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Yale Psychiatrist Thinks Trump Could Wipe Out All of Humanity


Last week, in an article outlining the possibility (or, to put it another way, the fantasy) of Democrats ousting President Trump from office using the 25th Amendment, Politico reported that a psychiatrist who goes by the suspicious name of Dr. Bandy X. Lee met with several lawmakers in December to discuss with them the state of Trump’s mental health. Lee, who may or may not be a supervillain, but is certainly a Yale professor and the editor of a book called The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, somehow persuaded Democratic congressmen to take her seriously enough to listen to her armchair diagnosis of the president. A president she has, by the way, never talked to or even met.

Since politicians take her seriously, the news media has practically crowned her the official spokeswoman for psychiatry. As such, Lee has been doing the rounds, making one asinine comment after another about Trump and his fitness for the presidency. In an interview with Newsweek, Lee went as far as to suggest that Trump might ultimately wipe out all of humanity.

“As more time passes,” she said, “we come closer to the greatest risk of danger, one that could even mean the extinction of the human species. This is not hyperbole. This is the reality.”

Well, we don’t doubt that it’s the “reality” in which Dr. Bandy X. Lee lives, but that doesn’t mean it’s THE reality. In fact, based on statements like the one made here, we’d say that of the two – Lee and Trump – the president is not the one who needs mental help.

Though official psychiatric rules of ethics forbid doctors from diagnosing people they have not examined, Lee told Newsweek that the rules don’t apply to her. Since Trump has shown “an attraction to violence and powerful weapons,” she is convinced that her comments stand on firm medical ground. She also believes she can see the onset of mental deterioration in the president’s speech patterns.

“He cannot seem to finish sentences, he derails from his line of thinking, he has loose associations and he jumps from one topic or another,” she said, arguing that this could be indicative of some form of dementia.

Oh, brother.

Let’s get serious here. Dr. Lee is nothing but a partisan Democrat who is using her degree in psychiatry to make outrageous claims about a man she is already keen to despise – not as a doctor but as a leftist. That she is being given the slightest attention in the media (or by actual elected representatives!) is a sign of just how desperate the left is to destroy this presidency. They somehow fail to realize that the further into outer space they travel to come up with reasons to take Trump out of office, the sillier their “Resistance” becomes to anyone with at least two brain cells.

  • frishy

    Perhaps an examination by a “conservative” shrink would suit your need to know if The Donald is as much a dotard as he appears, even to non-professional observers.

    Or, do you think his stability, emotionally, is not in question? Wonder which President you’ve been watching..

  • Janis

    Has this one ever heard the saying “Physician Heal thyself”?

  • Jmanjo

    Obviously, the psychiatrists at Yale are not a good job of producing quality students if they are this ignorant in their filed. The only mentally impaired are themselves and some fool liberal paid them to spew a bunch of bull crap about our President. What a disgusting display for America to have a university of this caliber parade these fools out for comment!

    • Tony

      Well said ,and was that what it has taken

      ,to give our fore fathers a free country to live in.

  • Phyllis Schultz

    I’m glad my children and grandchildren, didn’t have this woman as a professor. She sounds like she is in serious need of long term, inpatient, psychiatric care, and I do mean VERY long term. Sounds like another liberal crackpot coming forward for their 5 minutes of fame.

    • JIMO


    • FourQ

      What she is, is unethical. She should be stripped of her license to practice!

      • Richard Cook

        She is not even a Psychiatrist, but a Clinical Assistant!!

  • Janis

    If this one thinks that President Trump suffers from some form of dementia, because according to her, he does not finish a sentence, derails his line of thinking, and jumps from one topic to another, then what is her diagnosis of Nancy Pelosi? Has she seen Pelosi’s recently speaking to the public? Pelosi has numerous times called President Trump, President Bush. I would imagine, if this partisan was the least bit objective, she would be doing a medical referral for Pelosi to the Special Care Unit at an assisted living facility in the San Fran area.

    • mick

      Dems would require a professional visit in person. You should know that by now.

      • Joyce Ramer

        RIGHT on!

    • Buddyb

      Righto on that ‘Special Care Unit at an assisted living facility in the San Fran area’, hopefully directly over the Hayward Fault.

    • gvette

      Remember when ever Obunghole wasn’t on his teleprompter, he was a stuttering fool.

      • Kenneth Jones

        His mind did wander a bit, didn’t it😐?

    • JS417

      Thank you Janis. I agree Two hundred Pct. (200) with you. I think that she might have actually been referring to Airhead Pelosi.

    • JIMO


    • Tony

      They way I for one see this women, It is she that is on the loony tune side ,and it is she that is loosing her mind,and someone that wants Trump out of the white house, must be shoving a good some of money under her nose,and those types of people like Dr Lee needs to take a good look at themselves, before making such comments about others,And dose she know of George Soros.

