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ABC News Makes Angry Anti-Trump Pundit a Debate Moderator

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, last seen expressing shock that any Hispanics at all would support President Donald Trump, has been named by ABC News as one of the moderators of the upcoming third Democratic primary debate. Ramos, who is on record saying that “neutrality is not an option” when it comes to covering Trump, will join George Stephanopoulos, David Muir, and Linsey Davis in the September event.

In an excellent op-ed on ABC News’s choice in The Hill, opinion contributor Joe Concha drew some much-needed awareness to Ramos’s problems with objectivity:

As you’re likely aware, Ramos is not impartial. He’s an opinion-maker, particularly on immigration — and an activist. This 2015 Washington Post feature says it all in the headline, “Jorge Ramos: Part journalist, part activist, and now full-on Trump combatant.”

In 2016, Ramos wrote an essay in Time that notes, “It doesn’t matter who you are — a journalist, a politician or a voter — we’ll all be judged by how we responded to Donald Trump. Like it or not, this election is a plebiscite on the most divisive, polarizing and disrupting figure in American politics in decades. And neutrality is not an option.” 

Or just take Ramos’ word for it in his 2018 book “Stranger.”

“I’m completely convinced that on certain issues you have to take a stand. You can’t remain neutral. … I’m an immigrant and immigrants are under attack. I cannot remain silent,” he wrote.

Ramos is completely unfit for any role in which he is masquerading as a journalist and not a pundit/activist. His advocacy for open borders is anti-democratic and un-American. The media is frantic about Trump questioning the “loyalty” of American Jews who vote for Democrats, but we really would question the national loyalties of Ramos. He seems much more interested in the plight of illegal immigrants than he is about anything actually of concern to American citizens.

Alas, this is a recurring problem with the debates. NBC kicked things off with the absurd decision to put rabid Russia-conspiracy-babbling Rachel Maddow on their moderator panel, and CNN followed suit by inviting Trump antagonist Don Lemon to join their motley crew of questioners. Apparently ABC News was afraid that if they left the debate in the hands of actual journalists, the Mad Mob of Twitter would come out to get them.

Well, here’s a newsflash for ABC: You will NEVER get the respect of Leftist Twitter. You will only lose the respect of everyone else. And hiring Jorge Ramos is a pretty quick way to do it.  

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  1. The only reason anyone pays any attention to the socialist’s debates is to make fun of the participants. The upcoming round of debates in September will eliminate some of the many losers in an array of losers. I don’t watch their debates at all. I know all of the b.s. statements the ‘candidates’ make will be covered on Fox News & OAN News. That’s enough of a laugh for me. Trump will have an easy time of it when the time comes for debates with him. It will be so easy for him to defeat each and every one of these mentally deficient idiots.

  2. ABC is quickly becoming one of the worst media companies by pandering lies and innuendo in pre-election behavior. The DNC is not being fair in how the runners make it to the debate floor as they cheat for their favorites like they did Bernie when he ran against Hillary. Democrats are bad actors and the networks are aiding them. Ramos is an idiot and should not be on the stage or a participant.

    • the only reason that Ramos will be there is to ridicule President Trump with
      pointed questions. Ramos is a coward who loves the Nazi’s, he hates Jews
      and loves Muslim terrorists because they also hate Jews and the United States.
      Ramos want to have Latinos take over the country and bring Socialism here but
      the Latino community who are here does not want these illegals coming into their
      country illegally but Ramos is an idiot ad big mouth, he has no loyalty to this country
      only Venezuela, Cuba and Iran. Just listen to him and you will see his lies and
      pointed racism anti American questions

    • They do not, Latinos are the only people I know that will make excuses for the transgressions (i.e.) crimes of their own because they are of the same ethnic background being a Latino is no different than being a native to the Americas which in itself is not an accurate definition as in this continent was not called America then, any way the only difference between those people and our natives is in the language they speak, no that does not mean you are free to wander and squat where you please you need to obey the laws of those nations you decide to move to, if you utilized the the nomadic behavior even before the founding of nations you would have incited a war which there was warring tribes even before us Europeans arrived.

  3. Only brainless or people whose thinking is so deviant they serve absolutely no purpose and are of no value to existence watch the Communist party presidential candidate debates.

  4. Is Mr. Ramos an American CITIZEN or one of the Millions of Hispanic RESIDENTS, that are living off the Citizens of America? Everytime I See Ramos on FOXNEWS, I know HE represents Mexico, NOT THE USA, but to have this Biased Citizen of the World to monitor a DEM DEBATE, is a BAD DECISION FOR ABC, or any other DEM MEDIA ORGANIZATION, that Trots Ramos Out on the Stage!

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