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Bloomberg: “Average American” Shouldn’t Be Carrying a Gun

Asked to remark on Sunday’s near-catastrophe at a church in White Settlement, Texas, 2020 Democratic contender Michael Bloomberg admitted that, having reviewed the evidence and watched the video, that he was completely wrong about his draconian stance on gun control. He praised the hero of the shooting, Jack Wilson, and the other parishioners who drew their weapons in the face of evil. He promised to abandon his tireless efforts to disarm the public and devote the rest of his presidential campaign to atoning for his mistakes.

No, of course none of that happened.

With his armed guards nearby, Bloomberg told an Alabama audience that we should just leave our individual protection to the police and leave the Second Amendment in the dustbin of history.

“You just do not want the average American carrying a gun in a crowded place,” said Bloomberg.

Well, we’re not sure who Bloomberg is referring to when he says “you” or “average American,” but we’re pretty sure that the “average Americans” in that Texas church are extremely grateful that the Second Amendment exists. We’re pretty sure they are all ABOUT good guys with guns being armed and ready in case a psychopath makes his move. We’re pretty sure they are glad they weren’t left to depend on the police for their protection on Sunday, because a whole lot of them would not have been around to thank them for their rapid response.

With their frequent exhortations for “common sense” gun control, people like Bloomberg cast themselves as heroes of the people, fighting hard to protect Americans from Republicans, guns, and the NRA. But the truth is that it is Bloomberg who is wildly out of touch with the people, and he is an enemy to the Bill of Rights. His gun control policies would do nothing to save a single life and they would do nothing to stop a single mass shooting. Instead, they would only ensure that these psychos have plenty of target-rich environments from which to choose.

It’s great that the New York billionaire politicians of the world can afford/be afforded armed protection. Unfortunately, that’s a bit out of reach for the “average American” that Bloomberg clearly disdains so much. So we’ll rely on our freedom to keep and bear arms, just as our fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers did. And hopefully, there are enough of us still around to make sure that elitists like you, Mayor Bloomberg, never exert your unconstitutional will on our free society.

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  1. As a Canadian I envy your constitution and the “RIGH to BEAR ARMS” as it should be . Forbidden in Canada except for our protectors who are sometimes worse than crooks .Legal gun ownership in Canada is full of hoops and loops for the average joe and so complicated unless you are a lawyer, however gun ownership is simple for lawbreaker’s, simply cross the border and VOILA, help yourself,
    $200 gun in USA sells for $3000 in Canada and you can even “RENT a GUN” if you want to do the job yourself, but have no fear Canadians, RCMP will protect you right across this 3000 mile wide country and if you as a Canadian take the law into your hands, the criminal will sue you and you will loose.
    If allowed in Canada, I and all my friends would be armed.

  2. Perhaps at any given time Americans don’t need to carry a weapon but it isn’t this rich jerk’s job or place to sound off on is none of his business!

    • Bloomberg, has demonstrated his political incompetence, & irresponsibility towards America’s fine, & upstanding citizens! By his very ignorant statements, he has “proven” his inability to lead this Nation!

      This is the type of elitism, that plagues this nation, & the *Demoncrat party! When one “considers” the *Demoncrat party platform, it flies in the face of patriotism, our Constitution, & personal responsibility!

      Unfortunately, he one of the “better” candidates….& Bloomberg is totally un-acceptable for the leadership of this NATION! [ What does that say for the “other 20, or so”, *Demoncrat idiots, vying for this job?……:O{{{

    • Bloomturd said we needed to raise taxes on poor people, so they couldn’t afford to buy sugary drinks, and this would cause them to live longer. (So he can also raise their taxes for a longer period of time.)
      He believes honest and God fearing citizens shouldn’t carry a firearm.
      When a criminal, WITH A GUN, comes into your house … that insures the criminal will live longer … sorry no help for YOU.
      Doomsburg for POS ~ 2020
      TRUMP/PENCE ~ 2020 ~ KAG ~ WWG1WGA

  3. First of all you arrogant bastard, what would you know about the “average” American? Sounds a lot like what the Austrian house painter was saying in the 1930’s.

    • Bloomberg is below average, so his opinion doesn’t’ count for much. Actually, he would not qualify for gun ownership…so he should just buzz off.

  4. Bloomberg you pompous ass.The average American would not elect you for dog catcher or for President. With policys like yours you will never see the inside of the White House!! All your money Isn’t going to buy you into the White House.Shut the F-up and just go away.We the average American people don’t’ want you as our President.we the people love god our country our freedom our vets our flag our great president Trump our right to bare and carry arms and most of all our family!I think I speak for the average American voter!!! Kiss off you POS Donald Trump 2020

  5. Bloomberg you are a schmuck. How come you have a personal body guard ? Why don’t you get rid of them. You are certainly not better than the ” average” American.

