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“You’re So Disgraceful”: Trump Rips Into CBS News Reporter At Briefing

President Donald Trump, having skipped the daily Coronavirus Task Force Briefings over the weekend, was back in rare form on Monday afternoon. He came with something to prove, playing a video at the outset that laid out the many, many times that reporters and anchors in the liberal media downplayed the coronavirus over the last few months, a fine selection of Democrats offering praise to the president, and a wonderful collection of clips in which reporters simply lost their heads. It was a damn fine video…but boy, did it ever anger the reporters/activists in attendance.

One of the most aggrieved was Paula Reid of CBS News, who spent her time at the microphone trying to prove that she was a worthy warrior for the mainstream media. In the process, she simply showed that she’s every bit as unprofessional as CNN’s Jim Acosta and PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor.

So, you know, if that’s what you were going for, Paula: Great job.

“When on January 31, I instituted the ban, Joe Biden went crazy,” Trump said at one point during the briefing. “He said you don’t need ban. He didn’t even know what the hell the ban was. But he didn’t go crazy. He called me xenophobic. He called me a racist because he has since apologized and he said I did the right thing. So when you say why didn’t you do this, every Democrat thought I made a mistake when I did it. I saved tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of lives by that.”

Reid then interjected: “But what did you do with that time that you — the argument is that you bought yourself some time and you didn’t need to prepare hospitals. You didn’t use it to ramp up testing. Right now, nearly 20 million people are unemployed.”

“You’re so disgraceful. It’s so disgraceful the way you say that,” Trump said, his disdain obvious.

“Tens of thousands of Americans are dead,” Reid said, apropos of nothing. “How is this video or this rant supposed to make people feel confident—”

“I just went over it,” Trump said, patiently. “Nobody thought we should do it and when I did it—”

“But what did you do with the time that you bought?” Reid argued. “That entire video has a gap. The entire month of February.”

“What do you do? What do you do when you have no case in the whole United States?” Trump asked.

After essentially repeating her question about a thousand times, Reid had finally achieved the purpose of getting on Trump’s nerves.

“Look, look. You know you are a fake. You know that,” he said. “Your whole network, the way you covered is fake and most of you — not all of you but the people are wise to you. That’s why you have a lower — a lower approval rating than you ever have before times probably three.”

There was more to this exchange, but Trump’s response right there says it all. The media is blatantly using the coronavirus to “get” the president, use it as their latest Russia/Ukraine hoax, and prop up Joe Biden for a successful run in the fall. It couldn’t be more obvious, and their motives couldn’t be more suspicious.

Their political games have been pathetic for a long time, but they are especially pathetic at a time when the country is suffering. Truly disgraceful.

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  1. I personallly think every time one of those ass holes gets out of line they should be taken to jail for disorderly conduct. That is one charge you do not have to do much other than look crossways and bam your tossed for disorderly conduct.

  2. The lame press has never had any repercussions from their Asinine questions before. It’s high time they stop with the fake news and start asking real questions we the people need to have answers to.

  3. Briefings should be to inform the American ppl of any news to do with virus – sadly the press think its lights camera action – time to be disrespectful & try & demean a sitting President! What a sad hateful world we have become! Disgusting 😢😢😢😢

  4. Sorry to correct you, BDS, but the world is a besutiful place, it’s the people in it who are sad and hateful. They are the ones who are disgusting.

  5. Real journalism is dead and it is sad for those who are good reporters and do want to help not hinder any chance of getting this serious pandemic over with. This stupid woman should be fired or at least never let into a press conference again. She is not press!

  6. She and the Press should be ashamed of themselves there is no respect for the President. I have never seen treatment like this in all my life. She and the other fake news reporters should be escorted off the White House property and give the reporters that show respect to the front of the room like the reporter from One American News.
    HE has done so much for our country through this unknown virus and all he gets is criticism. I really think these reporters should remember who the President is. NO wonder people have no respect for anyone.
    you’ve done a good job Mr. PResident! THank you!

  7. The press in years past could be trusted to obtain the truth on the subject at hand. But nowadays
    the truth has nothing to do with the. subject at hand. Sensationalism is what it is about now.
    “Hey look at me they are all Democrats or married to one.They are all mad because Hillary was not elected ,so they would have have it made with her as President. Then Donald Trump came along
    and totally destroyed there plans!!

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