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WikiLeaks Ally: Democrat Emails Were Leaked, Not Hacked


U.S. officials claim that they have incontrovertible evidence tying election hacks to the highest levels of the Russian government, but an associate of WikiLeaks says that’s baloney. Craig Murray, a former British ambassador and a close friend of WikiLeaks head honcho Julian Assange, said this week that not only were the Russians a scapegoat for the hacks, the emails actually weren’t “hacked” at all!

In comments to the UK’s Daily Mail, Murray said that the emails from the Democratic National Committee and John Podesta’s server came to WikiLeaks from a “disgusted” Democratic Party whistleblower, not the Kremlin.

“Neither of [the leaks] came from the Russians,” Murray said. “The source had legal access to the information. The documents came from inside leaks, not hacks.”

Murray said the insiders were not motivated by any love for Donald Trump, unlike what some intelligence officials believe. He said they were inspired by “disgust at the corruption of the Clinton Foundation and the tilting of the primary election playing field against Bernie Sanders.”

Oh, what’s this? A completely believable, grounded theory on the hacks? Gee, what to think, what to think…

Now we have two stories. Which one should we put our faith in? Should we believe that Vladimir Putin somehow pulled off the geopolitical feat of the century right under the noses of the world’s most extensive intelligence network? Or should we believe that some righteously angry Anonymous-wannabe sent WikiLeaks the emails because they were upset about Sanders not getting his due? Think back to the primaries and see which of these theories makes more sense.

Murray’s record isn’t spotless; the Daily Mail report reminds readers that he was fired from his ambassadorship under controversial circumstances. Nevertheless, his comments echo those made earlier in the year by Assange himself. The story all along has been that the emails originated with a disgruntled Democratic Party staffer.

Perhaps Russia did play a role in the hacks. It won’t be long before we all know for certain what they did and what their motivations were for doing so. In the meantime, though, Democrats are trying to make it sound like Trump and Putin colluded behind the scenes on these cyberattacks. They can’t come right out and make that accusation, but it lurks behind every single one of these stories. They are waging a propaganda war right now, and we should not accept anything on “their say so.”

When you have some evidence, let us know. Until then, start treating Trump with the same respect you extended to every other president-elect in American history.


  • The young democratic operative, that was found dead, on the streets of Washington DC, paid for his sins, by being killed by the democratic machine, he’s the one that was sending the e-mails to wiki leaks. The whole democratic machine is very dirty, thru and thru. You don’t rally have a brain or soul if you are a democrat.

    • raygun

      AMEN !!!

    • DAVID

      More of the Clinton crime machine.

    • Ask

      One can easily determine this by the emails that came to light. Some democrat fool said if this happened to Trump affect would be the same. HA! NEWSFLASH! Trump doesn’t have such stupid emails. HILLARY emails pissed off Bernie, Bernie supporters, they cast light on people and activities that are not acceptable. HILLARY is not acceptable.

    • Michelle Castleberry

      I agree completely and now that all of the Demoncrats have failed at their attempt to overturn the election they are trying hard to put us in war with Russia and Obummer can remain King of his throne. This is such a dangerous game they are playing with Russia.

    • Its a fact that the DEMOCRATIC machine is crooked and evil and attempts to take over our government. Voting machines can’t be hacked in any effective manner to change a national vote. But workers at the polling places do a lot of fraud by stashing many extra paper votes, and changing voting results. In Philadelphia, precincts with about 100,000 registered voters would have, say 140,000 votes, ALL FOR DEMOCRATS. Something has to be done to insure that only registered voters can vote and vote only one time during the election period. Otherwise, the big scare like we almost had this time (a stolen election from hard working Americans) will be a reality. That is why I will likely never vote for a Democrat again, although my dad and mom were Democrats and I was one. BUT NEVER MORE FOR THOSE ANTI-DEMOCRACY DEMOCRATS.

  • I believe the last story they were leaked right here in the United States Of AMERICA. RUSSIA IS INNOCENT.

    • raygun

      AMEN !!!

  • Arizona Don

    That makes considerably more sense then hacking. There were several million disgruntled democrats who supported Bernie Sanders and the democratic party stole the election from him through underhanded tactics. Consequently, there were bound to be some disgruntled supporters within the party who would expose what they knew. However, the voters had a right to know what the democrats did. The democrat party is corrupt to the core and Americans are beginning to see that. It is so corrupt it is becoming doubtful if they will even survive. It will be the clintons who will take them down. Kind of fitting it seems.

  • Attilathehun

    The fact that the lame stream media is promoting the Russian hacking narrative is reason enough for me to go with the insider leak theory.

  • Donald Rowe

    I don’t actually know which story to believe, but, as the last theory suggested, does it seem more likely that the Russians pulled off this monstrous feat of hacking probably the most hacking conscious system in the known world, or is it more likely that some disgruntled Democrat, with access to party information such as the emails, could have shuffled them over to the Republican’s servers or wherever that sort of info would go, to sort of thwart the efforts of the Democrats? Personally, I’d lean in favor of the latter, but, unless we’re in the level of the folks that can do this sort of stuff, we’ll never really know for sure.

    • Leaking is the access of information one is not privy to. Hacking is the access into a computer and changing/deleting/adding information. The DNC and RNC were leaked. The voting precinct machines (thousands) were not hacked by anyone in any way that is beyond the margin or error. SO THE ELECTION WAS NOT CHANGED BY HACKING. Democrats in the DNC leaked information about the corruption that made Bernie Sanders lose to Hillary. Democrats have made this known, and they are really angry at the DNC. The Russians can obtain leaks, and can likely hack some computers, but the fraud at the DNC was rather massive tampering with the large number of voting machines to assure Hillary a substantial victory.