    • Susan Short

      They ought to examine Maxine W.! That would be interesting!

    • Kenneth Jones

      Nancy goes clear off the tracks every time she opens her pinhole, so maybe she and the professor should get together for a mutual counselling session.

    • Tasine

      Here is my theory. Since the political left is tone deaf crazy and have no souls, there is no need to “diagnose” their actions, comments ,etc. IOW, criticizing the brain dead leftists is a waste of time, accomplishing nothing. That is what the left is good for: NOTHING

  • Thomas Hansen

    A Yale professor! Do I need to say anymore?

    • Cadfael

      I believe they call it Y’all University now, as in “Y’all gonna graduate as long as your daddy pays and you pursue to become good little Marxists!”

  • Medic RN

    Dear Doc., You need to have your license snatched. You haven’t examined Trump. So stop pontificating. It’s malpractice and liable.

  • Larry Good

    I’m thinking the clown from Yale belongs In Gitmo.

  • Sara Decapua

    brandy needs a psychiatrist to evaluate her competency, a lawyer to defend her when sued for malpractice and revocation of her license. Then a lot of apologies toned to be sent to the President.

  • Cheryl Detar

    The shrink needs a shrink. ONLY God can determine what happens to humanity.

    • Tony

      Not according to George Soros ,and maybe others like you do not know that he wanted to reduce the population to 50 million people living on this planet,and if their are those that do not believe this,do a search on the Buildaberg.

      • bttrap

        start with sore-ass and his son then all the muslims you will get that number fast

      • Cheryl Detar

        “Others, like me?” Really? If others spent 2 to 3 hours a day, like I do, verifying & learning things, the country would be in much better shape. I know all about soros and his intentions. In addition, I am “up to date” on just about everything going on in the world….Ask away… There was NO reason for you to attack me. YOU know NOTHING about me.

        • Tony

          Sorry If I hurt your feelings ,as i like to know where people stand,and it looks like you stand on pretty solid ground,and I for one wish you well,and hope that more people like you are waking up to know who the Devil is.

          • Cheryl Detar

            Apology accepted. Perhaps, in the future, try not to prejudge others.

    • Tony

      How many people know that George Soros dose not give a dam about human lives,and what I for one of millions an millions of people on this planet may know how he has his evil plans already in motion in reducing the population to 50 million people on this planet,without people knowing what is taking place,But why dose one think he had Obama push his health care plan through for, and why he the Devil has taking over the companies that make the medicine and drugs one takes that is given to one that sees his or her doctor that is prescribed for their patients, not only in our country ,but in all the countries on this planet where people live ,and maybe you already know of people that have gotten worse after seeing their doctor or died without knowing why,and why dose one feel or know why he had Obama trying to strip we the people in our God given rights to bare our weapons ,could it not be ,that if we the people where to get wise to what was taking place ,we the people would not have a way of protecting ourselves with.And would it not leave the doors wide open for our great country to be taken over by the person who became the Devil by the power of his wealth,and do what the Romans did not do ,and that is to take over this world ,without and army,and why Obama was on his way of getting rid of our military as their was no need for a military,when we have our doctors doing it for the Devil,what was needed to be done,without no one knowing what was going on.and one must not think of George Soros as and old man, as he has his son to follow his plans ,as he has most likely been teaching him ,just as his father has taught him,and if those who read this ,and makes sense to you ,pass it on to all those on your e-mail list and get the word out.as this our best weapon we have to get the word out ,with just the click of a button.

  • pappy450

    The only “humanity” that needs “wiping out” are these “progressive” liberal DEMOCOMMUNISTS hell-bent on turning our Country into a third-world, illegal immigrant, mooslime infested, CRAP-HOLE. (like oscumbag “wanted”, and if HITLERY would have “won” we WOULD have had) THANK GOD For PRESIDENT TRUMP!
    This country finally has a better chance of surviving. DRAIN THE SWAMP (and take those idiot “shrinks” with you.)

    • JIMO



    • Tony

      But to drain the swamp ,one needs to look at George Soros ,who caused the swamp,to clean out those in the swamp.

      • pappy450

        I agree and for the life of me, I CANNOT understand why this TREASONOUS TRAITOR (and his family that are helping “daddy” run his business) have not been arrested for inciting riots, busing PAID “protestors”, Busing “voters” across State lines to pump up the DEMOCOMMUNIST “votes” in areas they don’t even LIVE, and attempting to undermine OUR Duly elected POTUS DONALD J. TRUMP. Time for a gallows to be erected, and put a noose around his neck and stop this crap for good. (or use one of those Guillotines that are located in the fema camps.)

      • bttrap

        he needs to see the other side of dirt also his son

      • Terminus

        George Soros is only the super-rich “front man” for the Illuminati, like Obama was the “front man” for George Soros. Remember, even now Obama’s “Organizing for Action” group is funded by Soros and fully intends to create racial division and civil war as part of the NWO agenda, which agenda is to destroy the USA so the NWO can take over the planet.

