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Wow: Poll Says Only 34% of Voters Know That Hillary Paid for Dossier

According to a new poll from Scott Rasmussen, only 34% of American voters are aware of the fact that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee paid for the Steel dossier during the 2016 election.

That is a phenomenal figure. And the reason it’s so phenomenal is that this was a huge revelation. This dossier, which spurred 1,000 conspiracy theories, arguably set the course for the Russia investigation, and certainly formed the basis for at least one set of foreign surveillance warrants…is nothing more than opposition research trash! And only 34% of voters know that?

Let’s put it this way: If it were discovered that the entire Hillary Clinton email scandal had been based around a memo written by Rudy Giuliani or Steve Bannon, how many Americans would now be aware of that? 95%? On the low end? The media would have trumpeted that up one side of The New York Times and down the other side of CNN for a year straight. Funny how that same media never thought it was particularly newsworthy to report that Christopher Steele’s infamous dossier was the product of Clinton cash. So very funny.

Given that this is apparently such a secret, we were surprised to read the other poll result, which is that 64% of voters think the FBI knew the dossier was phony when they used it to secure those warrants against Carter Page. How you would even know that much with the way the media has spun this story, we’re not sure. But that’s at least evidence that some truth gets through even when the powers-that-be do everything they can to obstruct it.

Of course, this is all water under the bridge for the Democrats. Post-Mueller, they’re trying to pretend that this whole Russian Collusion story was just a bad dream. Now they only want to talk tax returns, obstruction of justice, and the many evils of William Barr. Collusion? Who ever said anything about collusion? Oh, that was just Trump’s propaganda. We never said he was in league with the Russians, how preposterous!

That the Russian Backlash has not yet hit the Democrats in the polls is astounding to us, but we expect it’s the same factor that explains the 34% figure above. If the media paints a picture, most Americans are going to buy it, no matter how idiotic it is. Trump’s 2016 victory is proof that the media’s picture can be overcome, but the fact that Democrats are not constantly having to defend their participation in this hoax is proof that it’s still a huge mountain to climb.

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  1. This information shows how well the Democrats and RINOS control the False News / Media. It is hard to get the truth through this maze when those who need to hear it are stone deaf to anything negative about their Party.

      • Who paid for the Dossier:

        During the Republican primaries, a research firm called Fusion GPS was hired by The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative website, to unearth potentially damaging information about Mr. Trump. The Free Beacon — which was funded by a major donor supporting Mr. Trump’s rival for the party’s nomination, Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida — told Fusion GPS to stop doing research on Mr. Trump in May 2016, as Mr. Trump was clinching the Republican nomination.

        After Mr. Trump secured the nomination, Fusion GPS was hired on behalf of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign and the D.N.C. by their law firm, Perkins Coie, to compile research about Mr. Trump, his businesses and associates — including possible connections with Russia. It was at that point that Fusion GPS hired Mr. Steele, who has deep sourcing in Russia, to gather information.

  2. Democrats and the media are joined at the butt! This is why the nation is so screwed up because the liberals refuse to wake up and be human about Trump being our duly elected President!

    • We can all acknowledge that Trump, sadly… is our president. But, being ‘human’ about Trump also acknowledges that he’s a narcissistic, soul-less, corrupt, pathological liar and fraud. No one needs the media to determine that. The light will ferret out this cockroach… and you’ll still not get it. To quote your hero… “Sad”.

      • I agree with Narcissistic and Pathalogical…. Not sure you can be President without being a bit Narcissistic. Killary would of been more of a Freudian narcissist which just added to the stench of her being Pres. The guys a Pathalogical worker for the people.( Thats not you…Your the group). Now as far as your hate Jargon….thats all it is flatulent hate…….You may want to wait for the AG’s investigation to be done before you hastily bash a man that is leading this country out of OBummer hell.
        Like every otjer Trump Basher you did not give us any evidence of fraud nor evidence of him lieing. No names No evidence No dates No Times No documents no emails no texts no phone conversations….Nothing Nada Zilch on The POTUS. I wonder why that is.

  3. Poll Says Only 34% of Voters Know That Hillary Paid for Dossier
    this polling is very deceptive

    let’s truthfully change that 34% into 96% of Us US citizens believe & know that hillary clinton

    paid for & orchestrated her deceptive dossier

    to blame President TRUMP for her long time political & criminal sins

    and force him to try and be impeached & imprisoned

    though none of this happened!!!

  4. I don’t know how many times I have to say this. Eliminate career politicians by DEMANDING LIMITS on Congressional terms. Once this is achieved the American people will have eliminated approximately 95% of our problems with government Idiocy. Get rid of these lazy ass parasites that only do what they think will assure them reelection. Wake up America before it’s too late. And the bend over and kiss your country goodbye is on the horizon, if we continue to allow career politicians to run our country

  5. So 66 % of the country are a dump as AOC. not surprised. They inhabite communist onclavs of MN, NY and CA, WA, OR, NM. Thank the founders for the collage

  6. Hard to believe!
    It’s out there, and if the media was honest, there would be less than 5 percent not knowing that Hilarly paid for it!

  7. The reason is that you’re never going to hear anything negative about her or her fellow Dems on the bought-&-paid-for MSM.

  8. Sad and disgusting. No way to know how the uninformed have no clue. They are a big part of the low-info voters that continue to elected the same morons over and over. I am always amazed how many people do not pay any attention to current events and/or the news. We can lay the bulk of the unknowing on the deceptive, lying by omission lame street media but the rest falls on a lot of people who are more interesting in idiot reality TV shows such as “American Has Talent” and Dancing with the Stars. These same people who have zero knowledge of current events can quickly ID all the Kardashians but when one of those man-on-the-street interviews people don’t know who the US fought in WWII, who was the first president of the US, how many US Senators does each state have, many think Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court, blah blah blah. I don’t know how much of this is the fault of our failing public school systems, how much is short attention spans of citizens and how much is the media. Maybe it’s a combo of all three. The dumbing down of the US is alive and well under way.

    TRUMP 2020!!

  9. This is what results when the general public takes what the fake news media promotes as “news” without doing their homework. People should not believe everything they hear/read without doing their own research…study what is being said, and get the facts…fact-check EVERYTHING! Unless people do this, they will remain in a perpetual bubble of semi-ignorance. We should all remember to follow the example of the Bereans (Acts 17:10, 11).

  10. BenShapiro has a petition going around. Already over 3 million have signed up already. Go to his website &sign. It;s for the constitutional amendment for term limits.

  11. No surprise! The media is not going to tie Hillary to any damaging/negative press. Even if they did 48% of the Demo-rats have less than a 6th grade education.

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