wall.

“Well, yes, 36.4% are in favor of building it,” said correspondent Sergio Garcia Rios.

“More than a third,” said a mystified Ramos.

“More than a third,” agreed Rios.

Ramos, confused, exclaimed: “Of Latinos!”

“Yes,” said Rios. “We haven’t published this yet but we break it here, it is certainly a high percentage, this surprises us, but it’s a complex matter, we’d have to look at it. More analysis than what is out there…”

In other words, don’t jump off the nearest bridge too soon, Jorge, maybe we’ll find an explanation for this that makes sense. Hey, maybe some of these Hispanics don’t actually know they are Hispanic. Maybe they haven’t been properly indoctrinated into liberal groupthink. They could be confused or mislead or even dumb. Maybe they didn’t understand the question. Or something.

“Does this mean, Sergio, that Latinos are more conservative, even with regard to immigration, than what many believe?” Ramos asked, on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

“It’s complex, I don’t necessarily feel that they are,” Rios said, comfortingly.

Keep telling yourself that, guys. Whatever you’ve got to do to keep that bubble sealed tight.

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  1. Maybe these are well educated Hispanics and not the follow the leader
    to the swamp Hispanics. After all some were not from Mexico and was brought up
    in America. Keep this in mind not all Hispanics came here illegally they came here
    legally and despise those that tried to beat the system or came here illegally.

    • Bigmur, your very correct. Keep in mind, if this poll resulted in over a third favoring the wall, then the real number is beyond that. You see, not everyone is brave enough to admit they favor border control for fear of being branded by the left. Even those without higher education, just common sense.

  2. Or maybe Latinos, and others who came here legally resent those who skirt the law.

    How about that possibility?

    • A Mexican friend of mine years ago told me that very same thing when I lived in Dallas TX. His explanation was when they first got here the democrats pumped their heads so full of SHIT (his words), that they voted for them.Until they the democrats forgot all about them.Then they turned to the Republican Party and NEVER looked back.These immigrants aren’t stupid.But the democrats haven’t realized this yet, but they will come Nov 2020.NO HOUSE MAJORITY. NO SENATE MAJORITY. AND AT THE POINT OF REPEATING MYSELF.
      SO JOIN US

  3. any latino that went through the HARD WORK to qualify for LEGAL immigration, knows that they got something unique in history .when you jump through all the hoops for LEGAL citizenship, and some bum sneaks across the border just because he don’t want to put out the effort to do the legal way , THAT ALONE REALLY PISSES THEM OFF. when you stand in line to get something that you really wanted all your life and some line-jumper steps in front of you and puts you back behind them , that alone will really piss you off . THE BORDER WALL IS NOT ONLY FOR THE IMMIGRANT PROBLEM, IT IS FOR STOPPING THE DRUGS,THE TERRORISTS,AND THE COYOTES THAT PREY ON THE WEAK AND HELPLESS. they are using children to SCAM THE SYSTEM , some of the kids are passed around the coyotes MANY TIMES .. this needs to stop .JORGE, THE LATINO’S ARE NOT STUPID, THEY CAN SEE WHAT YOU ARE FOR . YOU ARE BEING USED BY THE DEMOCRATS ONLY,ONLY FOR A POWER PLAY. THEY ONLY WANT CHEAP LABOR AND VOTES,ILLEGAL OR OTHERWISE.

  4. We earned our spot . Overcome, sacrificed, worked hard and achieved…we don’t need the ok from a patron or jefe…and you wanna give it away and demean all we worked for by copying a plea of race card ??? Wake up buddy…We the people and the ones who earned say Bullshit…we’re too busy working, studying to be out protesting and kicking your asses for bringing shame on us…we’ll take care of it at the polls..We earned it….assimilated and still kept our language and heritage…I suggest you do the same.

    • Damn Archie…you are a cool mofo..I did not know how strongly the real Hispanic LEGAL population is in support of the Wall…then Bien Venidos, compadre…You are right you dont need a pinche jefe or patron to tell you that your spot here in America es seguridad…what you and the rest of us American citizens work hard for they want to give it to the jueros and the juevones…Viva la Raza amigo, and thanks in advance for helping us kick ass on these cabrones …at the polls!

  5. I still can’t figure out how they claim someone, that is the same heritage as what they are talking, voting or complaining about as being a racist. Can someone be racist on their own race ? If so why would they be that way, unless they had really really great reasons. Maybe they act, talk or vote that way to protect the U.S.A, their new home, Keeping that which they struggled to get into and love, safe and harm free from where they themselves have come from. If they are defending and wanting a border wall, they must know what is on the way from the other side of that border. and are afraid of what they know is coming. Like someone that yells and screams about lighting a match close to a gasoline spill, they have seen the destruction and personal injury and they don’t want it to happen again. It is time to listen to those people… they probably know things we haven’t seen or heard about yet !

    • Yo, Mike.S, dont you know the definition of a racist?It is someone who defeats a Liberal/Socialist/Democrat at any issue in a debate…racist doesnt have to be skin color…it has to do with who’s side you are on in the voting!

  6. Why wouldn’t they support a border barrier, They are American citizens taxpayers, that don’t want the crime or drugs, they entered this country the correct way, they didn’t take the easy route by crossing the border illegally, they don’t want there tax money used for people that entered the wrong way.

  7. “Jorge, “El Corn-Holeio the Bu**h*le” Ramos”, perhaps he will find a nice 30 story building and accidentally slip and fall off of it some place”….I have actually heard other folks made mention of that very thing, that they wished would happen to that clown……

  8. This Univision hack is a complete racist moron. He should stay south of the border and eat tacos, OK? Actually, I love tacos. I may join you…

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