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2020 Democrats Quietly Drop “Abolish ICE” From Their Platforms

Just a few short months ago, every Democrat with a secret wish to grab the progressive brass ring and win the presidential election was joining socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in calling for the total abolition of the federal immigration agency known as ICE. Too dumb to understand that it wasn’t “ICE” that was “putting kids in cages” at the border, the Democrats took prime advantage of the bad headlines to go to the extremes.

Unfortunately for them, most Americans were not on board with this absurd “Abolish ICE” proposal. Most Americans actually believe that illegal immigrants should be deported. As for the “kids in cages,” most Americans understood that it was the fault of the parents – not Trump, not the Border Patrol – for putting their kids in that predicament.

And so, as Buzzfeed noted this week, most 2020 Democrats have quietly dropped their calls for an end to the immigration enforcement agency:

Months into the Democratic presidential primary, the activists behind Abolish ICE have been left frustrated, disappointed, and angry, according to interviews with eight local and national immigrant activists and Latinx groups. They feel used, they say, by the country’s most prominent Democrats — transformed into a hashtag to earn political points, and then cast aside just as quickly.

Talk of replacing ICE, or even of the agency’s problems, has all but disappeared from the Democratic campaign trail, and from Democrats’ political platforms. For all the work by activists to push abolishing ICE into the Democratic Party debate, the idea was starkly unpopular with voters: By late last summer, an AP–NORC poll showed only a quarter of Democrats backed the idea. The catchphrase that launched the movement, “Abolish ICE,” has been rejected entirely by the presidential contenders that once seemed to back it.

Well, we’re not sure what immigration activists are “frustrated” and “angry” about, although any group that identifies itself as a “Latinx” group cannot be expected to show any rationality. At the end of the day, Democratic candidates are going to go in the direction the voters are going. And the voters made it extremely clear that, even on the left, there is almost no support for abolishing the agency in charge of deporting illegal aliens.

Sooner than later, you will begin to see the same thing happen to socialist policies like “Medicare for all” and idiot policies like the Green New Deal. Democrats who actually want to bring this thing home are going to have to abandon their support for these ludicrous schemes. You can’t win the Democratic nomination, much less the presidency, by catering to “Latinx” groups, Twitter twits, and the liberal blogosphere.

Or, you know, maybe they’ll be dumb enough to try. We’re good with that, too.

What do you think?

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  1. The Democrats in the article may not say, “abolish ICE” in their campaign promises, but IF they happen to be elected they will NEVER do it ! They WANT illegal aliens here, they want these future voters knowing full well it will destroy America in the process. We are already well on our way, we are fast losing our language, culture and American way of life thanks to BOTH political parties who also want illegals here for various reasons. Out last 5 Presidents refused to enforce our immigration laws, they brought about the immigration mess we are in now.
    IMO America is already gone, I give it one generation or less and America as we know it will be gone. We were sold out by the very people we elected to represent us. Far to many of them were more than willing to sell their soul and their country for money, power and votes. WE re-elected most of them.


      • The message of RockyMtn1776 is that “we, the people” elected and re-elected those cretins and cowards. The “real, everyday American people” are submerged in the larger group of voters who don’t care, don’t vote and don’t know who are, collectively, responsible for electing who’s in office now – good or bad. It’s frustrating. It’s a national embarrassment that so few citizens vote, and that “we” allow non-citizens to vote. Diagnosis: widespread lack of pride in our country. Still up to us to get out to our neighbors and talk about what’s important to us. Nothing will change if we don’t.

  2. RIGHT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Just a bunch of foolish little children who say they’d eat candy, cake and ice cream (no pun intended) for every meal, only to eventually figure out why their tummies ache.

  4. 2020 Democrats Quietly Drop “Abolish ICE” From Their Platforms
    It’s the damned whole demoncratic party that needs abolishing and immediately!!!

  5. ICE is ensuring that the Socialist Sanctuary State / Cities in CA get their fair share of immigrants. Immigrant kids will attend school with YOUR kids. Non-English speaking kids or those without any schooling will be in the same class with your kids. The consequence is the dumbing down of the educational system to accommodate the foreign Non-English Speakers. The schools will shift into low-gear meaning, the rate of YOUR kids learning will suffer. Maybe consider a private school if affordable.
    The democrats falsely say there’s no crisis. That’s another ploy to make the president look bad.
    We the taxpayer will be paying for the FREEBEES distributed to illegals. The Socialist is Sacramento will try to increase our taxes to pay for it. Moving out is beginning to look better day by day!!

  6. They may not be TALKING about abolishing ICE, but you KNOW they will try to abolish ICE as soon as they are “elected (IF elected)”!

    They are INSANE leftist libTURD democRAT COMMIES….THEY LEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t trust ANYTHING they say, for one second…..EVER!!

  7. Most people DON’T understand that it was the policies of CLINTON and OBAMA that put kids in cages and separated them from parents, NOT TRUMP. He inherited that ongoing policy and stopped it. How about explaining that!
    You might also explain that the reason was that some children are NOT the children of the people who bring them over for sex trafficking. That has been ignored by the media.

  8. What is the matter democrats? Think the American people are against you on abolishing ICE? Well let me explain to you all, must Americans don’t agree with you on any issue you are campaigning on.

  9. What these Democrats are doing is outrageous and it is costing us a fortune not to mention the crime and drugs, lawlessness and murders that has tripled in are country from these illegals!!!! These Democrats are throwing are country away with their not doing anything to fix are immigration laws and policies, instead they are completely focused on getting rid of Trump and I am afraid that they will never quit, for they know that their party is in deep trouble and they are fighting for their lives to stay out of prison!! We have this old sick witch Pelosi and the snake Schumer screaming Trump is trying to cover up his crimes LOL, and the truth is it is the Democrats trying to cover up all there corruption and their is plenty of it!!! I really believe that these Democrats are done come the 2020 elections just for not doing nothing to stop this invasion on are borders, and for allowing more and more cost to the taxpayers of are country and the lawlessness to just keep growing!!! We the citizens Republican, Democrat, and liberal voters need to wake up and put an end to the Democratic party all over this country for it imperative that we get these sick and perverted Democrats out of office or we will lose this country forever!!!! I can only say it is up to us to stop all this hatred and the sick and perverted ideology that the Democrats are trying to push on us!!!! We are doing great with are president and if we lose are president in 2020 we will go back to stagnation and no growth and have no borders and the country whole country will end up just like California, San Francisco and all the Democratic run states broke and all crimes out of control !!! For me it really doesn’t matter what happens for I have lived out most of my life and it has been a great life for the most part, and it would be a huge travisty to see the citizens of this country lose all their freedoms and rights that are forefathers fought and died for just go up in smoke!!! I have nothing against the Democrats of old but today’s Democrats are nothing like in the past and those from the past would be rising from their graves if they could to condemn the Ideology of the Democrats of today!!!

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