When Democrats Thwart the Constitution, it’s Called a “Workaround”

For two years now, we’ve been told by our masters in the mainstream media that the presidency of Donald Trump represents an ongoing, shifting, constant constitutional crisis. Whether he’s banning Muslims from the U.S., caging children at the border, or building a wall with his own two hands, Trump’s mustache-twirling villainy is always just one step away from taking the U.S. Constitution and throwing it into the eternal fires of damnation. You’d think, with this constant assault on our nation’s guiding document, we’d be living in a post-apocalyptic dystopia by now. Somehow, we’re trucking along. God knows how!

But it’s interesting, isn’t it? When Trump or the Republicans attempt to do something that might, in one imagined universe or another, be deemed “unconstitutional” (such as pass laws restricting abortion), the media goes into an all-out feeding frenzy. The ACLU files a lawsuit. Constitutional scholars climb out of the woodwork to provide ominous quotes for The New York Times. But when Democrats try to do something that is, by any reasonable observer’s account, an assault on the Constitution, why, it’s just fine. It’s ingenious! It’s a master class in (the good kind of) populism.

Just look how NPR frames this story:

An attempt at an Electoral College workaround is gaining momentum in the Mountain West.

Democrats in Colorado and New Mexico are pushing ahead with legislation to pledge their 14 collective electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote — no matter who wins each state.

The plan only goes into effect if the law passes in states representing an electoral majority. That threshold is 270 votes, which is the same number needed to win the presidency.

Democrats have been stung by the fact that President Trump’s victory marked the second time in five cycles that a Democrat lost the presidency while winning the popular vote. 2016 was the most egregious example, with Hillary Clinton winning 3 million more votes than Donald Trump, but losing the election. It was the largest margin ever for someone who won the popular vote, but lost the Electoral College.

So, because Democrats are upset that Hillary Clinton didn’t win, they’re going to throw our elections process into chaos, ignore the Constitution, and just start doing things however they want to do them. And where, pray tell, are our ominous quotes about what the Founders intended? Where is the hemming and hawing about how this will lead to tyrannical rule of the majority? No, it’s nowhere to be found. We’re told it’s a “workaround.” A cool, perfectly democratic way to make sure the Voice of the People is heard.

How about that.

What do you think?

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  1. This has worked well until one party thought they had a lock on the Presidency. If you take the Electoral College away then you will be giving the large populated states an advantage. Demos try anything to ensure their election. Illegal aliens and doing away with the Electoral College to vote gathering in California. Wake up people Socialism is trying to take over our country.

    • You are absolutely correct. Our fore fathers were right on, they understood that we are a republic not a democracy. Each state is separate and the electoral college was the way to prevent large populated states from taking control of the country. Now the liberals are saying it was a racist statute to protect slavery states. They will do anything to pervert the history of this country. Unfortunately since they do not teach real history in our schools now it is more important that we tell the real history to our children and grandchildren. We need to stop sending our children to excessively liberal colleges like Berkley.

    • YEAH…but really Colorado, and New Mexico are the LOSING States in this ploy by the Democrats…Actually, Hillary Clinton spent a massive fortune in the West and East Coast States while simply ignoring NM and CO…each election cycle, they have wavered on the “we got more Popular votes”…so? Im sure if President Trump had campaigned a little harder in NY and California he could have overcome those pathetic 3 million votes she touts…This bullshit will only prevail as long as it suits the Democrats agenda to “win at all cost” mentality…If the US was ruled by Popular vote then:

      1.Marijuana use in California, NM, CO, OR, WA.etc would all be illegal…
      2.There would already be a 2000 mile fence along the Southern Border…
      3.ABORTION would be illegal in 34 States…
      4.The RESTRICTIVE gun laws would be repealed in 32 States…etc. etc.

      The Democrat/Liberals had better be sure they want what they are asking for when they want a DEMOCRATIC form of Government…they just might not want it as bad as they think they do…hmmmm!!!

      • Great point but if they win by doing away with the electoral college then the president would always be a democrat. An Obama like idiot perpetually that cowardly republicans would let unconstitutional executive order after another prevail. Lib judges would block any obstacles to their socialist agenda as they are attempting to do now. At that point it will take a large scale revolution in which I’m afraid would be American patriots against socialist here and invading nations of communist. It’s hard to understand how dumb or silent people can be on a matter like this.

    • Now they are moving to allow 16 year olds to vote.
      State by State they are passing this rediculas hog wash.


    IF 40% of the population of any given State, then 40% of that States Electoral College Votes goes to THE CANDIDATE they voted for.

    There CAN BE NO “Winner takes all” States!

    And with the following plan EACH STATE should have it’s own Electoral College System in place.

    In EVERY STATE, the RIGHTS of the People in the outlying areas are DENIED and HAVE NO VOTE in choosing Statewide elections such as Governor, Lt governor, Attorney General or even the US SENATORS!

    The large Metro Areas COMPLETELY OVERWHELM the outlying areas.

    For instance, a State with a voting population of 8 million eligible voters and two major metro areas contain 6 million of those voters, with the rest scattered around in small cities and towns ARE NOT Equally Represented.

    State laws are created to benefit the metro dwellers and the expense is shifted to the areas with little to no power.

