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We’ve Seen Trump’s Call Transcripts. Now Let’s See Joe Biden’s.

Under pressure from Democrats, President Donald Trump has now released two full transcripts of his official phone calls with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Congress and the American public can peruse those transcripts at their leisure and determine for themselves if there is anything inappropriate or incriminating in the calls. Trump has shown his cards.

Now, perhaps, it’s time for Joe Biden to do the same.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is pushing the State Department to release transcripts of phone calls then-Vice President Joe Biden held with former Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko in 2016. At issue is whether or not Biden’s zeal to see Ukraine prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired was based on the Obama administration’s adamant opposition to corruption…or because his son, Hunter, sat on the board of Burisma Holdings – a company under investigation by Shokin’s office at the time.

From The Hill:

Graham sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo requesting the documents “to assist in answering questions regarding allegations that Vice President [Joe] Biden played a role in the termination of Prosecutor General [Viktor] Shokin in an effort to end the investigation of the company employing his son.”

Under Graham’s request, he wants the State Department to hand over any documents tied to calls between the former vice president and former Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko, including if Biden brought up an investigation into Burisma, the company where his son, Hunter Biden, was on the board.

Graham also wants any documents related to a meeting between Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s business partner, and then-Secretary of State John Kerry.

Graham’s request comes as he, President Trump and other GOP lawmakers have homed in on Hunter Biden as they’ve sought to push back against the House impeachment inquiry, which is investigating the president’s actions toward Ukraine.

With ample protection from the media (and, of course, his own party) Joe Biden has attempted to make it sound as though it is unacceptable, unethical, and morally wrong to ask questions about his son’s employment with Burisma. As if it is the very height of irresponsibility to wonder if an elected official’s concern over “corruption” is really just a cover for some other sinister motive.

You’d think that Biden would be intelligent enough to see the irony in that position, but no one ever accused Uncle Joe of being the brightest bulb on the tree.

What do you think?

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  1. What do you mean that “now perhaps maybe it’s time to release biden’s phone transcripts of

    his phone calls with Ukraine” when biden was our active US VP

    OH YES, because if President TRUMP is made to reveal his phone transcripts, then biden is no

    better and he transcripts need to be released as immediately as well, without question

    💥💞👍TRUMPence our/his US ReTRUMPlican Lawmakers 2016-2028👍💞💥 successfully US Landslide Reelected assuredly
    Amen& Amen!!!

    • Hal… 100% right on! The *Demoncrats, viciously protect their own….like a mother lioness, protecting her cubs…..”regardless”, of honesty, integrity, right or wrong”……{ That’s THEIR way}….Fairness? That word does not belong in their vocabulary, or daily life transactions! Corruption…..That’s a *Demoncrat thingy! Clinton…{ both of them}….Biden…{ family}…..Obama, all of them….Corruption is the “bread, & butter of their existence! { Just check their life

  2. The impeachment of Trump is nothing but a cover up for Liberals to hide their fraud.
    Did anyone see anything about Pelosi taking money from SS and Medicare to pay for their cost of trying to impeach Trump?
    Is Pelosi starting new Medicare insurance company to hide they are really Obamacare. I don’t want anything to do with Obamacare. it’s worthless. This should be investigated.
    Our drugs needs to be investigated for fraud, people are having more side effects.

  3. Now…{ lately}….Biden, & Obama, are under federal investigation for corruption in Ukraine! { FINALLY!}…..let the bodies “pile-up”, & “burn them when the investigation is complete! Fort Leavenworth, is a “GREAT”, new residence for these Political Perps! Regardless of dishonesty/criminal activity, whatever…..Any Politician, that breaks the law…..{ TRIAL BY JURY, THEN IF GUILTY, UTMOST PENALTY!}….THIS IS THE ONLY CONSTITUTIONAL WAY!….{ NIKE!}….ie Just Do It!

  4. Time for the American taxpayer, normal citizen to witness “FAIRNESS”, in our Constitutional court system! regardless of just how “high”, in politics the person is…..if they break the law…MALE, “OR” FEMALE}……{ & not just feeble non-evidence}….really can prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt……………that “perp”, must pay, the legally inscribed penalty!

  5. Yes, I think it would be very interesting to see Biden’s call records.. and his sons. Something fishy going on there for sure. While we are at it.. lets take a look at Shifty Schiff call records.. I am sure the little rat has some very illegal things to answer for!

  6. Candy, I don’t want to see Biden”s(Joe or Hunter’s)transcripts!!!I want to see the MSM paint them for what they are. I don’t give a damn whether Biden was “withholding” military aid($1.0BILLION)until they fired a good or bad Prosecutor…Why don’t they just let it go? Republicans have ALREADY PROVEN to the American People that the President is NOT GUILTY of anything. Let’s just get this IMPEACHMENT “thing” out of the Democrats hands and get it to the Senate, where we can really investigate and hold a trial. It should have never been started as an inquiry the way the Democrats did. If they really needed, really wanted to Impeach President Trump, they have the votes in the House to do it. They didn’t have to hide, sneak, and leak , “overwhelming evidence” that they had(they didn’t), and they didn’t need to perpetrate lies to bring “legit” Articles of Impeachment(they didn’t) against President Trump(they will, they won’t get passed)because they KNEW that they will never get a removal for President Trump. One thing is for certain, the Democrats are soiling themselves right about now, because the damage they did was to themselves, and somebody is going to fall hard. Adumb Schittf? Fat Jerry Nadless? Nancy Pull-ups? They are NOT going to give this charade to a bunch of snarling mad Republicans who are just aching for revenge for what the Democrats did in the Kavanaugh hearings. And they will not finish until all of these “dogs” have been kicked to the curb. 6 Senators are running for the Democratic Presidential Nomination…how is that not “abuse of power” by them, or at the very least a conflict of interest?

  7. Time to release biden/ obama transcripts with the Ukraine and Obama’s transcripts of phone calls to his buddies at harvard who designed Obama care.

    You stupid ass liberal /democrats started this stupid attack for everything game so let’s see how your golden leaders fair.

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