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Feinstein’s Gun Proposals Would Not Have Prevented California Shooting

Sen. Dianne Feinstein doesn’t miss an opportunity to blame inanimate firearms every time there’s a mass shooting event in the country, and that goes double when that event unfolds in California. So it was with little surprise that we read the liberal Democrats’ statement in the wake of the tragic Thousand Oaks bar shooting. In it, she proposes a slate of gun control remedies, not a one of which would have done a thing to save the lives of those 12 people who died at the hands of a deranged gunman.

“Some will say California’s strong gun laws didn’t prevent this shooting, but without stronger federal gun regulations, there’s little California can do to keep guns coming in from other states,” Feinstein wrote. “Without stronger laws to prevent straw purchasing and close the gaping holes in our background check system, a presumptive murderer barely has to lift a finger to buy a gun.”

Here are the measures that Feinstein would like to implement as a result of the tragedy:

  • A new ban on “assault weapons.”
  • A ban on high-capacity magazines.
  • A ban on so-called bump stocks.
  • A bill to close Ye Olde gun show loophole.
  • A bill to keep terrorists from buying guns.
  • A bill to prevent domestic abusers from buying guns.
  • A bill that would allow family members to essentially suspend a loved one’s Second Amendment rights.

“What we’re lacking is intestinal fortitude from congressional Republicans and President Trump to say enough is enough,” Feinstein concluded. “As long as they stand in fear of the NRA and worry more about the power of the gun lobby than the lives of their fellow citizens, we’ll see more Thousand Oaks, more bodies lying at the foot of failed Republican leadership.”

The killer in California, of course, did not use an “assault weapon,” he used a Glock handgun. He certainly didn’t use a bump stock. High-capacity magazines are already illegal in California. There exists no such thing as a gun-show loophole. We’re quite certain that no “terrorist bill” would have prevented this former U.S. Marine from getting his hands on a firearm. Mental health avenues such as the 5150 law or a new bill that does what Feinstein is talking about in that last proposal? They already exist in California.

And yet, here we are.

The fact is that we, as a country, really don’t know what to do about these mass shootings. We would get closer to a solution, though, if our politicians were up front and honest about that fact. Instead, we bog ourselves down in these tiresome, tiresome fights about the NR-friggin-A over and over again until the next one happens. We’re not suggesting the answer is to throw our hands up and say, Welp, this is just the way it is. But we HAVE to see that playing this same political game endlessly is not doing anyone any good.

But when yelling “gun control!” after every shooting has become a permanent platform for your party, it’s awfully difficult to come to an intelligent solution.

What do you think?

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  1. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. She is not in the least bit interested in solving the real problems. If she did she wouldn’t take the default knee-jerk reactions she and her cohorts do. They do this simply to say “we tried, but those Republicans stopped us”. But the problem itself still persists regardless of any laws. It also keeps them from having to tackle the really difficult problems because those take time and effort. They want votes. To do that they have to look like they’re really trying to do something, but blocked at every turn. No, their attempt is dumb and it’s been shown time and time again.

    • Idiots need to forget about gun control, there has always been killing and there will always be killing it can’t be prevented, period! Example: Chicago, Illinois has the highest murder rate in the country despite the fact that they have the toughest gun laws in the country! Stupid jackasses like lying Dianne Feinstein need to wake up and smell the coffee, a problem can’t be solved by passing a law, criminals don’t give a FF about your stupid laws!

    • Hitler had gun control and it did not work well for the German people, particularly the Jews.
      Get the gun and you control the people. As a kid there were guns in just about every pickup truck in a high school. You did not hear of a school shooting, maybe an ass-wooping. This guns were used for hunting deer after school. The change come from the liberal agenda being taught at schools today instead of Math, English, History and Civets. If History was taught these liberals wanting socialism would have learned it did not work.

      • Yes, if these left/democrats weren’t always promoting the propaganda of MORE CONTROL/LAWS passed by the Fed. gov’t; the more they can create EQUALITY, they can get the poor to become the rich, they can keep us all safe (which is really hypocritical) as no one is guaranteed safe: in their own home (look at CA), their own street, it’s A HUGE LIE… Our politicians and Hollywood, by their actions, show us the lie: They live in gated communities, and always protected by ARMED SECURITY!! Will ARMED SECURITY follow any of Feinstein’s suggested laws? This doesn’t pertain to military or police, AND NOT CRIMINALS, who don’t follow laws, ex: drugs, theft, black market, etc. THESE LAWS ARE ONLY FOR POLITICAL SUPPORT, AND ONLY AFFECT LAW-ABIDING PRIVATE CITIZENS/CHILDREN. Is a “terrorist” really going to try to pass a background check? and be LISTED as a terrorist? Instead of one magazine, I guess he’ll carry two. THERE IS NO GUN SHOW LOOPHOLE!! Bill Clinton tried this: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ASSAULT GUN!!! THE DEFINITION includes the millions of guns in use for decades!! Maybe if Feinstein was focusing on these FORESTS – the state wouldn’t be currently in danger!!!

