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Media Be Damned: Most Americans Think Trump Will Win Re-Election

To hear it from the mainstream media and all of their favorite polls, you’d have to believe that the days of Donald Trump’s presidency are short, indeed. According to RealClearPolitics, Trump is currently 10 points behind Biden if you take all of the biggest polls and average them together. FiveThirtyEight has Biden winning 85% of their theoretical matchups. The media is telling us, every day and in every way, that Trump is about to lose – and lose massively. Politico put the finishing touches on this narrative this weekend when they reported that Republicans are starting to peel away from the president, so confident they are about his impending loss.


Well, maybe it’s the fact that we went through all of this once before in 2016.

Maybe it’s the fact that the media has lied so brazenly and consistently about the “peaceful protests” we’ve seen around the country since May.

Perhaps it’s because the media went to great lengths to smear a good man in Brett Kavanaugh and because they are using a similar playbook to ruin Amy Coney Barrett.

Or, you know, maybe it’s because of the Russia hoax and its sequel, the impeachment embarrassment.

Whatever the reason, though, it’s clear that most Americans are not buying into the narrative that Trump is going to lose to Biden on November 3rd.

From The Spectator:

Survey after survey has found that, regardless of which candidate they support, a majority of respondents predict a Trump victory. Yet another confirmation of this phenomenon is available in a recent Gallup poll.

According to the Gallup survey, “56% of Americans expect Trump to prevail over Biden in the November election, while 40% think Biden will win.” This includes 90 percent of Republicans, 56 percent of independents, and 24 percent of Democrats. This is not the first time Gallup has polled voter expectations: The polling firm asked Americans for their predictions in every election year from 1996 through 2012: “In each of these polls, Americans accurately predicted the winner of the popular vote.” This is a far higher accuracy rate than many pollsters can claim, and it obviously raises the following question: “What does the general public know that the pollsters don’t?”

Very, very interesting. Almost every poll out there has more Americans preferring Biden. And yet, when asked to predict the election, voters overwhelmingly believe that Trump is going to win a second term. Is this a reflection of the public’s (lack of) trust in the American news media? Is it a consequence of the polls being so wrong in 2016? Or is it just that people are looking around at their neighbors, seeing a decided lack of Biden signs, and coming to the obvious conclusion?

In less than a month, all the guessing will be over. In the meantime, more than half of Americans are pretty sure that Trump is a long, long way from finished.

What do you think?

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  1. What has Biden ever accomplished since he has been a so -called politician ? And now he is just a senile old man who can’t say shitz with a mouth full.

  2. He SHOULD win, but the Dems are sure they’ve got the election sewn up because the “Fix” is in. They’re gonna cheat and there’s nothing we can do about it. Prove me wrong.

  3. Us good niggas ain’t votin for Joey Bidumbass. Us good niggas is votin Trump. Trump is da man, mafuckas. That Bidumbass cocksucka is one weirdo mafucka. He got shit for brains. He was a lousy VP for me. I hated the shithead. But we like those blowjobs Kammy Harrisuckscocks gives out, man. That bitch knows how to suck a cock.

    Bidumbass/Harrisuckscocks 2020

  4. The main stream media has become a communist propaganda puppet for the demarates. The main stream media can never be trusted again.

  5. Media has worn out it’s welcome in most American households. They started going down the wrong road starting with Walter Crankcase in the late 60’s lying to America about the Vietnam war. The left may have brainwashed many people but even they are questioning our direction with all the failed countries the left has destroyed. This will never be a third world cess pool Berry was steering us toward.

  6. Sorry for some bad news: As of (6 Oct 2020) the Florida Democrats have a lead of 774,643 in VBM over Republicans and the (NPA’s) No Party Affiliation VBM votes are coming in about 2 to 1 in favor of Biden. If this continues Trump has LOST FLORIDA. Without Florida Trump has almost no chance of winning back the WH. With out a massive turn out for Trump on election day it’s all over. In addition RINO’s are voting in large numbers for Biden. Truly it doesn’t look good. The polls may be right.
    Note: In Florida there are – Reps:5,020,199 Dems:5,203,795. NPA’s:3,653,046
    Update as of yesterday Dems VBM was 788, 654

  7. The democrat-loving, Trump hating media said the same thing in 2016, they thought that the win was bought and paid for, remember?

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