    Senators to the US Government are remote and have no connection with those disaffected Voters and bow/curtsy only to the big city power brokers.

    EVERY STATE should have a Constitutional Amendment to their Constitution that sets up an Electoral College System. Imagine a State Government that HAS TO TREAT EVERY CITIZEN EQUALLY and FAIRLY!

    It can never happen by popular election because the metro areas will never willingly surrender THEIR POWER over the “little people”.

    It can only happen through EDUCATION and a NATIONWIDE organization to get the project started and keep it moving forward.

    We will need a very large majority of the States groups fighting in the State Courts to get the concept in front of the Supreme Court.


    Colorado currently wants to give 100% of the electoral College votes to the “winner of the nationwide popular vote winner (Including ILLEGAL VOTES and VOTER FRAUD!)

    Please give this your consideration and share with YOUR rural senators and representatives.

    • Just a couple questions – which each state have the same Electoral College guidelines – or would each state create their own? And if each state did there own I fear for California and New York. And would this Electoral College just be used just in state/city elections? We already have a national Electoral College.

  3. The leftist scourge still deny the rampant voter fraud commited in favor of the democraps!!! It was obvious in 2008 ,2016 and the the midterms! They are fooling no one!! Subverting the constitution which they take an oath of office to uphold is or should be considered treason!

  4. Article II of the Constitution states that any state can appoint electors anyway that it wants to. States do not even have to hold elections. They can have the governor choose their electors. Further, Article III of the Constitution states: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” While I personally oppose switching to the popular vote for choosing the president, the scheme hatched by the DNC is constitutional and not treasonous. People of both political stripes are throwing accusations of “treason” around far too liberally.

    • SO… What exactly is your PhD in? What I am hearing from your sound byte is that the PEOPLE are not to be considered in this… Any State can “Appoint Electors any way it wants to…” Would that not require a Vote of the People of the state to “Change the Rules just prior to an election.” Isn’t changing the rules just before an election TAMPERING with the electoral process? Does Tampering with the electoral process invalidate an election?

      So again Barbara, what exactly is your PhD in. Inquiring minds want to know!

  5. So the will and vote of the people of the state is to be disregarded. The large metropolis city/states will determine who is elected. Subverting the founding fathers safeguards and imposing the will of a limited consensus on the nation.

  6. No one ever talks about the last three presidential or four presidential elections that the Democrat president if you want to call and that I call him dictator, wins by 2 to 3,000,000 votes now I find that kind of ironic! I also find it kind of ironic that all these people were coming forward talking about the elections being rigged in their states or your account is and no one’s doing anything about it. This by the Democrat party is a salt on the American people’s right to freedom of its choice of a president, is under siege by the left and has been for 70 years as they pack away and Chipaway at everything this country stands for!

  7. Work around! It’s Democratic fraud!
    I really feel sorry for those of you that call yourself a Democrat. Three decades ago I was a registered Democrat, but felt that the Party was ignoring the Party’s Platform. Remember, “ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country”? Well, I said that many moons ago, and saw silly responses saying that Socialism was already at work, take Social Security.

  8. The democrats are the RACIST one POS soicalist ass mouth democrats I’v ever seen and people that dosen’t understand why or who there voting for .all they hear is there soicalism socialist talk coming out there ass mouth and talking a bunch of horse shit that isn’t true and sadly to be you voters believe that shit so there your just as dum as they are .Our nation wasn’t found on soicalism socialist it found by dreamers that wanted freedom and to make our nation economy grow not to fell .

  9. If you know your history, the same statements were made by states like VA. NY during the writings of the Constitution by our forefathers. The only difference is the number of states with large populations have increased. The whole purpose of the Electoral College is to give each state the opportunity to have some affect on the presidential election regardless of population.

    People need to think, there vote is not being disregarded as it instructs those represented on the Electorate College to vote in accordance to how the people in the state vote. Each state has members on the Electorate College based on their population of “Legal voters”, those with larger population have more members, so each state decides how many of these College members vote for which POTUS based on what the people want, and those College members are suppose to vote accordingly. A lot of Democrat populated states are taking your state out of the equation, by either having a state law where by all the votes go to the winner who gets the most votes regardless of how many is actually cast. ie the difference can be 1 vote and all 20 college members would have to vote for that party.

    Also, that would mean that as few as 12 states in this country could determine who the President of the country is, just because they have large populations and that eliminates a sizable number of states in our REPUBLIC as eliminating state rights. The election of the President of this country is by the people and their states choice. I do not live in CA, or NY, or TX and I do not want my vote dis-guarded in place of an illegal immigrants vote.

    Yes, I believe illegals are voting illegally in this country and I think it is a ploy for Political Power.

  10. “Wake up people Socialism is trying to take over our country.”

    Indeed, the ultimate evil empire our way comes. There is nought concerned American voters can do but thwart each and every one of those far leftists at the poles.

  11. Of course the Dumbocrat/Socialists (Not Patriotic Democrats) are all out to turn Our United States into a Socialist playground where the Bullies take all the Rights away from the citizens !!! Just think for a moment of all the-hit those Creeps have done recently; we are in an all Out Fight to Save Our Nation rather we want to or not because the Dumbocrat?Socialists will if we don’t Believe and thus do nothing !!!

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