        • Tony

          The way I for one see the llluminati’s ,they are are like termites, and if left alone they can destroy our planet,in the same way ,they can destroy ones home,that feed on money as it is money ,they thrive on ,and it may take money to destroy the termites ,a whole lot of money ,to lure them into a trap of their own destruction ,that may drive them crazy,when their is no money for them, except for fake money ,just like their fake and propaganda news.

    • a fool

      Yes, God bless our Country and our President Trump! History will state that He Is the GREATEST President this country ever had! Just wait and SEE!

  • Jim Colon

    The Left should look into what is considered mentally impaired under the 25th Amendment. This Amendment covers situations involving an accident, stroke or other situation which renders the President incapable of fulfilling the duties of his office, not whether or not the “Left Wing” morons agree with their decisions. It always amazes me at how stupid the “Dumbocrats” make themselves look and they don’t really seem to care. I guess that is because there are so many idiots out there who support them and their stupid ideas and statements. The failing Democrat Party is becoming a bigger joke with every passing day.

    • Tony

      Have you not heard of how blooming idiot’s came from ,that our in all branches of those liberals in politics ,could it not be that George Soros jerked himself off and shot his seeds in a flower pot ,and up came the blooming idiots.

      • bttrap

        very good

  • Raymond Levy

    You lady should be the one to see a shrink , your delusional and you are not worth your degree, if you even have one???????????

    • Been There

      She probably got one the same way Obama did. Oh–by the way where are Obamas transcripts, are they still sealed?

      • pappy450

        They are indeed, and still hiding behind a “wall” of high-priced lawyers paid handsomely to keep his “secrets” far away from the prying eyes of “We the People”. (and the TRUTH)

    • Tony

      She reminds me of a teacher I knew of when I was in the Six grade who taught Math and History who was a very smart teacher ,but in some simple things we seen him do ,made him look Stupid and I think that is what has happened to this woman from Yale .

      • Raymond Levy

        Tony , they just found out that she has no lic, in psychiatry it expired tow or so years ago, and now they think she might not have a teachers lic hahahahahaha………..

        • Tony

          It,like I said ,smart people become Stupid ,and like I said about my teacher fits her to a T .

  • SZ2015

    She’s NOT EVEN A PSYCHIATRIST! She has NO LICENSE TO PRACTICE PSYCHIATRY! She TEACHES at a Liberal University about DIVERSITY! NOT PSYCHIATRY! BTW, IF she DID have a License to Practice, it would be REVOKED for analyzing a patient she has never clinically seen! THAT’S AGAINST THE LAW!

    • Ron Dapo

      Well said Sz2015. Only dems. embrace the DIVERSITY lie. Look what DIVERSITY has done to Europe and a dozen other countries! I believe in E PLURIBUS UNUM, our motto for the last 240 year’s. Have a great day.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Doesn’t say too much for Yale.

  • 2399molly

    She is not just a joke, she should be barred from medical practice if she was ever licensed.

  • Stephen Repko

    So, let me see if I have this right now….. Trump is a mentally ill, semi-illiterate duffus who built a multi-billion dollar empire that spread across the world, was able to beat 17 of the best and brightest Republican candidates, turns around to beat the “most qualified woman of our time” for the presidency, then in his first year in office causes the stock market to climb to heights never seen before in history, lowered unemployment, almost wiped out ISIS, restoring law and order, all while working with a hostile Congress and the media attacking him 24/7????? Wow! I would love to see what the man could accomplish if he was sane and literate…..

    • johnnywoods

      Hear, hear:-)

    • Paul in NH

      Excellent! My sentiments exactly; I think I’m going to steal your comment, hope you don’t mind.

    • JIMO

      GOOD ONE !!!!!!!

    • Paula Cotter

      Stephen you are right. The man is amazing. President Trump I’m sure would put this so called professor in her place. A place where she can get herself taken care of.
      The Politico should look else where for their info. the saying is Trust and Verify.

      • melmack 1

        The sad and sick part is, she is influencing young minds with her BS.

        • Joyce Ramer

          U fortunately, that is true!

      • Joseph Gutowski

        She doesn’t have a license

    • Lenard Miller

      Right on!!

    • Susan Short

      Well said! The fuxking liberals, who can never be truthful, hate the fact that Trump has done so much good for the country in just one year!

      • GaylePutt

        Well, if the Dems can’t beat him, they should join him. Imagine if we all worked together to MAGA.

        • Cadfael

          Liberalism is a mental disorder, the book with the same title by Dr. Lyle Rossiter actually proves it, and places “Dr.” Lee’s stability therefore in question.

          • Joyce Ramer

            Thank you!

