White Minneapolis Liberals Vow Never to Call the Police Again

From the “what could go wrong” department, we have this new insanity out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. According to an article from The New York Times, rich white liberals in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood are so determined to be good little anti-racist allies that they are vowing to never call the police again – no matter what.

Someone’s loitering menacingly on their street? Of course they won’t call the cops. Someone breaks into their car? Eh, what’s that compared to hundreds of years of oppressive racism? Someone smashes into your house and rapes your wife? Well, that’s unfortunate, but letting it slide is a small price to pay for your overwhelming white privilege, is it not?

Unsurprisingly, we don’t have to wait to see the result of this idiocy reveal itself. Already, the palatial neighborhood has become overrun by a homeless encampment, drug dealers, addicts, and people suffering from intense mental illness.

“The women agreed to let any property damage, including to their own homes, go ignored and to request a block party permit from the city to limit car traffic,” reports the Times. “Rather than turn to law enforcement if they saw anyone in physical danger, they resolved to call the American Indian Movement … which had been policing its own community locally for years.”

One woman admitted to the Times that the resolution against calling the police has its downsides. She can, for instance, no longer take her children to the local park because it is “not safe” due to all of the illicit activity.

Another (male) resident actually felt compelled to issue a mea culpa because he called the police in a moment of weakness. He told the paper that, even though he was the victim of an attempted carjacking-by-gunpoint, he shouldn’t have called the police on the two teenage black teens.

“Been thinking about it,” he texted the Times. “I regret calling the police. It was my instinct but I wish it hadn’t been. I put those boys in danger of death by calling the cops.”


It is not news to us that sometimes white liberals can get themselves into trouble by not clearly thinking about the realities of the world. What comes to mind first is a white couple who decided to bicycle their way through ISIS territory a few years back, only to wind up beheaded by the terrorists. So, yeah, you’re always going to have stupid people doing stupid things.

But this? This isn’t just a couple of stupid people. We’re afraid this is some kind of…mass insanity. This is true, cult-like behavior. And given how many white people we see supporting the “Defund/Abolish the Police” movement, we have to accept the fact that it goes well beyond this one Minneapolis neighborhood. We’re not even sure what the cure is for this kind of fundamental stupidity. If having your park taken over by derelict criminals isn’t enough to convince you that you’ve made an error in judgment, what would?

No exaggeration – we’re standing at a really, really dangerous moment in our nation’s history. And we’re getting less confident by the day that we’re going to make it through to the other side intact.

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Written by Andrew


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  1. I am wondering if that Lib having second thoughts about calling police when 2 black teens attempted to hi-jack him, if he would have had the same thoughts while lying in his casket at his funeral. Does stupid automatedly come with being a Liberal?

  2. Hahahaha!!!!! Guess we will see just how long they can last, won’t we. The first time someone has a break in, let’s see how they handle it. I hope every single last one of these idiots pay in one form or another for their utter stupidity. Of course I don’t want anyone to die, but that might happen because they are too dumb to realize just how they are putting their lives, and those of their family, in the hands of hardened criminals!

  3. I assume that the real white people in that community all have really big guns and large lots they can bury people in after they have shot them for attacking them.

  4. A man’s home is his palace. Let us see how long it takes for the criminal element to start moving into the homes of some of the self-righteous pompous elitist white privileged I’m sorry I’m white assholes to wake up, They may put up with the urinating, crapping and camping on their lawns but what are they going to do when those with a criminal mindset decide to move in and toss them out of their castle. As my grandpappy used to say DUMBKOFS.

  5. How heroic and woke of them! In order to give them the recognition they deserve and crave I think we should publish their names and addresses, especially those who also support gun-free zones. It’s certain that “society” will quickly “reward” them for their newfound commitment. This will give the police time to track down real crimes like arresting those accused of hate speech by wearing a MAGA hat! Leftists must be overjoyed in their feelings of utopia and superiority with this proclamation.

  6. OMG. How stupid can you get?? 🤡 They should just kill themselves. Seriously, that would be better than being raped and tortured. Hell, why don’t they just leave the front door open and let the riff raff c’mon in and help themselves to everything?? They can put a sign outside that says, FREE STUFF and even have a Barbecue for the savages.

  7. most liberals dont believe in guns either. we will see how that works out. Lots of good ad material for Trump 2020

  8. So, at least two white liberals (it had to be at least two to pluralize) said this…and you make it into a big thing to sell an article. Shame on you for your fake news.

    • Your wrong. A matter of fact there are some people that live in that neighbor hood that are totally against this but what are they to do. They can’t just move and give up their home, which some may have to do just that. No one is going to buy their home so putting it up for sale is out. They will have to call the police which will then make them targets, their children and couple has been threatened and their dog. They were told they would be killed. They have armed themselves with guns.

  9. Well, that didn’t take long, DID IT ? MR. PRESIDENT, take out their looters, anarchists, and terrorists, for they are a threat to all of America.


  11. Almost as stupid as the liberal leaders………. Get their names and when they do call, don’t go…l. No that would be the way the damn dem libs would do it…… Idiots!!!!!!

  12. When are we going to stop the BS We are a Christian country basically. Let us allow God to be mentioned in school, salute the flag without some asshole whining and interfering with our rights. Tell them to stand respectful by and shut up or get out and find another school or go back where they came from- where they would’ve been arrested or killed. This is our country let’s reclaim it now in 2020.

  13. NOW THAT IS ABOUT AS “BLIND as a Bat Backing into a Blizzard!” Someone has no more sense than would fill the left eye of a blind spider, when they make STUPID, and IGNORANT comments like that! To think that evil wicked mankind would actually do what was right w/out being made to do so all the time! Jeremiah 17:9 KJV

    • Sorry to tell you this Bruce but spiders do not have a left eye and a right eye. They have multiple eyes. Look at the picture of one.

  14. Question: What is the most dangerous animal to mankind walking the earth?
    Lion? No.
    Tiger? No.
    Bear? No.
    Upper middle class white liberal? Most definitely YES!!!!!

  15. They’ve just given all looters and thugs carte blanche to attack them, destroy all that they have and steal everything they can get their hands on. The first thing that should happen is that all the politicians supporting and calling for defunding of the police department, therefore betraying and putting all their constituents in jeopardy, should have all security removed from them and certainly, as it’s been reported, taxpayers should not be paying for their security which was last reported to be $63,000. These politicians and also support their treasonous decisions have to be held accountable for everything including all the violence perpetrated against their constituents

  16. Please post your names and addresses. I will have a truck over in a day or so to pick up your stuff before it is all stolen. This is really nice of you to donate everything you own including your kids and wife. Do they know that you just sacrificed them to the alter of “WOKE”? Or, are you arming yourself so you can be an internal army on your property? Every kid now has his/her/it’s own gun and everyone takes a turn on the wall? Your neighborhood will be very peaceful once there is nothing left to steal. Just keep in mind, that everything is not enough. Once you are under their control, you become their property. I don’t chose this path, but feel free to condemn your own family.

  17. That’s an easy request to grant. Just have all those liberals not wanting police protection place their names, addresses and phone #’s in the police data ban mark it —

    Do not provide aid or resuscitate.

  18. No way should taxpayers be paying for private security because they reject police protection. Surely the private security don’t carry guns or other similar weapons . How exactly are they able to protect them against “death threats”? It would be very interesting to see how this works out after 30 days of crisis teams and similar methods. Domestic calls are some of the most dangerous calls police respond to. The general population is becoming so angry and frustrated that it is like a bomb ready to explode and I’m afraid it will any day in many places now.

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