WikiLeaks Ally: Democrat Emails Were Leaked, Not Hacked


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  1. эмульсия адвантан инструкция Why, if Russia has been hacking U.S. systems, to hack into anyone’s emails, would they have not been hacking into Hillary Clintons emails when she was using her personal sever????
    Russia most likely had copies of the secret emails the moment Hillary sent them but they have kept it a secret until they need to use the information. Time will tell – BUT – it is nonsense to think any country hacking any of our government systems would not be hacking Clintons as well – – suggesting Hillary’s illegal server and the Secret information she was leaking out on it was NOT HACKED is just another Smoke Screen from the White House and Hillary Clinton!
    Even Obamas forceful and emphatic “Stop it” to the Russians must have brought a lot of laughs from Russia and the rest of the world! Sure shows how little authority, power or influence Obama word carries.
    Maybe it is because Russia did hack into her server and DID obtain copies of the “Significant and Highly Classified” information Hillary was sending out and they did not want to let it be known they know have those secrets – – OR MAYBE, as most people in the U.S. and the rest of the world know Hillary as a habitual liar, Russia felt anything she has to say is a lie anyway so why bother with her emails!