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“WALLS WORK”: Homeland Security Drops Some Fact Bombs About The Border

A day after President Donald Trump humiliated Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi in the Oval Office for the whole country to see, the Department of Homeland Security released a memo detailing why we need a strong border wall, explaining that much of the wall is already under construction, and highlighting why it is so important that Congress allocate the necessary funds to keep the progress going.

“Once funding was provided, DHS began construction of border wall exceptionally quickly, in some locations in as little as nine months from funding to building– a process that commonly takes two years or more in other parts of Government,” said the memo. “By the end of FY 2019, DHS expects to have construction completed or underway for more than 120 miles in the areas it’s most needed by the U.S. Border Patrol. The pace of construction has picked up as initial limiting factors like land acquisition and funding have been addressed.”

After going into specific detail about the construction already completed in San Diego and El Paso, the DHS addressed critics who say that a wall is not an effective or cost-efficient way to keep unwanted illegal immigrants out of the United States.

“How effective is this new border wall?” the memo asked. “On Sunday when a violent mob of 1,000 people stormed our Southern border, we found the newly constructed portions of the wall to be very effective.  In the area of the breach, a group of people tore a hole in the old landing mat fence constructed decades ago and pushed across the border.  U.S. Border Patrol agents who responded to the area ultimately dispersed the crowd, which had become assaultive, and apprehended several individuals.  All of the individuals were either apprehended or retreated into Mexico.  That evening, the fence was repaired.  There were no breaches along the newly constructed border wall areas.”

No breaches along the newly constructed border wall areas.

And where there are no breaches, there is no need for the tear gas that drove all the liberals into a frenzy. There is no safety threat posed to either our men in uniform or the immigrants themselves. The wall, far from being “immoral” as Pelosi put it, will have a calming effect. Where the chances of getting into the U.S. are slim and none, migrants will stop trying.

The wall would send an undeniable message to all would-be migrants in Central America and Mexico: The U.S. is closed. That message – clear and precise – is as much an act of humanitarianism as anything the Democrats have ever proposed.

What do you think?

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  1. One reason Dems don’t want a physical wall is that it cannot be reversed or “turned off” with the touch of a finger like electronic surveylence. Trust me, if electronic surveylence is the only thing in place, the Dems will turn it off or claim it ‘mall functioned” as soon as they regain the white house one day.

    A physical wall will be in place permenantly and cannot be so easily cancelled or turned off after Trump leaves. Ask Pelosi about that. She’ll never admit it. Make sense?

  2. The dems don’t want the wall because they know the invaders (NOT migrants) will facilitate enough mass voter fraud to keep them in power indefinitely. I’m tired of being called a racist or bigot if I want the wall built. Every developed country in the world has borders and enforces them. How many of these poor, folks ( mostly young men that look perfectly healthy and strong) do the Hollywood dodo’s and other liberal looms plan to take into their own homes?

  3. Electronic surveillance is about as useful as the unarmed drones circling overhead during the Benghazi attacks and murders. Make no mistake about it; an “eye in the sky” simply gets poked with a sharp stick. Ground based becomes a “blind eye” at political whims. Perhaps satellite testimony by Benjamin Netanyahu could expose the fallacious arguments against a wall since Israel built a very effective one.
    Hey, why wait for Congress to fund it? Organize a corps of citizens to contribute personal funds to get it completed . Charlie Kirk began the endeavor with a $1,000 pledge and I have joined him. Government may have to build it (Navy Seabees, Army Corp of Engineers, DHS), but a tax credit for such contributions should be doable. There is always more than one way to skin a cat! PETA notwithstanding!

