Latest Polls Show a Clear, but Difficult, Path to 270 for Trump

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  1. I don’t know what’s happening with this government, I don’t think anyone does! But I do wonder how Clinton can be ahead of Trump in many of the polls! I also think that IF Clinton somehow makes it back into OUR White House, this country as we know it IS DOOMED!!! I am some what happy that I have a short time left on this planet but, I feel very sorry for the up and comers of this world, they are in for a VET tough and long ride to the bottom! PLEASE VOTE TRUMP, IT IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY!!!

    • May I say, I do believe that many know what is happening in Government today! Taking a look back, what we are facing in this election is the final step in the long ago planned ‘New World Order”. To conclude the plan is open borders and the end of the freedom we have taken for granted. Already complete is the de-industrialization of America paid for by our tax dollars, the take over of the school by the feds and church by the IRS, free trade and socialized medicine We have many control laws sold to us as a government that has concern for us. What is left? Gun confiscation, well on the agenda of a first priority for Hillary and her many in that conspiracy.

  2. Confucius said, ” There is one word which may serve as a rule of practice for all one’s like – reciprocity!”
    Twice, Hillary Clinton has been trusted by the American people. She has had significant failures in both trusted position, one that cost the lives of four good Americans as she failed to accept and carry out her duty and responsibility to provide safe and secure working environments for State Department personnel; her duty – a failure and her cross to bear.
    In turn for her arrogance that she feels she can do no wrong, she operated an illegal sever and sent Highly Classified information over her insecure network that anyone with minimal skill could tap into and, as we are now hearing- several countries have been tapping into our networks;- there is no reason to believe our enemies do not have copies of those emails and our national secrets.
    SO – accepting Confusion’s remarks; American voters have an opportunity to do for Hillary what she has done TO Americans and this country; in return for her failures, her lies, her huge costs to the American Tax Payer when bailing he out of her failures and her waste of Tax Payers money – in return – WE SHOULD NOT GIVE HER THE PRIVELAGE OF OUR VOTE!
    She failed us – why should we reward her – for her lies, for her failures, for the deaths of Americans that she had a duty to, and for her high cost to Tax Payers as she ran around the world instead of attending to her duty in her office! She brags about how many countries she visited during her appointment as Secretary of state; those visits averaged over two per month for the four years she was in office. Had she stayed in her office a little more and accepted her duty, responsibilities and obligations – we would not have lost the lives four good Americans, we would not have needed to spend over 300 million dollars investigating her illegal serve and emails.
    Anyone who believes we owe her anything has a very low respect for this nation and the American people!

  3. Rome is considered to have fallen in 476 A. D. with the invasion by the Germanic Warlord Odoacer. the United States will be considered to have fallen on 8 Nov. 2016 if Hillary Clinton “wins” aka steals the election. may God have mercy on our souls if that happens, because Hillary and her gang won’t.



  5. Bill and Hillary’s days are numbered and they know it. All this corruption is happening right on schedule, for Obama to declare martial law. He will probably have the Clintons taken out, when she gets into office. They are the ultimate in “useful idiots” and don’t even realize it. I truly believe that Obama wants a third term, and way beyond. When the FBI and DOJ collude into a perfect storm of immunity from prosecution, we are in deep trouble. Fixing the election, should come easy, to say the least. He has all of his FEMA camps at the ready. Next they (UN police force) will go door to door to disarm the populace. They will then proceed to load us into vehicles, and ship us off to the camps. Game over. I do not hold out much hope for our survival as American Patriots. We can prep and fight them off for a while, however, in the end they will win.

  6. (Past History on Democrat Majorities) 7 Million Americans Died from “Radiation Fallout Cancers” during
    the last 40 years–from the 1950s Truman Era-! (‘Background Here is Simple’-!) “We Hit Japan with 2
    WMDs to Win WW-II”-! (We saw what it did to the Japanese People) In 1950s–“We Stupidly Hit USA in
    Nevada with over 250 WMDs in Nevada & Polluted the Entire United States even to the East Coast”-!
    Who Wants to Vote & “Trust Democrats Again”! (“How Can You Ever Cure a Stupid Hippie Generation”-?)
    In 1954–We Lost “John Wayne & Susan Hayworth” + his camera-crew/ radiation cancers’–when they
    unknowingly “Filmed” on a Radiation Fallout Area-! (Atomic Pollutions have a deadly half-life” of over 50
    years-!) Last year–on the east coast, Joe Biden’s Son died from Cancer-! (In the early Fallouts–I “Lost
    5 members of my ‘Close-Family’ from Radiation Cancers”-!) I have (8) news-clippings’ of “Freedom Of
    Information” Act–disclosures where Fed. Govt used American Citizens as “Guinea-Pigs” for Secret Tests
    of Chemical, Germ War-fare, & Atomic Radiation-! (In addition, Army Researchers sprayed ‘zinc cadmium
    sulfide’ a chemical now associated with Cancer–over more than 200 American Cities–Nationally-! Now–
    We Know Feds Were the “Virus”–that Gave Us “Cancers”-! (“I lost 5 of my Family–How about the Rest
    of You”–‘How many of your Families have died in the last 40 years from Cancers’-? ) Fed. Lawyers had
    ‘Memos’ to make everything “Top Secret” to reduce the chance of “Legal Civil Lawsuits” for Damages of
    Deaths & Hospital-Bills-! (Another Democrat “Cover-Up” that lasted over 44 years & finally disclosed in
    1994 by “Freedom of Information Acts”-!! “No Wonder–They’ve been nick-named “The Death-Party”-! )
    Recent News–207,000 Vets died on “Death-Panel Waiting Lists” waiting for 1st Appointments for VA
    Hospitalizations-! (Peace-time) Compared to (war-time) Only 30,000 troops were killed in 1st 2 Waves
    of the Normandy Beach Invasion-! Maybe Obama wants these Dead-Vets replaced by Muslims–didn’t he
    Say So–Recently-!? Maybe we’ll bury them along-side the 56 Million Aborted Babies-whom he also hated-!

  7. I see the left is still using excuses like Hillary’s Crimes as a reason. Of course they call it Comey’s fault that he reported on these crimes.