Whoopi Goldberg: Pulling “Gone With The Wind” Is a Bit Much

A comprehensive chronicle of all the stupid opinions Whoopi Goldberg has espoused over the last five years would fill a pretty thick volume, but she’s still smarter than you’re average dumb liberal pundit. Goldberg rules “The View” with an iron fist of left-wing idiocy, for instance, but she’s still far more reasonable than the likes of Joy Behar. If liberalism is a spectrum of confused, phony ideology, Whoopi is at least closer to someone like Bill Maher than someone like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Which means, at least occasionally, she can be counted on to scoff at some of the left’s overreaching nonsense.

So it happened this week after HBO pulled “Gone With the Wind” from their digital library and the Paramount Network canceled the long-running “Cops” TV show. As much as she identifies with and supports the racial protests, Goldberg said that going after classic movies and hit television shows would open up a ridiculously-deep can of worms.

“Personally I think if you put things in a historical context — because if you start pulling every film … you’re going to have to pull all of the blaxploitation movies because they’re not depicting us the right way,” said Goldberg. “That’s a very long list of films.”

Goldberg said that providing some historical context might strike a balance between censorship and offensiveness.

“If you put, before you show the film: Listen, this was shot when things were different, and we don’t, you know, we don’t do this anymore, that’s what — you have to put something in context, and I think with ‘Cops,’ listen, if you balance the people you arrest — if you arrested everybody, if you make it widespread — white people, yellow people, brown people. If everybody’s getting arrested, you can have ‘Cops.’ It just feels like it’s a whole bunch of black people all the time. I’m just saying,” she said.

Well, we haven’t watched “Cops” in quite a while, but we’re pretty sure we remember hearing years ago that the producers were very careful to do just that. Maybe that never came to fruition on the show, but then again, the racial agitators who pushed for its cancellation would probably remain irate even if the show moved to portray black people as only 1% of the criminal population.

But other than that, Goldberg is certainly demonstrating a degree of critical thinking completely absent from the American conversation right now. Perhaps it’s no surprise that the actress herself is a known collector of racist memorabilia from the early 1900s. She knows that to brush history under the carpet is to risk repeating it.

It’s too bad that hers is a minority opinion among the statue-destroying, censoring fascists of the New Left.

What do you think?

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  1. And how does a black woman play the ghost of a white guy??????????
    Whoopi has this one kind of right……for a left winger……

  2. A “bit” much? We passed “a bit much” just after the first brick was thrown through the first window, just after the first fire was set, just after the first innocent was killed by vicious, violent, savage terrorist rioters. Sorry “Whoopi”. “A bit much” just doesn’t cut it. If you can’t be adult and truthful, keep your damned mouth shut. Just sayin’.

  3. Thank you, Whoopi, for being the adult in the room. We seldom agree on much, but I respect your opinion when it comes to explaining to me what it means to be Black. Thank you.

  4. This thing would be laughable if it weren’t so sad, black or I should say some blacks think there free zone
    Is something new declaring themselves a free country.well I think you wise people tried that before it was called
    Secession how did that work seems like it was called THE CIVIL WAR YOU IDIOTS
    I will never believe there are cops black or white that go to work thinking I hope I can find someone to kill today
    Average pay 32,000 a year would you get out there and risk your life at 2 AM for that and while we’re on that
    Let’s do away with the police so when we call 911 at 2am because someone is breaking in. The operator says that number has been disconnected. But just remember there is more of us than all of you and we have more guns than you and the locks on our doors are to protect
    You not us so keep going and you are going to wake a sleeping giant !!!!! Just saying

  5. Hey whoopee. you got want you were asking for, now don’t get upset if the correction doesn’t fit in your narrative, because it won’t! Unfortunately, a lot of blood is going to get spilled to correct what is happening in this country! Don’t blame anything or anybody until you’ve looked deeply into a mirror! You should be ashamed of yourself, but you won’t, because you are too stupid!!!

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