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2020: Trump “Building One of the Largest Campaign Operations in History”

Brad Parscale, the manager of President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, told Laura Ingraham this week that the president was gearing up for a 2020 campaign that would eclipse his own stunning political victory in 2016.

Sounding supremely confident about Trump’s ability to secure a second term in office, Parscale predicted that Trump was going to position himself in such a way that his strengths as both a campaigner and as a president were evident to anyone paying attention to the election.

“Either way,” Parscale said, “he’s going to stay strong. He’s fighting for this country. He did this for no other reason but to save the country, and I don’t think he’s going to move away from that. It’s how we won the last election and it’s going to be how he continues to win.”

Parscale said that Trump’s streamlined 2016 campaign, which primarily relied on small donors and the candidate’s own personal funds, would be expanded into “one of the largest political campaign operations in history.”

“I think he’s put so much emphasis in what we’re building in 2020,” he said. “I go in weekly and give these reports.”

On the suggestion that Trump may not be looking to run a second time, Parscale scoffed. “He’d be wasting a considerable amount of time, which he does not like to do.”

Parscale also dismissed the suggestion that President Trump would be cutting down on the huge, rally-style approach this time around.

“He needs to get on the road also and talk about all of his achievements — all the promises have been kept — and get out there and do those things,” he insisted. “But rallies aren’t going away. We already have a couple on the line for this month. We’re going to continue to be out there. The president is going to get out there and engage with people.”

Near the end of the interview, Ingraham asked Parscale if there was any Democrat in the emerging field that Trump thought was more likely than any other to be the nominee.

“Today I said I had to go to the office to find a bigger binder because I’m trying to track all these candidates,” he said. “It’s going to get so thick. I mean, I’m flipping through the pages. I think right now, I don’t see any clear person that’s stepping up to the president.”

The smart money is probable still on Biden, though we could see a path for Bernie to win the nomination as well. Then again, who knows? Maybe Kamala Harris or Beto O’Rourke will pull a rabbit out of the hat. Hell, for all we know, the nominee may be someone who hasn’t even expressed interest yet. Someone like, say, Hillary Clinton.

No matter who it is, we have a feeling that Parscale and Trump are justified in their confidence.

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  1. The President needs to continue as described and of course pull as many Republicans, not RINOs, over the top. We need rid of the gridlock in order to finish his time full steam. It’s about time the Chinese among others realize they can’t just wait us out.

  2. President Trump needs to either promote Pence to a more active participant in the administration, or choose a strong, well known, scandal free, non-rino, conservative running mate. That would help to ensure another eight years of socialist free America after Trump.

      • What happened somebody take your welfare check snowflake?
        You need a “time out” go back to your parent’s basement “safe space”, play with your coloring books and crayons, drink your hot cocoa, and scream at the moon.

      • You comment exudes ignorance. It seems typical for the anti Trump people. No morals, no common sense, not smart enough to evaluate what is actually going on. Unable to have an intelligent conversation about what is really important in keeping America a beacon for the world.

      • Another moron liberal heard from, god you’re seriously pathetic. I bet you just loved that pos Obama and that thing he was married to. Still not sure if that is a man or a woman just thankful it’s gone.

      • People without intelligent thought or practical solutions always resort to vulgar language and blame somebody else. Nothing new here!

      • Maybe you should try fuck stump … that would be an easier accomplishment for an idiot like you. I’m sure you can find the knot hole.

        • Hey there, Mr. Dick hope you the best when, if you actually work I just dont understand The demwits at all. The country is moving in the right direction Staerting to build the wall finally i hope an keep them all out until they can come in here legally an they need to ROUNDUP all ILLEGALS an take them allto California, Chicago, NewYork City. But now the democRATS dont want them The KKK was run by DEMLOCRAS

      • Sounds like you’re one of those ‘SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD’ brats……

        If you were a child of mine and said something like that, you wouldn’t have been able to sit down or get the taste of soap out of your mouth for a good week…….

  3. Both sides should know that profanity is the inevitable linguistic crutch of the under educated and inarticulate and intellectually challenged.

  4. Hope Trump is elected, if not its Socialism, mass exodus of corporations, dollar devalued, killing of babies because of sex, boy vs. girl, elimination of Senior Citizens, an imminent economic collapse. China and other Nuclear powers may start a war as the military will be weakened.

    • I disagree. If Trump is not reelected, there will be civil war. We have come too far in a short time to let it all go to waste.

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