When Will Media Call Out Democrats For This (Repeated) Big Lie?

Failing presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke is hoping desperately that it’s not too late to break out of the one-percenters in the Democratic primaries and experience a bit of that Hollywood magic that made his last failed campaign so memorable. So far, he’s had little success. Despite showing a willingness to curse on camera and to call President Trump a white supremacist, the public seems largely “over” O’Rourke and his antics. The only hope he has left is that he can chip away at Joe Biden’s overwhelming lead with African-American Democrats. The plan? To embrace another failed candidate: Georgia gubernatorial loser Stacey Abrams.

In May, O’Rourke said that he would be happy to put Abrams on the ticket as his vice president. When she didn’t jump at that opportunity (not least for the reason that Abrams cannot jump at all), he declared that he would put her in charge of fighting voter suppression in his administration. This, of course, is because Abrams knows more than anyone about said suppression. Because – say it all together now – she was robbed of her rightful victory in Georgia by the winner, Republican Brian Kemp.

Evidence? Nah.

But who needs evidence when you have a mainstream media willing to perpetuate these lies without the slightest scrutiny. Kemp was secretary of state, after all. He was in charge of the election. Therefore, he cheated. Therefore, Abrams is the real governor of Georgia. See, it all makes sense as long as you don’t think about it for more than a half-second. In other words, it’s the perfect liberal conspiracy theory!

“You know,” said an audience member at a recent O’Rourke rally, “Brian Kemp did some very shady shit, basically and, you know, a lot of minorities, me included, who sent in an absentee ballot, my vote was not counted at the last midterm elections so what can you do about that?”

Well, unless O’Rourke is running to be Georgia’s next governor, the answer is nothing. And unless this audience member has proof that his ballot was unfairly rejected…

Oh, wait, none of that matters.

“Because of what you just described we have functionally disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of our fellow Americans but for what you just described Stacey Abrams would be the governor of the state of Georgia right now,” O’Rourke said. “So we see this in every part of United States. Texas, until this last midterm election, ranked fiftieth in voter turnout. Not because we love our democracy less than you do here in Massachusetts, but because we were drawn that way. Not by accident, but by design. Based on your race and your ethnicity.”


It’s just one lie on top of another. We don’t expect the media to put an end to all of this “voter suppression” talk, because, well, we know what we’re dealing with when it comes to these so-called journalists. But for them to continually ignore the fact that there WAS NO CHEATING in the Abrams/Kemp race is unacceptable. No cheating. No suppression. No shady sh*t.

Just a sore loser, her racial politics, and a bunch of Democrats trying to get in good with aggrieved black voters.

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Written by Andrew


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  1. I guess they want everyone to have a good laugh over this one. MSM will never call out the liberal commie democrats for their arrogance and lies. MSM as well as the social media sites, specifically google and Facebook are in bed with the democrats.

  2. All democrats have left to boast about is….nothing. So they resort to lies, deception. Democrats think life is a video game, i.e. 2020 candidates promise to give you anything you want, e.g. immortality, cancer cure, life-time $$$, the moon, Brooklyn bridge, heaven on earth, etc. are just some of the nonsense

  3. Stacey Abrams is a fool , a liar, and a dumb loser. Beto is a fool trying to stay in the news and would align himself with the devil himself if he thought it would get him on the debate stage. He is an idiot from the bottom up!

  4. These people like Abrams are so narssistitic and pure evil. I can smell that bitch through the TV. Pure trash but the evil EU loves her. I can imagine what these THINGS do to children, ain’t pretty that’s a fact. They can’t prevent declass and truth shall finally rule Supreme. They are the walking dead!

  5. Why is the Mainstream Media is tied to the Left with the intent of harming the USA. Many events happening today, a Socialist Controlled House of Representatives, disrespect of the Flag, America’s History, no boarders, and desire to kill babies even after birth is a sign of America’s self destruction.
    In 1963 The Soviet Unions Leader Nikita Khrushchev said America would destroy itself from within, we don’t even have to fire one bullet. Nikita’s prediction appears to be coming to fruition some 50+ years after his famous speech. Obama was an awful president, yet the mainstream media sheltered his ineptness & incompetence. Fortunately the 8 year Obama Nightmare is over, but unfortunately the massive debt he created stayed.
    AND THE MEDIA WERE SILENT! They are controlled by the big banks who favor Socialism/ Globalism/ Communism.

  6. Here are the rules:

    1. If a black political candidate loses an election it is because of his/her race and voter suppression by evil white people …certainly not because of their lack of qualifications.

    2. If a black person is fired from any position at any place of employment it is because they are black…not because they don’t do their job.

    3. If a black person is evicted from/or not rented an apartment, etc it is because they are black and not because they haven’t paid rent for the last six months or they have torn the property to hell and back.

    4. If a black person is arrested it is because they are black and not because they almost killed an entire family as well as police officers in a drive by shooting.

    Thank God we have the liberal left as well as the main stream media and Social media giants to keep us straight on all of this!! Need I say more???

  7. Even the African Americans are beginning to see through the Democrats with their constant non stop hypocrisy and LYING. The people of color have seen their standard of living go up under Trump and DOWN with Obama. Keep informing the “low Information” voters what is REALLY going on so that they will look to conservative voting practices and watch their living standard CONTINUE to go up. The American Opportunity is for EVERYONE under Trump, not just a “privileged few” under the Democrats with their constant “promises” (LIES?) but little return to show for it. Look to the cities being run (into the ground, I might add) by The Democrats . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  8. Racial politics is the lowest form of vote getting . The first thing is you dont get to pick.Im white and there is no privilege the privalege in america is of money the elites in this country sow discourse through so called racism the people of this country need to see whats been going on and reject these socialist democrooks and vote for america

  9. Journalism died here in the USA in 2007, now all we have are Liberal opinions and propaganda.
    What astonishes me most is the Conservatives allow their trash, they watch the TV news and read the NY Times, the Conservatives are too inept to retaliate.

    Wake Up Conservatives before its too late!~~~~

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