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ABC News Analyst: Sanders Proves His Sexism by Running Against Women

The big political news on the left this week is the all-out slapfight that has broken out between 2020 Democratic Party candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. A quick summary goes something like this: Warren says Sanders told her that a woman can’t win the presidency, Sanders says he never said anything of the sort. This plays out at the CNN debates, after which Warren stalks right up to her good buddy Bernie and says, “I think you just called me a liar on national television.” It’s all quite dramatic and very amusing.

On social media, it seems clear that Sanders is winning this particular feud. His supporters are rallying behind him hard, demanding refunds for any money they might have contributed to Warren’s campaign. Many of them are tweeting her name alongside snake emojis, an insult last deployed during the great Taylor Swift/Kanye West wars of 2016. Whether or not Warren will be releasing a “Look What You Made Me Do”-esque revenge single remains to be seen, but in the meantime, she has her share of defenders.

It’s just that not all of them make a whole lot of sense.

Take ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd. He decided that it was very easy to determine that Sanders was a sexist.

“You know one clear way to demonstrate that you believe a woman can and should be president? Don’t try to defeat a woman running for President,” Dowd tweeted.

Now, we’re not normally chomping at the bit to defend Crazy Bernie, but what? Maybe he’s a sexist and maybe he’s not. Maybe it’s sexist to contend that a woman can’t win the presidency and maybe it isn’t. But we’re pretty sure that unless the definition of sexism has expanded even beyond the definition of racism in 2020, there’s nothing “sexist” about running against a woman in a political race for the presidency?

“I’m not a Bernie supporter at all. But I think this Sanders & Warren controversy is completely overblown. Bernie is not a sexist,” one user tweeted.

To which Dowd responded: “What I find fascinating is that he keeps trying to defeat women running for president.”

Well yeah, you already said that, and it doesn’t make more sense with repetition.

“Look I also am not a Bernie supporter and I really hope he does not win the primary. But if he feels he wants to run for president and there are women who oppose him so be it. I don’t think we should hold that against him,” the other user replied, relying on a foundation of what used to be termed common sense.

“Point is if you really believe a woman can be and should be president then why are you trying to defeat women?” Dowd asked.

Well, all we can say is we hope there are no women in the world who want Dowd’s job at ABC News. Because by his logic, he’ll gladly relinquish the position to them if he wants to prove that he’s not a sexist.

A bit of a sidetrack from conservative politics, we suppose, but it just continually fascinates us how stupid some of the people who work in left-wing journalism really are.

What do you think?

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  1. Good grief. If Dowd is correct, then the rest of the male field running for President are all sexist. What a ignorant thing to say! For years women said they were equal and could do anything men could do. They never said that men had to drop out while women did it!

  2. Dear Matthew Dowd. Dizzy Lizzy is running against her elder. Does that mean she is prejudiced against the aged? Dizzy Lizzy is a crazy serial liar. Bernie is a liar, is/has been engaged in campaign finance violations and his campaign seems to be rife with anarchists and violent criminals. If we can believe DL, she can give us free, well, everything without raising taxes. Bernie, well, the same. DL stole Bernie’s platform almost to the letter. Bad policy does not discriminate. All races, sexes, genders, religions or other self-identification we can identify are wrong if they endorse genocide, or pandemics, or eugenics, or Tyrants. Bad policy can be pointed out absolutely clear of identity politics. That is a soooooper lazy argument. I hope you get better at your job when you grow up.

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