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WaPo’s Phony Conservative Slams Limbaugh for “Hate-Filled Racism”

After President Trump awarded Rush Limbaugh with the Presidential Medal of Freedom at Tuesday’s State of the Union address, there was no shortage of predictable outrage from his liberal critics. Few conservative titans have done more over the last thirty years to dismantle the liberal media hegemony than Limbaugh, whose talk radio show has been a beacon of light even in the darkest days of Republican failure. It would not put too fine a point on it to say that if you hate Rush Limbaugh, then you are not a conservative. At least, not one that we care anything about.

Speaking of fake conservatives, that brings us to the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, who hasn’t written a single column in at least four years that has anything to do with conservatism. Rubin dedicated her newspaper space on Wednesday to her outrage that Trump would honor the “hate-filled racism, homophobia, and misogyny” that she thinks has characterized Limbaugh’s career.

“Lists of some of Limbaugh’s most hateful utterances are being circulated to underscore a simple truth: He is the embodiment of divisive, hateful right-wing media rhetoric, which, just like Trump, casts Democrats as evil and the media as enemies of the people,” Rubin whined.

“In a sense, Limbaugh is the perfect idol for Trump and his cultist followers, who seal themselves off from reality and immerse themselves in conspiracy theories,” she continued. “A president who considers himself as president of only his supporters and who has debased and cheapened our language and our politics, making the reprehensible perfectly acceptable, would of course want to honor someone of Limbaugh’s ilk.”

Much like everyone else who criticized Limbaugh this week, Rubin was unable to come up with a single non-laughable example of the radio legend being “racist.” The best she could do was say he promoted the idea that Barack Obama was born outside the United States. This is only “racist” because the liberals have told us over and over again that it’s racist. You know, much like everything else that is “racist” these days.

But that doesn’t stop Rubin from winding up for her final pitch: “Trump’s great lie is convincing Americans that white males no matter what their conduct — Brett Kavanaugh, convicted war criminals and, most of all, himself — are victims of elites. That, in turn, gives them license to unleash bigotry and engage in intolerable, unhinged conduct, all in the name of vindicating themselves from oppression. That mentality of grievance, propagated effectively by Limbaugh, is nothing more than cover for white nationalism. The country should denounce, not honor, its practitioners.”

When someone is THAT bought in on the social justice memes of the New Left, we find it hard to believe that they ever considered themselves a conservative. Rubin is in the late stages of terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome, and her employers at the Washington Post should insist that she take some sick leave.

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  1. Liberals like this lying moron always bash but never provide any proof as to what they’re spewing. It’s the liberal way…….feelings and emotions TRUMP facts and common sense. That’s how classless and clueless they are

  2. This is exactly why no one of any integrity listens to the WaPoo. Rubin is a hack who lies by omission on every story she writes. She is purely Partisan and ONLY criticized anything Trump. WaPoo tried to trot her out as conservative? Did she write something a decade ago that challenged orthodoxies? If so, comrade Rubin has graduated re-education camp and is now nothing but a blithering idiot, editing the truth to suit her needs. There is too much in this to correct to address individual lies. It is much easier to just shake one’s head and say a prayer for her. She is doing the devil’s work. That is what Rush would do. You know, the racist bigot?

    • It boggles the mind that someone of Rubin’s education could throw together a veritable vegetable soup of lies about both President Trump and Rush Limbaugh. It seems as though she has been infected by the denizens of the swamp and is happily swimming in their rhetoric. I guess she wants to be popular among the leftists and their blinded followers. I don’t understand how she is still alive since the slime you believe in infects not only the mind, but the body. The only thing that will help her is complete immersion in the Bible, a lot of “bleach bit” for the brain, and, finally, to gain understanding of what she has been infected with. I have never been more proud of these two men, in particular, for fighting for what is true and right. Yes, all people have flaws, but those few flaws I see in President Trump and Rush Limbaugh don’t amount to anything except blatant truths they acknowledge in their speech. God bless both men because they are sent at this time in our lives to save our country from the communist shills who claim to be better than most of our country.