  4. The Great Wall of China, Walled Castles, Frontier Forts and many other times in history walls have protected people from those who would do them harm and take their possessions. Today, Gated Communities, with strong fences/walls are common in high crime areas of many cities. There are no strong arguments to prevent use of strong walls. Throughout history, cities that lacked walls were very vulnerable to their enemies. During my half year at Fort Bliss/El Paso area, 1959, I met a man, who was very knowlegable of the raids across our international border form the old Poncho Villa Gang, in the early 1900’s. Rogue Mexican gangs are no new problem. However, they are indeed a probem, still. America needs to finish the wall and be very selective of those, allowed to enter our land. Illegal invasions impact our Money, Medical Health, and Military Security. We need the protections of these three M’s. Anyone unwilling to secure our southern border, should be sent to the south side of that border. AMERICA- LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT ! ! ! !

  5. It makes a lot of sense that Democrats don’t want a physical wall because it cannot be reversed or “turned off” with the touch of a finger like electronic surveylence. The electronic surveylence is the only thing in place, Democrats regain the White House they will turn it and claim it as a ‘mall- functioned wall then America will once again be flood with illegal immigrants. CROOKED EVIL DEMOCRATS we need to keep them OUT OF OFFICE and most of all OUT OF WHITE HOUSE.
    A physical wall will be in place permenantly and cannot be so easily cancelled or turned off after Trump leaves. Ask Pelosi or any other democrat about this and each one will lie and say it won’t work. LIARS too



    I and all citizens of the United States of America appreciate that citizens from other nations want to come here seeking better lives for themselves and their families.

    We embrace those desires, but we will only give permission to enter this nation if a potential immigrant utilizes the proper applications, procedures, and protocols.

    There are people from all over the world who are properly applying for the authorization to enter.

    It is reprehensible, immoral, and unethical if we were to allow anyone to enter without going through the same procedures as others are undergoing.

    Please be safe, go home and work to better your lives and your nations and if you still want to emigrate to the United States apply at the consulate in your home nation and if you are one of the more than one million authorized immigrants we allow each year, we will happily accept you with open arms.

    Specifically, to those adventurers in the caravans; we don’t want you or the people of Tijuana to suffer further hardships, therefore we will offer transportation back to your home nations.

    The United States of America steadfastly will continue to be a good neighbor to all nations and as such will assist your nations for the goal of better conditions for their citizens.

    I, sincerely, thank you for your understanding.


    Employing the rhetoric about bad guys allows the default to allow non-bad guys to enter. Absolute INSANITY.

    michael zitterman
    11/19/2018 updated

    • Better Idea, don’t allow any immigrants we have plenty of day laborers now and any high skilled imigrants only take our best Jobs that Americans need an want and after awhile these “immigrants go back to their own country and take America’s inventions and technology back with them. How long will USA fall for this dum and dummer program to make a few more billionaires richer. Time to put some Billionaires in Jail for Treason and Espionage.

  7. Trump said Mexico would pay for the Wall, They Did, What the Democrats cannot comprehend is the
    amount of Factories and business that came back from Mexico To the U.S. Has payed for the wall several times over and more. Wake up America and help Trump take out the Deep State before we lose our Country for good.Call your Representatives And Senators Demand that they quit trying to get rid of Trump and help him drain this Swamp. We the People Are all Americans First And then, Dems & Reps..
    and its time we put America First and forgot about the politics. ITS OUR COUNTRY