  2. The fact that the “off duty” cops were not allowed to carry their weapons in places that serve alcohol, is the primary reason these people died! Yes, the shooter and his evil Glock did the killing but the law makers are equally to blame!

    The entire State of the Liberal Shithole called California is run by Democrats like the nitwit FineSwine., Pelosi and Jerry Brown along with a multitude of Corrupt to the Core Liberal Losers!

    It is time to remove this State from the United States of America and give it back to Mexico! It will NOT BE MISSED!

  3. Why is it that there is a lot more shootings since all the anti gun people came out of the woodwork and try to outlaw guns?? We did not have all these problems before the
    politicians triad to pass anti gun rules and laws. They do not work on thieves and
    criminals. I refuse to be caught defend less and at the mercy of anyone when my life
    or anyone else’s is at stake.

  4. Guns don’t kill, people do. We need to begin using the death penalty. When you know some on killed someone they shouldn’t be entitled to live, an eye for an eye just like in the bible. These cowards may think twice before they pull the trigger.

    • Most of the shooters do not expect to live when their guns runs out of ammo or an armed good guy ends it for them. They intend to die. The are to cowardly to do it them selves and expect some one else to do it for them.



  7. PEOPLE, read the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO and the U.N. AGENDA 21, AND SEE WHAT IS TAKING PLACE IN AMERICA! (they are both online)

  8. Sen. Dianne Feinstein. As long as your in office this country is not safe nor are it’s residents. As long as your demanding bills, It is time you asked for a bill for mandatory retirement for elected govt officials. . It is way past your time to retire and fade off into the sunset.

  9. Sonata Finklestein at age 80 probably walks around with armed guards to prevent contact with white women, deplorables, or anyone who does not drink Cali-koolaid like she and petulant Pelosi, or anyone who could speak English. You see, she is hoping that the new13k immigrants coming to us will become new democrap votes in Cali. In the south we call it vote buying: free Med care, housing, college, and food. And, free legal representation. She do smrt!

  10. What happens when they decide to use a knife to kill people. I hope they decide to go after the people who are causing these people to die after these sick laws. What doesn’t she understand if they want to shoot you they will. No laws will stop it. I hope the next one uses a knife and these people are the first ones they go after. Then hat sill fe9say ban all knifes?

  11. Jerry: Yes – that is one of the biggest MISTAKES of the democrats: with these guns laws – they are punishing law-abiding private citizens, as they are the only ones who purchase guns legally. And so far it has simply created a bigger expense, etc. for private citizens, and since Bill Clinton passed “gun free zones” in 1994 – it has left many places/people as sitting ducks, where cowards go to shoot people. Note – last award Hollywood show, talked about the 100’s of armed guards present?? It’s the same with politicians. WHY DO THEY USE GUNS FOR THEIR PROTECTION, YET WANT TO REMOVE THEM FROM PROTECTING PRIVATE CITIZENS??? Those who can’t pass a background check -still obtain their guns, like they obtain drugs, cars, etc. – or blackmarket. Are these politicians REALLY THAT STUPID, then they need to be replaced, or IS THEIR AGENDA TO DISARM THE PRIVATE CITIZENS?? AND, the only way to stop CRIMINALS, is with punishment, severe punishment if a gun is used; and nothing is working – because they are punishing the wrong people, and BEING SOFT ON CRIMINALS.

  12. The Trouble with liberals is they are unable to recognize the difference between good and bad,in their mind they are the good we are the bad,they believe they are a righteous and Moral people,when the truth is,their not righteous,moral or noble,the worst thing anyone of any persuasion can do is not recognize their own weaknesses and that they have nothing that anyone wants,Moral righteousness is based upon Yahweh’s commandments and our willingness to keep them,not humanistic thoughts and idea’s,Yeshua will release none of his righteoueness to anyone who does not obey his Moral laws.

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