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Joe Biden Would Have Made Warren His VP


It took Joe Biden months to decide not to run for president. Biden stated that he was sure that if he had run for president, he would have made Elizabeth Warren as his running mate. And he believes that Warren would still be Clinton’s best choice as his replacement if she should win the election in November.

Biden, a centrist senator, would have chosen the Massachusetts senator to help combat the anti-establishment, anti-bank anger to his left.

Elizabeth Warren supports the proposal of breaking up the big banks and re-implementing Wall Street regulations from the 1930s to prevent a global financial crisis. Biden said Warren would have been the “only real choice” when speaking to an official.

Biden said in an interview on Tuesday that he had considered running for president and felt he was the best choice for president, but the current VP made the decision not to run after the loss of his son Beau.

While he may not be running for president, Biden noted that Warren would still make an excellent pick for Hillary Clinton, who has been criticized harshly for her ties to Wall Street and refusal to release the transcripts of her speeches to Goldman Sachs.

According to sources close to the matter, Biden had brought up the idea of Warren as a running mate in the early stages of campaign talks. Sources say he approached Warren matter of factly, reportedly telling her that he wanted her to be his running mate, but never asked her to endorse his candidacy or commit to the position. Warren was apparently “noncommittal,” but was not displeased with the idea.

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