    THANK YOU, ROBIN AT 650-631-9270

  9. The Border area between Mexico and the USA, has a large number of Mexican citizens who cross over legally, Daily, to work on our side. I know some of them and know that they have legal jobs on our side and have what is called a Sentry Card, which costs them well over $100 and is only good for 5 years. But they need and use this card to facilitate there journey across the Border every day, via a special “express” lane, so they don’t have to spend the sometimes hours long wait in line, that even American Citizens have to wait, if all they have is their regular US Passport. When the president is forced to shut down the Border, nobody can cross over, so these people can’t go to work, and their US employers come up short with far fewer employees to work in the American businesses. I am a proud Conservative American, who believes in the Law, and I think it is terrible that these people who have fully complied with our Laws, are being punished for the actions of a bunch of people who don’t want to follow our Laws. All the Farmers along our Border, know who their favorite Mexican employees are, and they can work within the law to ensure these people can legally work on these farms. All these laws already exist, they just need to be followed, and would probably be less expensive and safer for the foreign workers, since they could just pass through the normal “Port of Entry”. If “Silicon Valley” can hire thousands of Indians to come here and work via the H1B work visa, all the farm workers can too! Back when I was a child, the USA had the “Brassero” program where Migrant Farm workers legally came over from Mexico, and harvested the crops. The only “problem” was that the Farmer had to provide safe clean housing, meals, and healthcare in case of accidents. These things are expensive, so I imagine some of the Employers would rather hire illegals so they didn’t have to provide these safety features, because they are so expensive. I could write about this for much longer, but I’ll spare you.

  10. Idiots like pelosi, schumer, the rest to the President Trump haters SHOULD ALL BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE. Their stupidity shines brightly to everyone. THEY, dumbocrat LEGISLATORS SHOULD DO THEIR JOB WHICH IS SUPPORT THE USA IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE.

  11. Get it through your thick skull no wall alone is going to halt th he criminal activities of the Cartels, Cartels and the invasion of a foreign threat to our guaranteed rights makes it perfectly legal to activate regular military for the purpose of securing our border, no 1 will ever convince me that the presence of military troops anywhere in the Middle East is of any value to the Common Good, “we do not need foreign oil, we need to secure or borders and keep the slime from flowing in.”

  12. DON’T SIGN A SINGLE CONGRESSIONAL BILL – or – OPEN THE GOVERNMENT UP FOR BUSINESS – UNTIL THE “FULL COST OF THE WALL EXPENSES ARE APPROVED AND PASSED BY CONGRESS”. The PEOPLE are with Trump and it’s time to stop bullshitting and solve this simple self=destructive Immigration problem. $25-35 Billion is nothing compared to letting this Immigration Problem get worse year after year and we spend Billions and Billions for their Health Care, Welfare and other expenses. JUST DO IT.

  13. POTUS is playing a game of wackamole with these assholes. The dems are out to get Trump out of office any way they can. They are interfering with everything he is doing. They are fighting for their power back not content to let him win and help along the way. Even to the country going socialist and failing, they will accept that as long as Trump loses. The President has to stop being Mr. Nice Guy, they will slit his throat and watch him bleed. This kind of thinking must be stopped. He is for every American these demo BASTARDS ARE FOR THEMSELVES.

  14. Better Idea, don’t allow any immigrants we have plenty of day laborers now and any high skilled imigrants only take our best Jobs that Americans need an want and after awhile these “immigrants go back to their own country and take America’s inventions and technology back with them. How long will USA fall for this dum and dummer program to make a few more billionaires richer. Time to put some Billionaires in Jail for Treason and Espionage.

  15. Pelosi hires illegal labor for her grape field/winery business. Jail for Pelosi. Do not pass go. Do not collect $20 million

  16. Note to democrats:

    There are two ways to leave congress.

    AS American Citizens.



    Offshore because TREASON is NOT ‘legislated’ law, but CONSTITUTIONAL LAW which is the pervue of the Military.

    There are no opportunities for ‘right’s that are PROTECTED FOR THE CITIZENS because any ‘rights’ you thought you have are suspended until AFTER your TRIBUNAL.

    Good luck….

  17. Have you sent a copy of that suggestion to the White House/Trump. It is a very civil and correct approach that will probably totally disrupt the Liberal agenda. He will definitely have to send it out as a tweet and have Sarah Sanders pass it out to members of the media to make sure it is not misquoted!

  18. I don’t know about Chuck Schumer, but funny, Nancy Pelosi has the walls around her big house. How about sending out the invitation cards to the illegal immigrants to their houses for Christmas. I am sure they will love to have them for Christmas party.

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