        • Danny Reagan

          The dems don’t want America to be great again, their only goal is to join the one world Government.

        • Bill

          Gayle, that will never happen as all of their hyperbole is just cover and a distraction from their real crimes. Their failing attempt to discredit President Trump is blowing up in their face. Remember Killary’s comment if Trump wins we will all hang! The demoRATS are just using the old rabbit trail tricks to keep the focus off of their criminal deeds.

        • Tony

          That is what should of taken place ,when a government was formed in our great country, they should of all been working together in keeping it as founded ,as a free country ,that was free of the tax.without the union.

        • marshmil1789

          Gayle I like your imagination but it’s “pie in the sky”.

      • Tasine

        Yes, the political left is evil to the core….jealous of all who can accomplish good things, hate filled for any right wing person….they are close to insanity, but closer yet to pure evil.

        • marshmil1789

          Tasine they are both evil and insane. They supported a murderer then sat on the ground and howled at the sky when she lost. We cannot say that about morally upright, civilized people with good mental health.

      • Joyce Ramer

        So true!

      • angryinCalif

        Remember….she is teaching your children.

      • Linda Lee Smith

        Shame on you. Surely you know a better word!

    • Dennis Anderson

      Well what can you expect from a shoman from Mombassa that perscribes medication for Obama & Hillary?

    • The Giant

      Well, I thought there were at least 20,000,000 other women who would have made a better prez than hellary.

      • ch

        I am sure what he meant to say is she was accordingly to the left. Kinda of like obama, a legend in his own mind

      • Joyce Ramer

        So true!

    • Joyce Ramer


    • tes d’aless

      you are so righttttttttttttttttt! We should also note that all these good traits that Trump has outweigh all the mess obama got this country into: financial ruin, dividing race, allowing illegals, criminals, drugees, sex traffickers into this country, spending our tax dollars to support illigitmate welfare and so on and so one. hmmmm with person would you want to lead this country.. PRESIDENT TRUMP IS A HERO – OBAMA A ZERO

    • dan

      I was going to leave a comment, but you said it best. Great statement!

    • Diane Edenfield Luke

      Great response! 👍

    • marshmil1789

      Thanks Stephen. Beautifully composed and presented. I tip my lance to your English instructors as well as to you. But of course we all know the Donald has accomplished a highly successful Lift Off which ignited a bonfire of anger among the losers who couldn’t get the rockets lit for their candidate. She never got off the ground. Her cheerleaders then all sat on the ground and howled at the sky.
      God Bless our Great Nation and our new bona fide American legal President.

    • nancy miller

      Not only that I read that his IQ is just two points below Einstein. Dumb like a fox, huh?

  • CRLH

    Learned years ago from another psychiatrist that both psychiatrists and psychologists have problems and thought by becoming one or the other their problems would be solved. Sadly, those problems are not solved with a degree as is plainly clear about this teacher. She is in dire need of a check up from the neck up, removed as a teacher, and if has a license, it should be revoked. PLUS she needs to quickly apologize to a very sane, able, actually high IQ (I am assuming hers is much lower), etc., etc. while she thinks she can talk from a teaching position about a real leader. Her accomplishments evidentaly are NONE and his are numerous.

    • Jon

      ignorance is bliss

  • Melanie Austin

    There is only ONE reality! If you want the real one, then you should listen to scientists about climate change and psychiatrists and physicians about our leader’s unfitness for office. If you wall yourself into Trump’s version of reality, you put yourseves–all of us really–in a very dangerous place. As Mom used to say when she wanted one of us to wake up and take responsibility: “Get real!”

  • Michael

    Trump is bringing these people out of the woodwork. I hope somebody is recording their names and locations for future reference!

  • Richard Thornell

    This is total propaganda and the Democratics are pushing it on Congress

  • ggrdr05

    MOST psychiatrist have more issues than their patients!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Paul

    I think Trump Derangement Syndrome has already wiped out her mind.

    • Tony

      Do you mean she had one to begin with,

  • Xtinmover

    With such low quality instructors on their staff, how can Yale charge so much for tuition? They should let students attend for free. It’s what their instruction is worth (nothing).

  • John Hanft

    Encroaching on your prerogatives, is he Dr. Lee?

  • JS417

    The ones that should have their heads examined, are those whom believe this NUT CASE two bit .50 cents nut case shrink. How in the hell, can someone make such an assumption of another person without even as much as speaking to the subject..?

    Doctors whom have completely examined their patients have made mistakes. So, how can she reach that conclusion..? I think she needs to see another Shrink to have her head examined.

  • JB

    As a medical professional for over 30 years retired. I can tell you that this so-called psychiatrist is going against the AMA ethical laws about patients. She is not supposed to make a diagnosis of a patient she has never even met and discussed this diagnosis in public! Why is her license not pulled? I have seen licenses of medical professionals pulled for lesser things!

