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Why is DOJ Hiding the Document That Started the Trump/Russia Case?

A few months ago, when it was becoming obvious to anyone who wasn’t a dyed-in-the-wool member of the anti-Trump “Resistance” that the so-called Steele dossier was a phony piece of political propaganda that had no business being ANY part of a government investigation, the FBI came up with an extraordinary new tale.

It turns out, the liberal media told us, that it actually WASN’T the dossier that formed the basis of the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign. No, no, see, this all started when a Trump lackey named George Papadopoulos started running his mouth to the Australians about Russia having some dirt on Hillary Clinton. So, you see, it doesn’t really matter if the dossier is real or not.

You know, even though we used it to secure foreign surveillance warrants against a U.S. citizen in the middle of a presidential campaign.

Okay, fine, said House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes. The Department of Justice and the FBI are telling The New York Times and anyone else who will listen that the investigation started earlier and had nothing to do with this unsourced, unverified dossier (bought and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign). Cool. But how’s about you send us the documentation, just so we know for sure, eh?

And strangely enough, Nunes has yet to get an unredacted version of that document.

“On March 14, 2018, committee investigators were given access to a still heavily redacted version of the EC, which — as I informed Director Wray the next day via phone — was unsatisfactory,” Nunes wrote in a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray and DOJ Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein this week. “The document in question is not highly classified, and law enforcement sources have apparently not been shy about leaking to the press information that the [Justice Department] and [FBI] refuse to share with Congress.”

To no one’s surprise, House Democrat Adam Shill, er, Schiff, released a statement criticizing Nunes’s attempts to simply get the truth out of our nation’s law enforcement agencies.

“With their most recent letter, the majority is continuing, and indeed ramping up, their counterinvestigations solely designed to attack the FBI and DOJ in an effort to undermine Robert Mueller and protect the president at all costs,” Schiff said. “This may suit President Trump, but it is a grave disservice to the country and our law enforcement and intelligence agencies.”

Schiff, if it is a “grave disservice” for the head of the House Intelligence Committee to demand proof that the FBI’s investigation into Trump did NOT, in fact, originate with a dossier that you know damn well isn’t worth the paper it was printed on, then something is very wrong with your concept of justice. If the FBI and the DOJ have nothing to hide, then what’s the problem?

Man, some people are going to have a long way to fall when all of this comes out in the wash.

What do you think?

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  1. The Dems. are terrified that President Trump will succeed and become one of the BEST presidents in History and it will show the people of America, that a GOOD business man and NOT a politician can do a MUCH better job of running the country. If President Trump succeeds, the Dems. fail and it will be a country FOR the People and NOT for the Government.

    • Mueller never had a case! He is a hack Politician that came is with a known Manufactured evidence he helped put together! He Failed! Now he has done the same and he will fail! Pandora’s box has opened! The Republicans must start taking the lead Sessions must allow a special council and they must take Muellers Page! And bring the American. reckless criminal gastapo’s To Justice once and for all or USA is no better than a rogue country with out laws! I pray for justice! God is bigger then Evil !

  2. The department of justice is a threat to freedom loving Americans. You could not get the truth out of anyone in the FBI, DEA, CIA, NSA, IRS, or any other government agency that is identified by a three letter acronym. All of these agencies has conspired with Obama, Hillary & Bill, and the Democratic party to try and unseat a President who was the choice of the American people to lead our country. If their main objective ever comes to fruition there will be a blood bath in our country. It matters not whether Mueller, Comey, or whoever is able to make their false narrative seem to be the truth, the American people will not stand for a coup on our soil.

  3. THAT question is EASY to answer…Several “deep state” COMMUNISTS in high places attempting to cover their corrupt BUTTS. (and protect hitlery, oscumbag and their “minions” at the same time.) Because if THEY go down the “dominoes” will begin to fall one after another.

  4. You keep saying that the “Steel Dossier” to phony but so far no element of it has been disproven. I especially likes the golden showers pictures with Trump giggling and squirming while being pissed on by Russian whores. What a spectacle.

    • I have a lot of swamp land to sell if you believe these are real ? Neither of these have been shown to be remotely true with facts. But even if they were what difference would it make?

