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2020 Democrats are Going Full Radical on the Subject of Guns

At the outset of the 2020 Democratic presidential campaign, it looked as though only a couple of the candidates were going to go full-on gun-grabber in an attempt to win over America’s liberal voters. Rep. Eric Swalwell was one of the loudest nutjobs out of the gate, proclaiming proudly that he would make “assault weapons” illegal and follow up the ban with confiscation of some sort. But as the campaign season has matured, more and more of the candidates are coming out with policy proposals that go at least as far as Swalwell’s. This radicalism was on clear display in the first debates, where each candidate seemed eager to “outgun” the others…so to speak.

“We should have smart guns,” said former Vice President Joe Biden, who is being pulled to the left on this and other issues. “No gun should be able to be sold unless your biometric measure could pull that trigger. It’s within our right to do that. We can do that. Our enemy is the gun manufacturers, not the NRA.”

Biden’s decision to let the NRA off the hook certainly won’t be popular with the left, which has cherished making the pro-gun organization its number-one bogeyman, but his idea of banning all guns without biometric locks is ludicrous. The technology is not there yet – what’s more, it’s not on the market. If Biden were to make sign such a law, it would essentially constitute a ban on every gun in America. Not sure whether to mark this as radical or merely uninformed.

As for Swalwell, he hasn’t backed off the issue either. Months after getting into a spat on Twitter where he essentially threatened to drop a nuclear bomb on any American who resisted his extreme gun policies, the California congressman said that he would ban all “military-style semiautomatic assault weapons.”

“Keep your pistols,” he said, magnanimously. “Keep your rifles. Keep your shotguns. But we can take the most dangerous weapons from the most dangerous people.”

The vast majority of the 15 million AR-15-type rifles in America are, of course, not in the hands of “the most dangerous people.” But why let inconvenient facts get in the way of your horror story?

Kamala Harris praised Swalwell’s idiotic ban-and-buyback plan, but she said she was prepared to go even further.

“I will give the United States Congress 100 days to pull their act together, bring all these good ideas together and put a bill on my desk for signature,” she said. “And if they do not, I will take executive action, and I will put in place the most comprehensive background check policy we’ve had.”

And on down the line: From Kristen Gillibrand to Bernie Sanders to Pete Buttigieg, every Democrat has signed on to gun measures that are blatantly unconstitutional and borderline tyrannical. It’s an extremist’s market in this party; hopefully, the American people aren’t buying.

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  1. They should all have a gun stuck up there ass, And then let a couple of trained monkeys run around behind them and pull the trigger. LOL I love It.

    Stock up on your Ammo.

    • Let the Democratic keep trying to take away gun rights and it’s more votes for Trump.
      When you look at what Hitler did to Germany and Castro in Cuban. Muslim in Europe and UK.
      We need Trump 2020
      Build the wall
      Our country isn’t safe with open borders and to much crime in Welfare, food stamps and Foster Care. It’s costing tax payers supporting the caravans and non-vetted refugees.
      Trump need to keep cleaning up Obama’s agenda.

  2. With a sad heart I no longer support the Democratic Party. They stand for hating America, socialism/communism and the the destruction of America. What a sad and wacko bunch they have become. It is time to vote all including many republicans out of office. It is also time to take away their plush retirement and medical benefits. Congress is to make no laws for the citizens and exempt themselves. Time to take away their golden parachutes.

  3. These people do not understand the constitution the bill of rights or the need for the 2nd amendment.This country was founded on freedom.The need for the 2nd amendment is to protect our freedom from domination by extremeists.We are seeing this in motion right now.

    • Well said. But actually the right to bear arms was protection for yourself and against a government take over! And the Democratic Party I was a part of at one time didn’t stand for the things they stand for . They are the communist party, freedoms that our forefathers made sure of these dems are out to destroy and will destroy this great nation.

    • Good example is how Hitler took over Germany. Then Europe. We are fighting to close Our borders from invasion. Europe and UK is full of Refugees and terrorists. Who’s going to be be helping them get stable. Muslim take over.
      Castro another issue. Castro kicked my neighbor out of Cuba and took everything they owned, at gun point by Castro’s Military.
      Under Obama we have no idea what his agenda was with open borders. Was it Muslim take over. Good example is Judges he appointed. Three women in Congress and the Senate. Who gave them Citizenship? They want Muslim laws. They are Democrats and probably financed by Muslims Brotherhood.
      Trump 2020.
      We need our guns to stay safe.

  4. NavyPo2, I beg to differ. They are fit to serve , as the epitome of the bad example !!! Of exactly what not to do in this country of freedom not found anywhere else !!!

  5. The Democrat’s extremist socialist/communist agenda will never come to fruition because we have been given these preliminary examples of just what degree of oppression they are willing to comprehend in order to attain their goals. Those of us who support the constitution and the freedoms embodied therein are armed, ready, and willing to take whatever actions are necessary to protect the nation from “all enemies both foreign and domestic.” That list includes those who would attempt to deny us our means of accomplishing our mission to provide that protection. That list also includes their fascist Antifa puppets, radical Muslim terrorists, and any others who would dare to threaten our Republic. I make that out to be an armed force of approximately 100,000,000 people, in possession of well over 300,000,000 weapons,