    Also I think she needs to be investigated by the FBI, the medical board, as well as the DEA, and anybody else we can get up her Anil orifice to find out what skeletons in her closet she has! Everybody knows if you put anybody under the microscope ship is going to come out! She has violated so many ethical and professional rules of medicine is unbelievable and if she is still practicing I’m in and wonder why she still is?Lastly, everybody knows that most psychiatrists are crazy themselves that’s why they went into psychiatry to try to diagnose themselves!

  • johnnywoods

    Given the state of academia in this Nation I would have to say that Yale has done more to “wipe out all humanity” than Trump ever could.

  • Ron haymaker

    No, but he’s trying to eliminate all the swamp rats though!

  • nancy miller

    I wonder how many hours she had interviewing the President before making this comment? What a joke! He has a much higher IQ than this rediculous excuse of a psychiatrist.

  • Robert Early

    As a practicing Psychologist for over forty years, I suspect that this Yale Psychiatrist needs to be examined. However, I render no diagnosis; and neither should she, if she supports eihical standards in the mental healthcare industry.

  • clifford powell

    Sent that stupid dr. back to yale

  • Rose Schulz

    I think this doctor needs a psychiatrist herself. As she noted no one can make an assumption without examining the person involved, she thinks she is on solid ground offering her opinion. Whoa. Not kosher. She would be better off starting with Nancy Pelosi who loses her train of thought and gets the wrong names – oh I forgot Nancy Pelosi is a democrat and we don’t do that to democats.

  • Edward C Schaub

    What in the hell gives these airhead professors the right to make statements about a situation that way beyond their scope of knowledge and secondly as far as I am concerned all people in her field just prescribe drugs of one kind or another and hope it works



  • dosadoe

    Dr. Bandy X. Lee must have learned the Vulcan Mind Meld long distance method to find out how clazy the Tlump fellow was!

  • Si Simmons

    She needs help !

  • paulrph1

    Delusional. Take away her drivers license. That is a good reason not to let her behind the wheel.

  • Paul in NH

    “A president she has, by the way, never talked to or even met ….” …. “Though official psychiatric rules of ethics forbid doctors from diagnosing people they have not examined, Lee told Newsweek that the rules don’t apply to her. ”

    Seems that this “Doctor of Psychiatry” has been elucidated just a tad above her collective intelligence …!

  • Jerry

    Just clowns looking to be on the news and gain notoriety. Attacking the President get you publicity because the media is looking for negative information on the President.
    My guess is that President Trump will succeed and eventually clean the swamp and give us our country back.

  • Yolinda Weston

    Many psychiatrists are psychiatrists so they can medicate themselves. I always wondered if that was true. Now I believe it. This one is a nut case.

  • Jan

    obvious she does not like our president so she should choose another country to live in.

    • bttrap

      or get an muslim for a husband

  • 615GEJ1

    Well…of course Dem. congressmen will listen to anyone that can claim Dr. Lee’s credentials who will pan Pres. Trump. She is a loon! Btw, doctor, there are a lot of mental cases serving in Congress with big Ds beside their names. The list is long!

    • bttrap

      and need to be eliminated

  • Willard Weems

    Quick, somebody needs to get this lady help!! If this is an indication of a professional psychiatrist then I hope I never need one!! I think this a lot like the fake doctor from a Pacific Island the name of which I have forgotten, having all kinds of Diplomas hanging on his wall. After several patients died, it was discovered he never attended medical school, hence he never graduated and was an untrained fake with a convincing line of

  • drthomasedavis

    Faux docteur lLee is a bona fide nut case. A Yallee Dem to boot, probably a classmate of the Clintons.

  • Ohh My, And this woman is going to tell you what’s wrong with you????????????

  • Richard Pope

    Hello all,
    . . . . It is quite clear that this it is a communist and she is a traitor. She states that it is an ethics violation to diagnose someone when their has not been a one on one meeting. She should have her credentials pulled and should also be fired by the University.
    America: Love It or Leave It!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  • Raggtopp

    The greatest danger to this nation is the professors in these liberal colleges teaching the young airheads going to
    school. What is going to happen to this country when they are in positions of importance?

  • Carol

    Dr X Lee is the one with mental illness! Since when can she diagnose a person by reading about what they say or hearing them talk to the country? Dr X Lee is dangerous to our country, our students and our schools. And to think that we have people in congress that believe her. That is scary! We must find out the names of the democrats that believe her and eliminate them form our government…….they themselves are a sick bunch. And we have them making decisions for our country……that is beyond scary! All these democrats are hiding behind RESIST, PROGRESSIVISM and AGAINST ALL PEOPLE THAT VOTED FOR TRUMP! These democrats MUST be named and brought to our attention for once and for all. So ALL SMART people can condemn them and DR X Lee to never being allowed to teacher our kids and to sit in congress and never be a part of making OUR LAWS!

