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Bloomberg Panders, Credits His Success to Being a White Man

In a transparent attempt to win over some share of the black Democratic vote from Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg transformed into his pandering suit on Sunday for a speech in Tulsa that was just this side of mortifying. Because of his association with New York City’s stop-and-frisk policies, Bloomberg is desperately trying to convince the woke left that he’s not as racist as those police tactics might make him seem. He launched his campaign with an apology for them, and as seen in Oklahoma this weekend, he’s still busy distancing himself from any taint of racism.

From Axios:

The former New York mayor is giving a speech on the racial wealth gap and economic mobility in Tulsa on Sunday, delivering some of his most honest remarks on race since launching his presidential campaign. Bloomberg’s campaign is also releasing “the Greenwood Initiative,” an economic proposal that aims to address the lasting legacy of discrimination.

What they’re saying: “As someone who has been very lucky in life, I often say my story would only have been possible in America — and that’s true,” Bloomberg is expected to say at the Greenwood Cultural Center.

“But I also know that my story might have turned out very differently if I had been black, and that more black Americans of my generation would have ended up with far more wealth, had they been white.”

Bloomberg’s team maintains that he’s been aware of his privilege for a long time — because of his experience in New York City and because he’s a data guy familiar with racial disparities — but now he’s talking about it publicly.

So this is what it takes for a white man to run for the Democratic nomination in 2020, is it? You have to semi-disavow your success, because if you’d been born black it wouldn’t have been possible? You have to assure voters that you’ve “been aware of your privilege for a long time”? Does this crap really land with anyone, or is it just to allow the outrage mob to have their grins and chuckles, so impressed with their ability to make another white guy jump?

Putting parties aside, this country needs a leader in the White House. And leadership does not include apologizing to the racial grievance industry for a lifetime of success. You want to go teach classes at Claremont College or Yale? Sure, put on a little show. You want to be president? Prove that you aren’t so stupid and weak that you actually buy into the preposterous claims of the social justice left. Otherwise, give your entire fortune to an HBCU and spare the rest of us your sermon on white guilt.

What do you think?

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Written by Andrew


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  1. Bloomberg is a pathetic loser and will say anything you want to hear for your vote. I give minorities much more credit than to believe this bs. If Bloomberg thinks it’s all white privilege he is always free to give all of his money to the charity of his choice just don’t hold your breath.

  2. No matter what Bloomberg says, he is trying to buy the presidency. He has the personality of an old fish, the policies he espouses of a dictator and wants total control. He is not presidential material and if he has to resort to buying the job instead of convincing Americans he is worthy of it shows that he is not.

  3. Let’s see, Mikey. You were the mayor and you followed Rudy Giuliani’s policies of stop, talk & frisk. You took credit for the massive declines in murders and assaults during your tenure. You were already rich and you got richer. Your major initiative was to limit the ounces of slurpy size available in NYC. You say you can do better than Donald Trump. Please review his accomplishment list (its too long for this venue) keeping in mind he is working with a totally hostile House and Media, as well as Deep State operatives embedded in the Washington Bureaucracy. (Not arguable.) Name me a place you could do better. Foreign relations/Treaties? – NOPE. Illegal Immigration reform and prevention? – NOPE. Wall Street Stock Market? – NOPE. Military/VA pay, spending, technology, engagements? – NOPE. Getting Rid of Terrorists? Baghdadi/Soleimani – NOPE. Housing Market?- NOPE, The economy in general and the jobs creation, wage increases, opportunity zones unemployment numbers? – NOPE. I agree, none of these tops a big slurpee ban, but common, man! What would you improve? I know, get Kim Jung Un to stop drinking big Slurpees!

  4. Bloomberg stated today, hem supported and finance 21 House Democrat’s win the last
    Election and will do the same thing IF He doesn’t Win the Republican Nominee for
    President. Who willm Ever Vote for a person like now Democrat Bloomberg, to even TRY
    to be our Republican President?:

  5. He’s another typical Democrat…..attacking straight white males. These Democrats are the biggest racist blowhards on the planet the way they’re always attacking straight white males.

  6. Hey, it is the woke age, Mikey. Just identify as black, learn the walk, start using the slang in your speeches and get down with the struggle. You’re going to have to give up champagne for Schlitz Malt liquor or Colt 45. Upgrade your wardrobe (more color) Get with the Black Preachers and you are on your way. Have some free cash with you when you go. You will get some votes from the predictable places, but by and large, the voter of color is beginning to throw off the yoke of Democrat oppression. They have awakened in the Trump era, though initially skeptical, as many were, and see that his policies, not Democrat are moving their communities forward and upward at the same time. Sorry, Mikey, your game is lame and you showed up late.

  7. Hey, if Bloomberg wants to be black, he just declares that he is black and he is 30 years old again. Remember today you can say you are any color, race, age or gender or all of them. But he will not pretend he is poor . His is lying tbrough his teeth. He is a mega wealthy white supremacist. He is arrogant, pompous and spoiled by his riches. He hob nobs with his rich friends and buys anything and everything he needs. He has NEVER NEEDED FOR ANYTHING. He is a fraud and he does not care a rat’s arse about the regular American citizens. He just wants to be the President in his old age before he dies. He just need another feather in his cap to satisfy his bucket. When you can waste MILLIONS just to win an election and never miss it, YOU HAVE TOO MUCH MONEY. The LOVE OF MONEY IS A ROOT OF ALL EVIL and it is true.

  8. Hey Mike Bloomberg–If you truly believe what you said why not pay your share of reparations to the Blacks you are pandering to. That may get you more votes than blowing it on advertising to Trump supporters. You could spend just half of your 50 billion dollar fortune and make a much bigger difference to the Black community. White privilege is just more Marxist political hate speech meant to stir up racial divisions. Spend 25 billion on vocational training for Blacks–Put you money where your mouth is. I will bet you will not do that. You would rather give it to the advertisers who keep your Blomberg subscribers happy.

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