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“Dangerous Regulations”: Gun Group Sues ATF Over Bump Stock Ban

The Trump administration announced last week new regulations that immediately make the sale and/or possession of bump stocks illegal. Done without any congressional mandate or legislation, the move to ban bump stocks in a response to the shocking mass shooting in Las Vegas last year, which saw the killer use the accessory to increase the firing speed of his semi-automatic rifles to near-automatic levels. But while the decision to make these bump stocks illegal is seen as admirable even in certain pro-gun communities, the way that it was done strikes many as overreach on the part of the Executive Branch.

So it is that the Gun Owners of America has filed a lawsuit against the ATF, claiming in federal court that the agency does not have the authority to make bump stocks illegal by executive fiat.

“Our suit challenges the legality of ATF’s action and asks for an injunction to stop enforcement of the regulations,” said GOA executive director Erich Pratt in a press release. “These dangerous regulations can go much farther than just bump stocks. The goal of the anti-gun left is, ultimately, not just banning bump stocks, but, rather, putting ‘points on the board’ toward its goal of banning civilian ownership of all firearms.”

Pratt said that GOA would not be alone in pursuing justice.

“GOA is happy to announce that the Virginia Citizens Defense League has joined the suit as a plaintiff — as well as Tim from the Military Arms Channel and GOA’s Texas state director Rachel Malone,” he said. “And I’m pleased to report that several state gun organizations, such as the Oregon Firearms Federation and BamaCarry, have contacted GOA and will be contributing financially, and by other means, to this case.”

The Trump administration has indicated that the new regulations were run through a vigorous legal process before rolling out, and DOJ officials have said they are ready and willing to defend the ban in court.

To be perfectly honest, we’re not particularly concerned about bump stocks getting banned, and we’re not all that worried about the Trump administration taking further executive action to limit our gun rights.


The problem is precedence. The problem is that Donald Trump won’t be president forever. The problem is that once the ATF takes for themselves the authority to make illegal a product that was legal yesterday, they will not easily give it up. The problem is that a Democrat president could use the ATF’s ability to ban bump stocks and expand that regulatory power to the point that it makes the Second Amendment all but obsolete. The problem is that this is the domain of Congress, and it needs to remain so.

We hope the GOA is successful in their lawsuit – not because we’re dying to see bump stocks remain on the market, but because every chip and crack in the Constitution is a hole the snakes can use to slither in.

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  1. Thanks so much for fighting this, I could see that they only want to band our guns even if we have not broken any laws, I joined OFF a couple of years ago and you should also.

  2. I have no idea what a bump stock is, but I do no support and infringement on our right to bear arms! Face it! Criminals that want to commit a crime will always find the weapons that are searching for on the black market. So all the restrictions that the Democrats want ONLY impact the law abiding citizen. And as any police officer will tell you, the criminals are better armed than they are! So protecting our homes is important to all of us!

  3. First get the facts straight! All we know is that some rifles in the room had bump stocks. Nether the FBI or ATF have inspected the rifles to see if they were even fired. (the FBI would not allow them to be inspected by the ATF).
    As crazy as it is after this long we really do not know who fired what rifles.
    The “new” definition of “A Machine gun” by the ATF on the Bump stock is A progressives “wet dream”, IT DOES NOT WORK AS DESCRIBED BY THAT ATF AGENT!!! there is a little thing called a disconnector in semiautomatic weapon that prevents the weapon from firing in the full automatic mode, by making the trigger mechanically have to reset to the sear so that the weapon can fire the next shot. The rifles IF fired were firing in a very rapid SEMIAUTO MANNER. (This is unless the fire control mechanism was tampered with making it full automatic THUS MAKNIG THE BUMP STOCK A NON ISSUE!
    And yes I was a U.S. Army trained Smallarms repairman (45B) in 1969 and learned about the M-16 with XM-16 and M-16 rifles as well as ALL Army projectile firing weapons up to 106mm recoilless rifles.

    • You are so correct. To be fully automatic the trigger needs only to be pressed ONCE and there is continuous fire. The bump stock is designed to require a new trigger pull after each round is expended, therefore NOT an automatic weapon. I agree. The Dems will use every opportunity to abolish the second amendment…MOLON LABE

  4. I am an avid second amendment believer and supporter. I own guns and have used fully automatic weapons in the army in Vietnam. The bump stock is not a needed TOY as nobody has a need for a fully automatic weapon in civilian life. Even the Military has changed their rifles to small burst/semi automatic weapons as it makes no sense to empty a full magazine in 3 seconds. It is very hard for most people to keep control of a weapon on full auto. There are shooters out there that can pull a trigger almost as fast as a bump stock can.

  5. But David the problem is not a Bump Stock ban but something much greater. The way this ruling went down opens the door for some Agency, Group, Politician, President…ect. to arbitraly ban or make a Legal Weapon an illegal One and its owner an immediate Felon! I point to California’s recent Gun Laws: Collapsible Butt Stock, Magazines holding more than 10 rounds, Verticle Forearm Grips, Pistol Grip Butt Stock’s … All now make a Legal Weapon an Assault Weapon and thus Illegal to Possess in CA. What won’t they ban, were will they stop?

  6. all of the evidence that i have seen on this shooting leads me to believe that this is bullshit . the democraps want to villify this and all firearms so some cia punk set this up to look like the [bump-stock was the guilty villain.. IF AS MANY SHOTS AS WAS FIRED IN THIS SHOOTING HAPPENED IN THAT ROOM THE CARPET WOULD SHOW HEAVY BURN DAMMAGE..NONE SEEN . the shell casings were never checked for evidence of being shot from these weapons..THIS ENTIRE SHOOTING WAS PURE BULLSHIT ALL SET-UP TO DECIEVE THE PUBLIC…COURTESEY OF O’BUMMER AND SOROS’S C.I.A. BUDDYS..

  7. Any and ALL regulations, limitations, laws, inuendos, ANYTHING against the ownership, use, carrying, of firearms is UNCONSTITUTIONAL ! ! ! PERIOD. STOP being an OATH-BREAKER, GD it all. Re-re-read the CONSTITUTION, and THE FRAMERS’ WORDS.
    We, the people, are meant to be an armed force to recon with – to be in awe of, to be fearful of. This was put in the Constitution to give notice to future governments that there will be no “hanky-panky” – no overzealousness. Watch out , or we’ll spank.

  8. america don,t let dumbacrats disarm you then you,ll be slauttered just like sheep and that seems to be what dumbacrats want you to work for them and do what they say. to them i say go get fuc_ed.

  9. After reading most of these statements, it’s easy to see why opponents of the Second Amendment are able to gain support in the press and among anti-gun organizations. the crackpot ranting and ravings about “founders” “framers” and”patriots” suggest the lack of knowledge about Constitutional Law or American History. Bump stocks and other relatively insignificant items are not worth stiffing backs over and detract from the defense of the Second Amendment.

  10. A T F Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms. All of these things are legal so why do we need these tyrants in the first place? They have no actual authority to regulate ANYTHING and need to be abolished.

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