  • Susan Short

    Anymore, a degree from Yale or Harvard isn’t worth a crap, given the lunatics that are the professors there! Let’s see now, do you think that there’s a chance that the Demoncrats might pay one of these brilliant psychiatrists to testify that Trump is out of his mind, and needs to be removed from office?! The fact is that anyone who dares to oppose the fuxking liberals has to be out of their mind, according to the liberals!

    • rivahmitch

      Have to disagree with that initial statement. Actually, a degree from either of those schools has value in that it would be disqualifying for any meaningful job.

  • TrueAmerican

    this young Twit is delusional. Prolly Never been in the real world her entire short life. she went from grade/high school directly into college, Got Brainwashed from YALE no less, one of the most LIBERAL places on earth, to become of all things a Psychiatrist; Only CRAZZZY people become Psychiatrists because they aren’t capable of doing any other job. I wouldn’t trust anyone in the psychiatric world to give me the correct time of day.

  • GaylePutt

    Doesn’t speak well for the Dept. of Psychiatry at Yale if this is the sort of goofus teaching there.


    Does this psychiatrist think she is part of humanity?

    • swed

      That seems unlikely, she is a liberal, a dangerous mental disorder.

  • gordon Meyer

    Dr Brandy Lee sounds like a real phony with an axe to grind and no place to grind it!!!

  • Kenneth Jones

    I’m sure we’ve all heard of psychiatrists who are just as nutty or nuttier than their nutty patients; I think this one’s a complete nutcase!

  • Don Lindsey

    I think she is the one who should see a psychiatrist! She seems to be suffering from Cranial Rectal Inversion!

  • a fool

    This Dr. Lee must be from the EARTH BELOW! She is not qualified to be in the Position where she is! What she said proved that she is a MINDLESS -UNFIT for the JOB she is doing! Shame on you YEL UNIVERSITY for keeping a Thing like that to teach the YOUNG! You have proofed you are off Standard as an UNIVERSITY!

  • Tasine

    Who gives a good rat’s ass what this “professor” thinks? Her employer SHOULD care, but I assume her employer is as evil and stupid as she is. Advanced education has gone to the dogs, and dogs are mostly what “education” consists of today. If I had kids, I’d keep them as far away from the idiocy of education as I possibly could. The word “education” has taken on a sour note for all decent people who can think.

  • Been There

    ANOTHER SUEDO INTELECTUAL. Absorbed in her own egotistical thoughts. Never met the man, never interviewed him, yet she thinks that she is qualified to Psychoanalyze him. Where does the liberal socialist democrats dig these nuts up?

    • bttrap

      they must have a closet full of morons to pick from and she got picked for this B.S.

  • Gammi2Anna

    Another instance in which the Media and the liberal loser Democrats have created a non story using an unknown and unprofessional person to spew lies and accusations about OUR President, Donald J. Trump. As a person that abhors dishonesty and ignorance, I seldom read such garbage that the Democrats produce to support their evil agenda to maintain control of all of America. However, I did reluctantly read through the assessment provided by the Yale Psychiatrist/Professor, Dr. Bandy X. Lee. It is my opinion that she is either some type of exceptional genius that possesses the ability to evaluate a person thoughts, reasoning and intentions without ever meeting or talking with our POTUS. There were no credentials included which specifies that Dr. Lee has a specialized degree in forensic psychology either. With that being said, I would think that the good Doctor should know that her assessment of Our Presidents mental capacity without having a face to face conversation with President Trump is nothing short of Malpractice. For her to then release an unsubstantiated diagnosis that includes the claim that the President will wipe out humanity is nothing less than fear-mongering, encouraged by the Democrats and Trump Haters. I wonder how much she was paid to entirely destroy the professional reputation of all Psychiatrist? I hope she carries Malpractice Insurance or maybe the benefactors of her “unverified diagnosis”, the Democrats and George Soros sycophant’s will cover the lawsuits? Hopefully any students and their parents who are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for the education @ Yale, which is being paid to this unqualified Doctor of Psychiatry, will demand another Professor that can educate without prejudice.

  • Cadfael

    Dr. Lee?! Wonder if her family is from North, or South Korea? Shouldn’t she be worried about someone else wanting to wipe out humanity? Do ya think she ever heard of the American Psychiatric Association’s Goldwater Rule that prohibits its members from “diagnosing” politicians publicly they have never met, never assessed, never even had any first hand knowledge of – Nah, she’s just a political hacktivist who is willing to violate her medical license to satisfy her Trump Derangement tantrum, and use it as a means to go after her political ends. She is about as believable as Dr. Marlboro is on the healthiness of cigarette smoking. Scary part is she’s actually a prof and teaching students her unprofessional version of psycho-politics.