    • “no element of it has been disproven” – misses the point and is a completely worthless statement. For the FBI to use it to obtain a FISA warrant, the FBI has to confirm the validity of the information. It has to be proven. By their own admission, they knew some of it was not true and they were suspicious of the rest. That was not how they presented it to FISA.

  5. Good god here we have the DOJ,FBI,CIA and the State department are trying their best to stonewall congress which in real terms means they do not want to share this information with the American people who should be entitled to the truth once and for all since basically we are their bosses. They get their salaries from hard working American tax payers and all their perks which adds up really fast. When these entities choose to ignore and not comply to, subpoenas issued by the congress who as, one of their jobs is over site over these departments it is a travesty of justice by any one’s standards. I would love to see Rosenstein roast for the obvious bias he has shown right along with his good buddy Mueller. Who by now should just come to work in a witches costume along with the flying broom and I am a lady so will not say exactly where that broom handle should be placed.

  6. They are trying to stop the exposure of high ranking government officials including Obama for the public to see. Probably several heads will roll and some hefty jail sentences applied to the guilty

  7. none of it has been proven either. I would hazard a guess that there are still corrupt traitors still in the department leadership.

  8. Makes one wonder who are in this document –that they don’t want the people to know. We have Mid-term coming and I guess some people just might be voted out of office—FIN- NET-O IN OTHER WORDS. Nothing like protecting the guilty.! They are trying real hard to drag this out, and protect their cheating hearts.!!! What a laugh.!!

  9. Get a warrant by a federal judge that those FISA files have to be turned over to Congress unredacted and if they do not charge, the FBI leaders with obstruction of justice and disobey a court order and send the FBI leadership in jail until they comply!!! THe FBI thinks like Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party that they all are above our laws and jai time will “cure that”!!…..

  10. George Herbert Walker Bush’s daddy Senator Bush collaborated with Nazi’s and former SS members to launder their gold through his NY bank. Does anyone seriously think that the pollys have changed in only two generations?

  11. The DOJ does not stand for Department of Justice it stands for DemocRATs obfuscate Justice! They do not care about justice, they care about mixing things up enough so that we do not charge Hillary with anything and that they muddy the waters enough as to make people wonder if maybe President Trump did something wrong. Even though they know that President Trump did not work with the Russians to steal the election. He didn’t have to because Hillary was a terrible candidate who ran an awful campaign, so there was no need to do anything. He won the election fair and square. And yet they are STILL trying to claim otherwise!

  12. THERE was voting fraud every where. Muslims in Chicago area tried to get hundreds of Refugees citizenship documents before election.
    Los Angeles, CA they had hundreds of people in COUNTY office giving them citizenship papers.
    Many people bussed to several precincts to vote. Dead people, Military votes not counted
    I think we need ICE close to precincts.
    We need a CHANGE of government in CA. I don’t think anyone became Governor’s or any Office legally.

  13. Adam Schiff I guess likes to act like an incompetent ass. Congress has over site of the FBI and DOJ and that is the checks and balance that is there to protect the country If documents are asked and not given in a reasonable time frame impeach the jerks because if they were not trying to hide something they would turn the documents over. The people in the over site committee have top secret clearance. Schiff, Holder. Lynch, and many people in the FBI should be impeached and fired and if they did something wrong the people of this country should not have to pay for there criminal activity and they should be stripped of there retirement and health care. That is the only way you will clean this deep state up.

  14. I don’t think Shiff-less is acting like an incompetent ass, he is an incompetent ass. I heard a comment on the radio last night that he has apparently entered the witness protection program, since he and his ilk could not come up with anything to really refute the info released by the committee headed by Gowdy.

  15. Why ? Because they will do ANYTHING to destroy Trump even if they have to bring down the nation to do it ! We have a virtually nonfunctional FBI, DOJ and NSA thanks to our elected officials in BOTH political parties and an American population who allowed them to get away with it !

  16. Fire Rosenstine Mueller and Sessions, tell Schumer to do anything he wants to do.
    The liberal scum are trying to start civil war personally, I’m ready for it. anything that allows me to shoot liberal dem bloodsuckers legally

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