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House Democrats Kick Off the Year With New Gun Control Bill

House Democrats are wasting no time making the most of their newfound majority by coming up with bills that have literally no chance of passing the Republican-controlled Senate. Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Mike Thompson are introducing a piece of legislation on Tuesday that would, if passed, require universal background checks on the sale of all guns. The bill will be called HR 8 in an homage to Rep. Gabby Giffords, who was shot by a deranged man eight years ago. The legislation will be called to the floor on the eight-year anniversary of the shooting.

“Since the shooting at Sandy Hook, the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force has been fighting for a chance to pass legislation that will help save lives,” Thompson said in a statement. “Finally, with our new majority that ran on helping to prevent gun violence, we will introduce a bipartisan, universal background checks bill. We will hold hearings, we will have a vote, and this legislation will finally pass the House.”

In a statement of her own, Speaker Pelosi said: “In communities across America, courageous survivors, families and young advocates are showing outstanding courage and persistence in demanding an end to the horrific scourge of gun violence in our nation. It is an honor to join Congressman Mike Thompson and former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords to answer their call by taking the first step to pass commonsense background checks – which 97 percent of the American people support.”

The push for universal background checks is a common one in Democrat circles. Though the vast majority of gun sales already require such checks, this bill would expand the scope to include private transactions. This is what the left likes to call “closing the gun show loophole,” a gap that has not, to our knowledge, been taken advantage of in the commission of very many criminal acts. In fact, we can’t remember the last time there was a high-profile shooting where the perpetrator was only armed because he was able to avoid a federal background check. The closest one we can think of is the guy who shot up the black church a few years ago, but that was a situation that would not be resolved by this bill.

Once again, the Democrats are trying to fix a problem that doesn’t actually exist.

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  1. We already have back ground checks for which it is illegal for the Government to maintain a data base on how many and what kind of guns I have. The democrats want total control of everything! This is about being able to know where every gun is at every moment so they can take the next step in confiscation. At the current time I can claim the gun was sold and there is no way for them to chase the gun down for confiscation. With this law, they would be able to arrest me for not having done a back ground check on the person I sold the weapon to. Once again, the only ones with guns will be criminals who do not give a “flip” about laws.

    • Why can’t they be scientific and make trial runs of their idyllic laws. A good laboratory would be Chicago. If a law works there it’ll work anywhere.


        • Why do you even give them 50 ft? Sit them in a chair, strap them in and place a .50 cal barrel behind the base of their head. They will never hear the sound of the round going off. Lights out without a doubt. OR,,, a 12 guage slug would also work. whict ever is cheaper.

          • Well, actually a criminal that took the life or lives of people in cold blood should have an execution that last for hours instead of instant death, and the execution should be made public by television so all future would be criminals can see what it’s like to die slowly with excruciating pain, a sure deterrent. It’s called Capital punishment.

    • This is not about background checks. It is about a Constitution that has a bill of rights, the second one of which gives everyone the right to own arms to protect themselves, if need be, even from an oppressive government, which we are seeing being formed, right now. Every totalitarian government that has existed has disarmed the people, before they suppressed the people. Are we going to allow our own government to follow suit? I believe this will lead to a civil war. In contradiction to what they are supposedly trying to accomplish “protecting people”, a civil war will kill and maim hundreds of thousands of people. Many people would rather die than give up their God given freedoms, including defending themselves. Why should we allow a malicious government and criminals to be the only ones to wield weaponry, especially when there are already so many of us conservatives who are armed and prepared to do battle to save our freedoms?

      • Namme…dont worry this is a feel good bill.
        It actually means nothing to anyone except for the people who actually think there is an issue.
        As we have learned through immigration debacle, The states make there own Laws and follow the Federal Laws that benefit that particular State only. The Federal Branch of Government is weaker than the states Government.

        Its a we voted for you Bill… Very sad where this once great country is heading.

    • Interesting, while the feel good (about themselves) Liberals beef up Their “armed security and add height to the “walls” They live behind—-They wish to DISARM LEGAL CITIZENS—Hmmmm, are They expecting something, like being dragged into the streets? After WWII the Leader of italy & Wife were dragged and hung “upside down”.

  2. Step one – It is obvious that the Socialist party of lies, hate and corruption want to disarm the country.
    Step two – Create a Socialist dictatorship.
    Step three – Create a two party political system. Democrat and the Party of lies, hate and corruption.

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    • If you are insinuating that the Republican is the party of lies, hate and corruption, then you need to wake up! While the Republican party has it’s problems, they are nothing compared to the dumocrats! I, sir, think you are full of it!

    • I think you’re confused Clint, the Party of lies, hate, and corruption ARE the democrats, or were you being sarcastic and I missed the joke?

    • There was a “little book” distributed in the 1950’s : SIGNPOSTS OF FREEDOM—10 points were mentioned——We have been invaded ; but, not fully disarmed. AWAKE.
      The New World Order is simply Roman Slave State 2,000 Years later.