  • James V. Tribbett

    The real lunatic in this article is the one who makes such absurd conclusions or opinions as she has done or this article purports she claims. I believe whoever wrote this article has done a great injustice of applying the word THINK to anything this moron spouts.

  • m7491

    With creatures like Lee apparently dominating the world news channels, perhaps it is TIME for humanity to be cast onto ash heap of history.

  • rivahmitch

    One must ask “how close a relationship does it have with the PRC”?

  • Jim Hays

    Well?…….She wanted to get her name in there with all the other “Kooks”. Start with “psychiatrist”
    And then…..we’ll……enough said. An old, wise “saying” says….. She who tooteth not her own horn, her horn shall not be tooteth!

  • pemaddin

    Is he like the other Yale psychiatrist who does not even have a license? The APA takes a dim view of practicing without ever meeting the patient. Yale is embarassing themselves promoting these people.

  • zizi Newton

    This guy or woman is a serious mental case.

  • Robert Wayne

    She’s obviously another egghead libturd academic with less common sense than a cardboard box. Fools like her are not to be taken seriously.

    • Don Lindsey

      The Democrap Libaturds will push this as far as possible!

  • Richard Cook

    Further examination would yield that Bandy X. Lee, a Korean, does not have a degree in Psychiatry, is, in fact nothing more than a Clinical Assistant. This is just another example of how desperate the Left “News” Media is to depose our President.

  • Joe Sam

    just another nut case ,all talk know nothing .OLD VET.

  • American With Rights

    Liberals, leftists and socialist have all lost their minds. They are hypocrites, liars and jealous of President Trump and all he has accomplished in his first year. What is so scary is that people like this want to teach America’s young people. God Bless America.

  • jcgreen2

    SHE needs to have her head examined! What an ignoramus! I am very thankful for Donald Trump. And now think our great nation might actually be saved from self-destruction because of him.

  • ch

    How could this woman possibly think anything. She has never met the man and has NO license to practice. More fake news and the left trying to take down the first LEGITIMATE President in 8 years. Shows you how utterly lawless the left is

  • Calvin King

    College, unless you take the STEM route, has become a joke. These so called professors are too stupid to even drive a car much less “teach” at any level. Sadly, the administrators put up with these morons and even give them tenure. There should never be tenure. But most importantly, college administrators should get some testicles, if a man, and demand the exercise of intellectual excellency from their faculty. The faculty is there to provide students with their knowledge and motivate them to think and act constructively. The administrators and faculty are not to become baby sitters.

  • Dee

    Let lee go to China and study chi , his opinion is not desired here . It burns me up the way these morons are here and judge . Go Home buddy.

  • gvette

    Was she sucking Barry’s dick too?

  • Ted Duke

    Perhaps this “psychiatrist” is unaware that it is malpractice to analyze any person with whom she has not personally met and evaluated.

  • Doug

    A Yale professor is all I need to hear. Another left wing nut job.

  • Paul Bartels

    To my experience, psyschiatry is not an exact science. Yes, President Trump could destroy all the population; but he won’t… Dealing boy to boy type of dealing with Rocket man, he showed more tolerance than I would have, especially with that kind of circumstances.

  • TheBucko

    This guy should be locked up as a danger to society.

  • angryinCalif

    It is thoughts and professional integrity like hers that will bring down society.

  • Richard B

    “Could” does not mean “will”. Don’t get your knickers in a twist. In fact, Mr Trump could indeed wipe out the entire world given that he’s somewhat unpredictable.

    • Jim Hays

      Everyone is “somewhat unpredictable”. So what does this prove? I guess it all depends on being a Republican or Demo(n)crat.

  • Terminus

    You can email Dr. Lee, at bandy.lee@yale.edu. I did. Here is what I wrote her: Dr. Shockley was once considered the greatest mind of the century, and his contributions were simply outstanding and fully accepted in all venues.
    But when he did a careful study of IQ’s across the globe, and concluded that blacks had the lowest IQ’s of all, his entire career was immediately destroyed over nothing more than “political correctness” under the “How dare you speak against African people here or abroad?!”
    But you, obviously a “politically correct” liberal, disregarding all the facts that show Donald Trump as a stable, highly intelligent businessman of great success, and facts which irrefutably show he has done more for this country than the past 4 or 5 presidents, issue a “professional” opinion that he is mentally unstable and could destroy humankind across the globe. It is MY considered opinion that ultimately your entire career will be blackballed because of your own mental problems with the truth.
    Yet I am not surprised that Yale produces such mentally dysfunctional people like you, since you are not the only Yale “professional” or “graduate” that has ‘blessed’ the rest of us with your idiotic opinions and disdain for the United States of America. I suspect that your “opinion” will eventually ruin your credibility and career.

  • This is a troll… not a Yale Psychiatrist. No one this dumb should be allowed to breath.

  • Don Lindsey

    Doctor Lee needs to see a Psychiatrist!