      • Cheryl, why do you find this woman credible, to the point of outrage? You hit the nail on the head, when you said that her whole outlook is just a bunch of emotional spin, jealousy, and feminine hurt. Your also right that none of this “whining in the dark Liberalism” will be any help to her when it comes to her Immortal soul. She disdains the Bible, and it’s Gospel of Truth, lying in the fact that she cannot for one second see the bitterness and hatred that she spews with every word she utters. God can indeed forgive her(I know this for certain, using it daily)but she must most importantly ask, and accept this forgiveness which I am doubtful she ever will. We all have flaws(and me most certainly)and each of us must make our own peace with God on this subject. But far be it from me to ever “judge” another human being, when I have such a large log in my eye.

  3. Rubin is mentally deranged. I was a Democrat until Trump ran for office. I voted for President Trump because he ran on the issues that I found to be most important. I will never vote for Democrat again (even at the local level) due to the totalitarian derangement of the left and the fact that the DNC will not denounce these crazy communists that have hijacked their party. The Democratic party has become the Communist party. Our constitution was written to keep us from totalitarianism/communism.

  4. Exactly as was mentioned, they cannot cite a single incident of racism or any of their litany of evil that conservatives are supposedly guilty of.
    The Washington Compost is just too eager to give a big voice to this pathetic individual, who has rarely revealed an original thought.
    That’s OK. We will talk through the ballot box in November, and then we would watch the runs of their devastation all over again, as we did in 2016.
    Trump, the first president in history who dismantled the enemies (yes, that’s you, Democrats, slave owners and KKK members who happen to be mentors to evil people like Hillary Clinton) of this nation.
    A glorious time ahead for this nation, as the eight years of DJT will be followed by forty years of the Trump Dynasty and the expansion of liberty, freedom and unimaginable prosperity all over the planet to all people who previously had no hope of stepping out of a gutter.
    A half a century of pure conservative principles will change the world for centuries to come, and eradicate oppression, slavery, and poverty.
    It will be the part of “…we can keep it” that Benjamin Franklin referred to about our Republic.

  5. It saddens me that Rush should be attacked by
    someone who claimes to be a journalist.
    I don’t think her body of work reflects that she’s a JOURNALIST!

  6. Let’s put this in proper perspective – – – TO QUOTE JENNIFER ” victims of elites. That, in turn, gives them license to unleash bigotry and engage in intolerable, unhinged conduct, all in the name of vindicating themselves from oppression. That mentality of grievance, propagated effectively by Republicans, is nothing more than” – – – and in conclusion (using their own words from the crap Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin has written) just sums up what these brain-dead Dumbocrats have done for years and years. EAT YOUR OWN WORDS JENNIFER !

  7. I used to be a Democrat. When people fling insults at those who disagree with them, they often describe themselves rather than the person they are attacking. Many people will read Rubin’s vicious words and decide that they do not wish to belong to any party that would have her as a member.

  8. Hey goofy, you ever listen to Rush Limbaugh? I have for a # of years and never heard a racist word come out of that man’s mouth. And yes, I’m a white male, but before all you haters out there try to pull the race card on me, know this. I have one grand daughter who is Amerindian from Guatemala, and another who is half black. Soooo…. Take your race card and stuff it where the sun don’t shine.

  9. Jennifer Rubin has the same “dead eyes” and “forked tongue” as the rest of the corrupt propagandists in MSM. She tried to posit herself as being a conservative in an effort to hide her communist ideology. She will most probably be hitting the streets soon, because her career position will be coming to an end with the failure and potential bankruptcy of her organization. It can’t come soon enough for me!

  10. No one believes this BS. The Democratic Coup, including the fake news are ALL corrupt! You jerkwads need to figure out that Trump is “The Peoples President”. You can spew your lies and make up fake stories, but Trumpers DONT BUY IT! We call you out for the LIARS you are!!

  11. You have eloquently and factually described the ideology of the socialist/communist/democrats. It is terrible that so many people have fallen away from the truths of our country or have never been introduced to them. The real reason is that the ungodly have taken over our education system so that our history and the histories of of the world are really no longer taught. I’ve noticed that a lot of the people don’t even have a clue about the Constitution. Patrick Henry expounded upon that in his statement: “The Constitution is not an instrument of the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.” Even quoting a recent democrat before the rogue takeover, President Kennedy, “Ask not what this country can do for you ask what you can do for your country”. It’s sometimes difficult to believe that there are others with the convictions you have shown.

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