  • raygun

    And the TRUTH comes out, finally. The Ruskie Gate paranoid FAKE NEWSIES have been at it, again. The demowits have pulled their final trick from their commie hat. Anything else would be out right revolution, which they would lose, again. Desperation always brings out the worst in human nature. Lies, tantrums, fits of rage, protest, riots ….. it reminds me of the radical ’60s where commies captured our young innocent minds and corrupted them. Go TRUMP.

  • No SURPRISE!!! From Obama and his administration, or the Clinton machine – both the most corrupt individuals in our fed. gov’t IN OUR HISTORY. the fact that they STILL have any followers, indicates either the level of stupidity due to lib schools and media, or those who participate and benefit from the corruption.

  • Isn’t it amazing and typical! The liberals need someone to blame for their loss and like always are more interested in “killing the messenger” than the fact that those messages were true and revealing the corruptness of the democrat party. They have no actual “proof” of how their revealing information became public so they make up another “story”. Sounds like another Bengazi. Waiting to hear hillary with her “what difference does it make”?

  • aschark

    Hillary was warned, by the person who set up her server, in 2009 that someone was hacking her personal server, and did it 2 or 3 times. I guess she changed her password, and everything was OK. Just wondering if her email was hacked when Ambassador Stevens asked for more security in Benghazi, and was refused. Remember when the US got caught eavesdropping Germany’s Merkel’s cell? If we can do it, don’t you think the others are doing it? The Dems are fighting for their future, because, on day 1 of Trump’s inauguration, his Attorney General might put out an investigation on a LOT of people, including Obama. That explains the desperation.

  • Duane

    I find it amazing that the White House is so ready to claim that the Russians were tapping into democratic party emails to ruin their chance at the White house – – – BUT – – at the same time they will swear Hillary Clintons emails were never hacked! That makes about as much sense as saying a burglar took a dollar form the same cash register that a had a hundred dollars in the same drawer!
    Why, if Russia has been hacking U.S. systems, to hack into anyone’s emails, would they have not been hacking into Hillary Clintons emails when she was using her personal sever????
    Russia most likely had copies of the secret emails the moment Hillary sent them but they have kept it a secret until they need to use the information. Time will tell – BUT – it is nonsense to think any country hacking any of our government systems would not be hacking Clintons as well – – suggesting Hillary’s illegal server and the Secret information she was leaking out on it was NOT HACKED is just another Smoke Screen from the White House and Hillary Clinton!
    Even Obamas forceful and emphatic “Stop it” to the Russians must have brought a lot of laughs from Russia and the rest of the world! Sure shows how little authority, power or influence Obama word carries.
    Maybe it is because Russia did hack into her server and DID obtain copies of the “Significant and Highly Classified” information Hillary was sending out and they did not want to let it be known they know have those secrets – – OR MAYBE, as most people in the U.S. and the rest of the world know Hillary as a habitual liar, Russia felt anything she has to say is a lie anyway so why bother with her emails!

  • deerflyguy

    It’s high time that the people of this country start using their heads for better purpose than to nod in agreement to every media pundit, or Hollywood brainless wonder! Certainly not blindly believe elected officials! Think, people, think! What makes sense is usually the real truth! It’s not that hard to distinguish fact from fiction.

  • Nathan C Clark

    All these wrinkled old politicians . scrounging for CRUMBS (money , power) like seagulls . Don’t they realize that this life is almost over and the day of accounting for there deeds draws near. FOOLS , Repent from your wicked ways ,accept Yeshua/Jesus as your SALVADOR and LIVE . Or refuse to humble yourselves and SUFFER ETERNAL SEPARATION from GOD . (really bad idea)

  • McFerguson

    The democrat party is a rat’s nest of corruption and dishonor. It’s far more likely a disgruntled democrat socialist dropped a dime on the DNC because of what happened to that poor schnook, Bernie Sanders.

  • The Maeven

    The Dems false flags abound. I will say right now that Elizabeth Warren should be impeached for her false communist rhetoric, her attempts to subvert the will of the American people, and her lies. Let Pocohontas fall flat on her lying face, along with Schumer, Cummongs, McConnell and Ryan. Enough is more than enough. Time for the malcontents to just STFU and let us get on with making America great again. I wonder if it’s possible for 2018 to end up with No rinos or Dems left in the Congress. I would be delighted to make America Great again, sans lying commie asswipes!

  • Wildmann

    The Damned Dems risked a Nuke War with Russia to Cover their B/S! Disband and Bar the Dem Party from the U.S.A.!

  • Wildmann

    The Dems. risked a Nuke War with the Russkies to Hide Their Corruption! It can’t get Worse than THAT! Disband And Bar the Dem Party in the U.S.A.

  • Potter

    You folks are delusional. You’d believe that somebody said that somebody said that an anonymous person (who somehow had “legal” access to both the DNC and John Podesta’s email accounts and was later killed by the dems,) before you would believe the opinions of 17, count em, 17 investigative agencies. Wow.

  • David R Vranish

    This line of thought makes more sense than any other. All of the Podesta e-mails were so fast, someone would have had to leak them. They all stopped when the guy was found shot to death!