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Biden Says “Nobody Should Be in Jail for a Nonviolent Crime”

In what has to be welcoming news to legions of drug dealers, car thieves, white collar criminals, tax cheats, and fraudsters of all kinds, Democratic primary frontrunner Joe Biden said in the last debate that he doesn’t think anyone who committed a nonviolent offense should be in prison. Now, perhaps Biden was really only talking about federal drug crimes – that was the nature of the question – but you really have to wonder sometimes when it comes to this guy. One minute he’s talking about leaving the record player on at home, the next minute he’s talking about setting everyone free from federal prison. Who the hell really knows?

“We should be talking about rehabilitation,” Biden said in Houston. “Nobody should be in jail for a nonviolent crime. As — when we were in the White House, we released 36,000 people from the federal prison system. Nobody should be in jail for a drug problem. They should be going directly to a rehabilitation. We build more rehabilitation centers, not prisons.

“I’m the guy that put in the drug courts to divert people from the criminal justice system. And so we have to change the whole way we look at this,” he continued. “When we put people in prison, we have to equip them that when they get out — nobody who got in prison for marijuana, for example, immediately upon being released — they shouldn’t be in there; that should be a misdemeanor. They should be out and their record should be expunged. Every single right should be returned.

“When you finish your term in prison, you should be able not only to vote but have access to Pell grants, have access to be able to get housing, have access to be able to move along the way,” he concluded.

There is a healthy argument for reducing prison sentences when it comes to nonviolent drug offenders. An argument for shifting our resources to the kinds of rehabilitation that Biden is talking about and away from hard prison time.

The thing is, we just don’t trust Democrats – even a supposed “moderate” like Biden – to get it right.

What do you think?

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    • There goes Sleepy old Joe…Panderer in Chief for the drug crowd and so-called nonviolent crime offenders. He doesn’t seem to care that a majority of the folks who are looking for drugs, are the ones who steal or cheat to get them. Taking something that doesn’t belong to you IS violent against the person you took it from. Taking drugs also leads to more crime, and if anyone thinks someone tossed into jail for drugs is going to stay clean when they get out, they’re crazy. The drug keeps calling their name, and as the need gets more violent, they take terrible chances to get them. By giving them back all their rights after jail is counter-productive. They get to vote for enablers like Biden, and that’s no joke. A serious drug charge should have a serious deterrent, Joe. What’s the matter with you, Joe? Are you trying to hide a drug habit? All you need is No-Doze, Sleepy Joe. And retire!

    • You are right as rain my friend…but someone is investigating him as we speak! He nor his demonrat party will escape the judgement of God! That makes me feel better!! How about you?

  1. Biden is a jackass with a failing mind. I know, he is just like the rest of the liberals, but he is running for president and like Hillary he is not qualified . Of course the other Democrats aren’t either but that is their problem.

  2. That is PRECISELY, Joe you are NOT in office and should NEVER hold office again. You are morally BANKRUPT like the REST of the Democrats . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. So I will go to Joe’s house and just start grabbing things without hurting anyone and say thank you joe. See you in court but I will be back to my home even when I was sentenced no jailing, it is non-violent crime! Na na na na na na. Bye Joe.

  4. PROBLEM is: This country and it’s leaders are criminals in that they decided this nation should NOT “WELCOME Jesus Christ and HIS word or Prayer and the ten Commandments into schools and courts and they decided that a nation w/out the TRUTH of the Gospel was possible! However, the fruits of what has happened since Abingdon v.Schempp/Engle v. Vitale (1962-3) and Stone v. Graham 1973 and Roe v. Wade have shown that when the “Foundations” be destroyed what can the righteous do? Psalms 11:3 KJV Joe Biden and all those that NON-Violently decided to “DESTROY” a nation that, at one time sought GOD, is now headed to the trashheap of Destruction! What was raised up for the glory of GOD/Jesus Christ has now come to NOTHING! All because someone, non-violently decided that they HATED “JESUS CHRIST” and the thought of Him, so NO one would be allowed to serve HIM! This would NON-Violently be taken away by the courts, and this nation would be destroyed all for the LOVE of MONEY and the New One Wolrd Order!

  5. I find it AMAZING that a man that has the knowledge he says he has and yet, can make such an IGNORANT statement of stupidity! There are four/4 Volumns of a Law book called “Blackstones Commentaries on the Law” and these laws directly influenced OUR laws of civil and state/federal laws on the books of any court today! INNCARCERATION is surely on the books of any state/civil and local courts for non-violent crimes! Get the books and see!

  6. ” Biden Says “Nobody Should Be in Jail for a Nonviolent Crime”
    Mike says “Sounds to me like someone has a guilty conscience.”

  7. Biden is a dumb ass motherfucker with shit for brains. So all people who commit fraudulent crimes should never go to prison? What a fucking dumb ass.

  8. Yoo, man, Biden, baby. Hey, cockysuckr, so I can keep stealing money from people by hacking into their checking accounts and transferring their moulah to my account? Don’t have to go to no fuckin prison fo that. Ya, tight, Biden bitch. Mafucker should be president.

  9. Then he should be there as we speak! Ukraine? Yea ,you know what I’m screaming…he and killery and the whole demonrat party should be in prison, and not a cushy one either! How about in tents in the desert? Sounds great to me!!!

  10. Well then, should we start money laundering, or maybe set up counterfeit money press in the basement? Oh, I know, let’s start a chop shop and just go out and pick up cars that are left alone. After all, it’s not violent. We could have a meth kitchen~~ IF we can figure out how to cook meth. Oh, we could think of a lot of fun things to do since we don’t have to go to jail.

  11. Yoo, yoo, Biden mafuckr. Does that mean I can keep hackin peoples bank accounts and transferrin the money to my account? You a bad ass cocksuckr if you let me do that. You go mafuckr! I votin for ya sorry ass.

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