    • Maybe you ought to come to Texas to see real average Americans exercising their God given right to keep and bear arms. You cant pass ten people on the street with out realizing at least half of them are clearly armed. If Bloomberg had his way he would be dictating every step of our lives. Under his rule you couldn’t pull into Sonic and get a Route 44 Cola. Under his rule Sonic, Taco Bell and Burger King might be outlawed. We would all be eating soy and kale plain with no seasoning. We would not eve have a two inch bladed knife to defend ourselves under his rule. In the end the anarchist masses rule under Bloomberg. As for me I will remain here in Sweet Mother Texas.

    • You are wrong. You don’t have a clue how many average Americans are carrying concealed. Someday you might be very glad to know who might have a weapon. Go to any rural or small town area in America and you will find average Americans who refuse to give up their 2nd Amendment rights.

  6. That is something the DEMOCOMMUNISTS DREAM about. Disarming “average Americans” so TYRANNICAL DICTATORS like him (and many LIKE him) can Use, abuse, CONTROL, or ‘eliminate’ anyone they choose, if they are disarmed. Armed populace are free citizens, disarmed populace are considered “subjects of the crown”, and THAT, my Friends, will always Lead to ABUSE by TYRANNICAL government DICTATORS.

  7. USN VET
    AMEN! We are the protectors of the constitution. We average Americans you know Bloomberg the deplorable the ones who believe in God, believe in Freedom, believe that a man is INNOCENT till PROVEN guilty. No we are not all rich. No we don’t all have armed body guards or paid for protection. But you know what? I’d stand shoulder to shoulder with any American against the likes of You or Biden or Warren or the rest. We know what it’s like to stand up for ourselves. I would trust and conceal carry permit person over a paid body guard. And you know what why in hell would anyone want to harm a lowlife like you anyway. Bad guys don’t go after rich people like you the go after the working man. Or the innocent in GUN FREE ZONES. You people want to run the world but your AFFRAID you can’t if the average American still possess firearms and can stop you. In the impeachment trial you had two democrats who said the constitution was law of the land and no one can change it to suit them yet they are always trying to kill the second amendment. They made that president and they shouldn’t be allowed to pass these laws then if they said that no one was above the constitution.

  8. The average citizen should be entitled to CARRY a gun as per the U.S. Constitution, and BLOOMBERG should NOT be a POTUS, since he is NOT presidential POTUS material. He is a TRAITOR to the U.S. Constitution and the U.S.A. which COMPLETELY disqualifies him for ANY office. Don’t voter for him if you care for this country. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  9. Bloomberg, you hypocrite, What would you know about “average Americans”… You , who put yourself so high above everyone with your millions and your pride… Get Lost. Don’t try to tell the rest of us we cannot try to protect our families. We don’t have bodyguards and rabid dogs, and fenced homes and security systems. we don’t live in the bubble of safety that you do, with your billions..Just shut the Hell up!

  10. The miserable SOB needs to give up his body guards that are hired guns. He bought the Democrat elections in Virginia with one thing in mind—-Gun Confiscation — Why is he so intent on disarming our citizens. The tyranny he displays is what our forefathers warned us against, and is the reason for The Second Amendment. Bloomberg and SOROS should both be considered enemies of our country and all of their holdings should be confiscated to prevent the buying of politicians and overthrowing our Constitution and law enforcement.

  11. Bloomberg is correct. The average citizen should not have a gun but it’s their right to own one regardless. But for the millions of veterans who have handled guns thru military training and the millions of gun owners that have taken all sorts of training classes, do not need be included in your statement Mr. Billionaire. So, that basically reduces the number of people in your mind by quite a margin. If the laws produced by our so righteous yet ignorant politicians were enforced to the inth degree, I would guess our gun problem would not be so much of a problem. So that pretty much shoots the shit out of your idea and leaves us with just one thought….power and control by the few over the many. As long as we can defend ourselves, people like you and your ilk will never attain the power your egos require…..LOOK LIVE FREEDOM

  12. Define “Average” shorty. Does the Average American: Live in a high rise? Have access to mass transit? Live within a mile or so of his workplace? Have a delivery service do his laundry? Fly First Class? Own multiple properties? No? Well where I live, a large majority like to fish, hunt, play sports. Many have kids and coach sports and/or go to their games, recitals or other events. Many just don’t need people like Little Mikey Bloomberg telling them how to order and live their lives. They deal with what life gives them and do it quite well for the most part. Fools like Mikey seem to believe that these people are too foolish to live lives without an overlord. Mikey, you have never lived where I do. I have never lived where you do. I don’t want to and neither do you. Stay in your lane and live well. Leave me alone. I’m fine.

  13. “Average American”? Mr. Bloomberg, who or what is your sociopath’s definition of an “average American”? No law-abiding, patriotic American is “Average”? That’s what makes them exceptional by any standard, worldwide. Very few Americans by birth fit your warped definition. Who the hell do you think you are?!

  14. Mikey would have loved it if the Church of Christ shooter had had another 4 or 5 minutes to kill more Christians. He hates free Americans and he hates Christians. Sorry, Mikey, we’re not giving up our guns, our God, our Bibles, or our Big Gulps. Good grief, what an idjit.

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