Violent Protesters Leave NYPD Cops Bloody and Injured in Lower Manhattan

Seven NYPD officers, including Chief of Department Terence Monahan, were injured in Lower Manhattan on Wednesday when protesters against the police began attacking cops and pro-police organizers in some of the worst violence since the George Floyd protests began. Some 40 people were arrested as the protesters clashed on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge shortly after 10:00 am.

From WABC-TV in New York:

Protests turned violent on Lower Manhattan on Wednesday and left nearly 40 people arrested and one of the NYPD’s top cops covered in blood.

Police intended to keep two groups of protesters separate, but when pro-police marchers got to the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge, they met up with anti-police protesters occupying City Hall and chaos broke out around 10 a.m.

Chief of Department Terence Monahan was among the seven officers injured during protests at City Hall when they were hit with canes, bats and debris.

Protesters at the “Defund the Police” encampment clashed with police and at least seven NYPD officers suffered injuries — Monahan suffered a hand injury, a lieutenant was struck in the head, a sergeant was struck in the head and a lieutenant suffered an eye socket fracture. The other three offers suffered minor injuries.

Before we go any further, let’s just zoom in on one small sentence in the above report: “They met up with anti-police protesters occupying City Hall.”

Really? What in the hell is New York Mayor Bill de Blasio actually doing these days, other than making deep concessions to the BLM movement and finding new and inventive places to paint their logo on the streets of the city? Does he even care that shootings are up over 200% since this time last year? Does he know anything about actually running a city, or is he as incompetent at that as he was running a presidential campaign?

Now, just listen to this idiot BLM protester whining about what happened: “They literally arrested about 20 of our folks, as this protest, stop, we’re going to arrest Black Lives Matter protesters and then allow this protest to peacefully come by. They didn’t want a counter protest, they didn’t want democracy, they didn’t want freedom in this moment.”

These morons are being allowed to occupy City Hall, and they have the nerve to blame city officials for arresting them when they attack cops? Is anyone sane still supporting these goons?

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Written by Andrew


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  1. LOCK, LOAD. AIM and FIRE! . . . And PROSECUTE the REMAINING CRIMINALS (if there ARE any – HAPPY Hunting!) in FEDSEL PRISON serving a LENGTHY and STIFF PRISON sentence, complete with RESTITUTION for ALL damages and injuries. Don’t forget the DEATH SENTENCE for murder. One Disgusted Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  2. Well, if these policemen weren’t prejudiced before, they are now. Same with a vast majority of the police in every city and state in America; if they weren’t prejudiced before, they will be after a few more days of BLM pandering by our government.

    • Prejudiced? Measure your words and think before you write. The issue is pure and simple: frustratingly and endlessly lack of mayoral and governmental support when and where it counts. The LEOs are tasked to protect public and private property then limited to stand and watch as they are assaulted, pelted or fire bombed. They protect the property and themselves but in the process the jackasses that assaulted the LEOs cry abuse, it’s a no win scenario.

  3. Shoot to kill! Loch the bastards uo. No bail. Ten year sentences minimum for rioting and attacking a police officer. This stupidity will calm down very quickly. First step. Lock uo Deblasio and Cuomo and replace them with conservatives. How stupid are new yorkers who put them in office!

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