  • Paul Brown

    That is just what the demonrats are trying to do, wipe out all life on this planet as we know it today. They are the [party of communists, they said it themselves.

  • ???

    Since when did we ever listen to a Yale Psychiatrist? If they leaned any further over to the left, they would be in
    the Atlantic. Jim Head

  • rivahmitch

    Bovine Scatology. OTOH, were the assertion true Yale would be a great place to start.

  • Petru Dans



    It appears that this psychologist got her degree from a Cracker Jack box! It is past the time when the heads of the “Resistance” is collected and placed in cells awaiting trail….The followers, aka the “Sheep” will founder once this happens.. Shut down their Soros bankroll and this collective group of misfits will dry up and be blown away,

  • AL Joseph

    Another demshit college graduate. Who hates America. To further their dumshit ideas. Trump 2020. Have a great day


    Why doess this woman have a job in one of our institutions?

    Harvard law school professor Alan Dershowitz warns that Democrats attempting to declare Trump mentally unfit to hold office is straight out of the Communist playbook of brutal regimes like Soviet Russia, who repressed and imprisoned political dissidents by declaring them to be mentally ill.
    Asked if the chatter was intended to have a destabilizing effect, Dershowitz responded, “Well it’s very dangerous, there’s only one thing worse than trying to criminalize political differences and that’s trying to psychiatrize them.”
    “These psychiatrists now who are trying to diagnose without ever having met the man – that’s what they did in Russia. I represented dissidents who they locked up in mental hospitals, that’s what they did in China, that’s what they did in apartheid South Africa,” added the Harvard professor.
    He went on to assert that leftists were trying to “undo democracy” by accusing a president of being mentally unstable without any evidence whatsoever.
    Dershowitz said that he didn’t personally vote for Trump but that the idea of “diagnosing him instead of opposing him politically poses an enormous danger to democracy.”

  • Cobra212

    The reality is that any President of the U.S., with the arsenal of nuclear weapons we have, is capable of wiping out humanity. Our arsenal is there to deter others from using nuclear weapons against us, and the President is put in charge of making the decision as to if, how, when, and to what extent we use ours. The military advises, but it is the President, elected by the entirety of America, who makes such decisions. It isn’t up to some pretend, unlicensed, liberal professor, to determine whether the decision of the people of this country was was a good one or not. She is entitled to her personal opinion, as am I, but if we start making important national decisions based on the opinions of non-objective, politically motivated, unelected, unlicensed individuals, then our country is lost.

  • tes d’aless

    blah blah blah – what Trump should do is wipe out the left, haters, liberals and rinos. Then we would have a wonderful country.

  • margaret


  • lrr1

    Most psychiatrist have problems, looks as though this one is at the top of the list. Will do anything or say anything to get her name out there. Go home, not interested in what you have to say!!!.

  • bob breglio

    I think this “dr” need to be de-frocked for unethical conduct as soon as possible. OR else put into a padded room at a proper psychiatric facility until her mental disorder clears up 🙂

  • Concerned Citizen

    Its idiotic ivy league alleged educators that are [have been] causing most of our nation’s problems.

  • Ron haymaker

    If Obama couldn’t wipe out humanity by trying…What makes this Psychiatrist think Trump can do it by not trying?

  • 28H2O48

    As long are stupid peoples that will buy books like these, will be peoples writing them. This pricks use the freedom of speech, just to make money… not my money.

  • nancy miller

    Don’t know where the idea came from that she has her doctorate??? She just works at Yale.
    That was exposed a couple of days ago.

  • rayco


    • Betta

      And she should be duly charged with practicing without a license.

  • Jean

    What a pathetic mentality! Jean.

  • KJHanover

    I am SO SICK of these liberals, I wouldn’t mind seeing them all wiped off the face of the earth.

  • KenKadz1

    “somehow persuaded Democratic congressmen to take her seriously”
    Sad example of the Congress persons mental capacity…..

  • Betta

    Bandy Lee does NOT have a license to practice psychiatry, is NOT a doctor of this profession! Her license expired two years ago. She is nothing more than a stank pile of liberal crap garbage. Talk about siht holes.

  • Sue

    dr. brandy x, feel free to go suck a rotten egg.

  • Sue

    Best news yet, this “professor” has no license to practice or prescribe in Connecticut. Only a license to “teach”. One should not diagnose from afar. Very bad practice according to her “collegues”.

  • Ron Dapo

    1 potato 2 potato 3 potato gee, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out Dr. Lee!!

  • Donald Lindsey

    Another person full of crap, is she demo? sure sounds like another moronic idiot.

  • Jim Hays

    “Yale” / “psychiatrist” ? Two words why I didn’t bother to read this ” report”

  • DJA Lindsey

    Just think how much good he could accomplish if he actually had a Congress willing to work with him & didn’t have to fight off the lying-liberal media at every turn?