    • Yeah…Here are some very frightening things to think about if you are a Democrat/Liberal…while I am an advocate for “peaceful seperation” and do not advocate Civil War in it’s ugly form, I certainly am not going to stand by and let the “balloons” (AOC), and the “gas bags”(Pelosi, Schumer etc.) to allow my Country to become another shithole like they want it to become so they can “rule with an Iron rod”…
      1.Leverage…Destroying the power grid in the USA(with the exception of Texas, which is in firm Right control)would be relatively simple…and without a functioning Power grid it would severely cripple the US Government…Chaos would ensue…
      2.Numbers…it would take approximately 30% of the GrassRoots right to mount an effective rebellion against the US Government…in 2016, 65,000,000 voters(approximately)elected President Trump to the Presidency which is 27% of the Population of the US…only 10% of these would be needed to be “actively, physically”involved in a rebellion scenario…
      3.Military…in 2016 over 2/3 of the Military voted for President Trump…in the likelihood of an armed rebellion against the US Government, there would probably be a Conservative estimate of a 50-65% DESSERTION rate in the Armed Forces right at the start…there is no way the vast MAJORITY of Military perssonell is going to open fire on the Citizens of the US, simply because many of their family members would be part of the resistance…
      4…22 MILLION VETERANS, with again a 2/3 Majority voted for President Trump, would be “weaponized” against the US Government…their invaluable service would not only be in logistic, but in technical, and tactical, use…and their ability to train others who have had no military training…
      5. G4 battle tactics would severely limit the overwhelming majority of their weapons superiority…In other words we would be able to strike at any moment, from anywhere with almost lightning speed, because we could effectively hide in plain sight…
      6.Battle terrain…they would be severely limited because without logistical support coming in from the “HEARTLAND” of America, they could only fight as long as their supplies would last…Not only that but 55% of the armed FORCES of the right would be under-trained, in guerrilla warfare, and the RIGHT could use it’s vast MAJORITY of trained guerrilla fighters to effectively shut down their ability to “improvise, and adapt”…
      7. Conscious will…Imagine the vast MAJORITY of Urbanites living without running water, lights, or “God helps us” the INTERNET or iPhones…how many Progressive Americans could live without these commodities for long…their will to resist would be short indeed…!
      8. Foreign Involvement…Russia would like nothing better than to shut down the US Government, that has accused them of everything from espionage, to “election racketeering” without much solid proof…and their economy is hurting because of this…they would gladly help any resistance force with tactical, and logistical support, and China would very, very reluctantly help the Left, knowing their economy would suffer severely…!The UN would not get involved due to it’s vastly under-funded, and policy of non-interference in a Sovereign Nations Civil matters…
      9.The Government would absolutely not be able to use it’s NUCLEAR capability because it would not be able to tactically deploy it…the Majority of the Left live in the Coastal Cities, or by the large river systems…this would be self defeating…
      10. With 650,000 Civil Police in the US(local sherriffs, and local police) the vast majority would be involved in “containing” civil unrest(riots, looting, vandalism, the result of the initial Chaos…)
      11.Imagine if a captain on one of our Nuclear Submarines turned rebel, and decided to hold Washington DC ransom?

      A Government that is squeezed from all sides, and is vastly “OUT GUNNED” would soon capitulate and sue for peace…A severely frustrated, and angry Right wing Party, would absolutely want a “Left wing cleansing” and traitors would be severely dealt with…Here’s looking at you AOC, Omar, Tailab, Pelosi, Schumer, Comey, Hillary, Obama,….It took the Colonists 6-8 years(Conservatively)to overthrow, and defeat the most powerful Nation on the Earth, imagine how quickly things could spiral out of control here in the US today, with the Military, and civilian populace determined to “live free, or die hard”…Just a few of my thoughts on the event that Civil War does break out…Ann Coulter, and Rush Limbaugh, two very Conservative authors and pundits, are saying that President Trump will be the LAST REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT the Conservatives will elect because of the influx of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, who will nullify your vote who, will turn 18 in 4 years…at this time the CONSERVATIVES will have ZERO political power…Game over!

  6. Well said David Small. Americans had better get their collective heads out of the sand and pay real close attention to the bit-by-bit methods of the DNC aka Socialist party. All hell will break loose should they get one of theirs in the White House.

  7. The democrats/socialists/ communists, do not understand how serious the majority of Americans take and revere the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. We love and adhere to these documents! If these lying anti-American democrats/communists try to take away our rights, guaranteed by these documents and God, there will be Hell to pay.

  8. As a vietnam vet with family and friends serving our great country in ww1 ww2 korea vietnam and desert storm the leftist socialist commie dems as the saying goes ” will have to pry my guns out of my cold dead hands”

  9. As a nation, we definitely do not need a Swalwell….What we do need is a “swell Wall” and it cannot wait any longer!

  10. Time to start carrying concealed…. or open carry. We cannot let these Communists have our guns!

  11. At this moment in time, the most critical thing to do is build the wall on the southern border and not accept any more illigal entries. We also should fly the ones who have entered, back to the countries from which they have come. We have huge military transports capable of doing the job.

  12. Biden is foolish. Hey, the NRA is your enemy! All these liberals have no idea how many firearms there are in the U.S.,nor do they understand the 2A. They have no patriotism and no respect for the Constitution. Any of ;the 22, if elected will try to ruin this nation.

  13. The only difference between Muslim and CATHOLIC “C” is the continent they destroy………. R and D are meaningless. ……. It is CATHOLIC “C” traitors v American patriots……. Catholics do not integrate. Catholics invade, then dominate, then eliminate. Be “C” or be dead. Call it like it is. they are ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC “C” INVADERS. Know who the enemy really is. A third of all politicians are “C” traitors. Half call themselves r, half d. CATHOLICS that call themselves ‘r’ do not like Roe v Wade. CATHOLICS that call themselves d’ do not like guns…….. CATHOLICS are NOT Americans, they are CATHOLICS…….Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for a traitor and failure forever.

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