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Federal Elections Chief: Don’t Expect Final Results on Election Night

In some of the starkest comments yet about the uncertainties surrounding the 2020 election, which is certain to include more mail-in ballots than any other contest in U.S. history, the head of the Federal Elections Commission said Monday that Americans should prepare themselves for election night to come and go without a clear winner.

“Let me just tell everybody, we’re all going to need to take a deep breath and be patient this year because there’s a substantial chance we are not going to know on election night what the results are,” Commissioner Ellen Weintraub said on CNN.

Weintraub said delayed results could affect races down the ballot as well.

“Probably for the presidency, but maybe for many other races that are important to people, and that’s OK. If it takes a little bit longer to count all the votes accurately, that’s what we need to do in order to ensure that everyone’s vote counts,” she said.

Weintraub, a Democrat, said she’s not concerned about the potential for fraud with all of the mail-in ballots.

“It’s been done before. It’s safe. There is no substantial risk of fraud involved in absentee voting,” she said.

While the jury is still out on that remark – see New York’s primary for evidence of just how badly this can go wrong – Weintraub is on the same page as the president when it comes to how long we may have to wait for November’s results.

“Now, because of the China virus, we’re supposed to stay home, send millions of ballots all over the country. Millions and millions,” Trump told Axios this weekend. “You know, you could have a case where this election won’t be decided on the evening of Nov. 3. This election could be decided two months later.”

Trump warned, quite correctly, that this period of waiting may not be peaceful and procedural.

“Lots of things will happen during that period of time, especially when you have tight margins. Lots of things can happen. There’s never been anything like this,” he said.

Very true. But on the other hand, there has been something somewhat like this – at least in terms of waiting weeks for a result. We saw it in 2000’s Bush vs. Gore race, which ultimately came down to a Supreme Court decision. Just imagine the left’s fury if the 2020 election were to be decided, controversially, with a similar ruling. Already, some Democrats are predicting a surge in left-wing violence should Trump defeat Biden in November. How much worse will that spasm be if the end result is in dispute?

In a year where it sometimes feels like things couldn’t possibly get worse, we may find out otherwise.

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    • Yep. Happened in 2016 as California is what gave Hillary the popular vote win and they took a month to give their final calculations. If we switched to popular vote to decide the election well would be waiting a month anyway.

    • Not a chance. So many people despise him. He has hurt this country and it will take years to fix the relationships with other countries. He has hurt the Republican party for many years in the future. People will not forget how he divided the country and Republics senators followed him like lackeys. He should have been impeached. Anyone could have done a better job saving lives during the pandemic.

      • Mike, you’re on the wrong site.

        Trump couldn’t have divided the country, because it was already divided before he came. Don’t sit there and pretend we were so united under Obama. Obama divided this country down every demographic in the book. The pandemic came from Red China, and you people have falsely blamed Trump for it. You people have been screaming the GOP is toast for years now. You are full of it.

  1. There will be several cars with trunks loaded with overlooked ballots in any state where the Democrats are losing… how many cars depends on the amount of ballots need to swing the state to the Democrats… sheesh ! Crooked Bast*rds

    • That’s like the pot calling the kettle black. He is in the process of trying to rig the election. Main in ballots have been used for years. He lying just as he has told thousands of lies/ How can you believe him? Do you fall for lies like this in your business dealings? Can I sell you a bridge?

  2. Don’t think your going to brain washing into believing it’s okay not to get the results on November 3rd. We the American people demand that we have them that night. Each and every vote should be accounted for, and every state should know their results like we normally do. We will not stand for anything else. Make it happen.

  3. “And then we’re gonna get to work fixing the mess that President Trump and Vice President Pence have created, both at home and abroad,” Biden said. “Through four years of mismanagement and coddling of terrorists and thugs around the world.” I don’t see what’s wrong. He described it perfectly.

    Also the election will be over that night because Biden will win in a landslide. All of the people that despise Trump have been waiting for this election day. His base is only 28% and he has lost part of that because of the terrible job he had done. More than 70,000 people have died, many due to his incompetent handling of the situation. The vote will be a landslide so it won’t be necessary to count the votes that had not yet been tallied. The surprise to the majority is that so many of his followers cannot seem to tell the difference between someone doing a good job and someone doing a terrible job.

  4. It won’t be necessary to tally any of those votes. Trump will lose this election by a bigger number of votes than any candidate has ever lost a presidential election. Hes has divided the country, he is an egotistical maniac and is despised by patriots who realize the damage he has done to this country. He allowed a bounty to be put on our soldiers and did not say a word. He is attempting to destroy the Postal system and doesn’t care if it affects the elderly. He hurt people when he was in business not caring about the little guy and is still doing it. He has not change of winning because the majority of the country despise him. A food religious man, are you kidding me?

  5. I think if results are not final by midnight Nov. 3rd., the election should be voided.

    There was enough crap in 2018 to show voter fraud changed many electIons, cases where months late more Democrat votes were found until elections were changed by fewer than 200 votes & they were always Democrat votes.

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