  3. We have enough gun laws on the books and the only thing that these do is give the government more control over the people. They are not designed to protect Americans they are designed to take the guns away form law abiding citizens. Lets face it if the Federal Government knew where all the guns were how long do you think it would be before they make house to house search and seizure. Congress must Vote this bill down.

    • Fast and furious was a Democrat “gun deal” , under bill Clinton, that gave guns to gangs.
      Eric Holder should face a firing squad for His role as at least One Border Agent lost His life to One of those weapons that came thru San Francisco —presently a trash ridded SANCTUARY CITY.

  4. The Democrats want to know everything and control everything. They are Tyrannical in nature and want dominance of the American People. One party government and people cannot see it and that is the sad reality of it. Ultra Left Media is carrying this agenda and is a major player in this agenda. They feel the average person is incapable of thinking and taking care of himself and they will do for everyone. With this they promise free healthcare, and income. There is nothing free in any country because someone has to work for it. I would not work for someone else’s benefit so government would have to care of me and anyone else that is not going to work for the benefit of others. Socialism would fail in this country faster than it did in Venezuela. Not mention a civil war.

  5. Yes it is just control of the people. If there aren’t any guns they can do anything they want. All these Ultra Liberal Democrats have fortresses around their properties and private security on the dime of the American People.

  6. It won’t do a damn thing to stop “gun violence”. These people never learn. They even advocate for gun control after KNIFE attacks. How deranged do you have to be?

    Here in NYS the governor is pushing for a “red flag” law, which will enable them to confiscate your guns without a hearing if ANYONE thinks you shouldn’t have them, including an ex-wife, doctor, neighbor who doesn’t like your NRA sticker or Trump hat.

  7. Each and every day, the Dumbascrap Party is getting closer to discovering why our forefathers gave U.S. citizens the unalienable right to a 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Once we rise up there will be no turning back, no place for you fools to hide, and most certainly no compassion for you…


  9. No Way! Get over it Liberals! The 2nd Amendment will not be altered or removed. It is people like the liberals who go after innocent gun owners who we have to be cautious of. There are gun rules and laws on the book and all decent gun owners abide by those rules. Stick your bill where the sun doesn’t shine. I approve this message!!!

  10. Here we go again. The Democrats want take guns away from decent, honest citizens. The want to make those citizens defenseless! They don’t do anything about the criminals that are allowed to run loose in America. Proof that Democrats a pro-criminals!

  11. You have no guns. Since I’m now in my 90’s am disabled because of an old injury I sold mine several years and submitted a list of them and their serial numbers to the Pima County, AZ sheriffs department. Since I live not all that far from the border I kept a couple for self protection, and have no intention of surrendering them to ANYONE. At least until the border is thoroughly secured and we don’t have to be concerned about ILLEGAL ALIENS. Never did understand what there is about those two words, Illegal Alien, that those Socialists (Communists) posing as Democrats don’t understand. Could it be that what those so called Democrats want has nothing to do with guns? Perhaps power over our lives by making us helpless to defend ourselves might be a better way to put it.

  12. Pelosi and the Democrats in the Congress haven’t got a chance of passing any kind of law that will take our guns away and our just wasting there time!!! For we the people are guaranteed the right to bear arms and they can’t do a damn thing about it no matter what!!!! Fr one thing the Senate would never pass it and the president would never sign it, and the Supreme Court would never allow it and let’s not forget the citizens they would never except it period!!! These Democrats just keep giving us a bunch of lip service that is a bunch of BS, and they will give us a bunch of BS on tax increases just like they do with the border wall !!! These Democrats are killing this country with there welfare programs and special interest spending!!! The biggest bunch of crap is there lack of defending our country and citizens!!!! These Democrats could end all this invasion on our country even without a wall by just giving us very strict immigration policies and laws and taking away all the benefits they have given out to illegals and legal immigrants which is costing all American billions of dollars if not trillions, they need to remove all illegals and new legals from our welfare rolls and take away all the benefits that they are getting now for this alone would end the invasion on our country!!! But these Democrats aren’t going to kill there cash cow of getting votes and will take away their getting paid off by the cartels which you can bet they are getting!!! What is really sickening is how they use us in getting what they want by telling us it is immoral to have a wall or immoral to to take care of our own when we all really know it has nothing to do with being immoral they could care less about being immoral, for it is all about votes and power to them and nothing more!!!! We the citizens need to wake up and quit listening to these Democrats when they say we are immoral, for we are the most moral nation in this world and we should all hold our heads high for what we do across the world for we are the most giving country and have given billions of dollars to other countries and have fought bleed and died for other countries to gain their freedom, so we should all tell these Democrats to kiss us where the sun don’t shine!!! For it is immoral not to take care of our own and our country first and this what these politicians have sworn to do and to uphold our Constitution and yet these Democrats do nothing that they were sworn to do!!!!

    • That’s what we all thought about former governor, now senator rickets Scott of Florida. He passed the most stringent firearms laws in decades, in Florida last year so he could buy votes.
      They -government officials- are all for sale to the highest price paid!

  13. We have a crisis at our southern border and soon to be another caravan coming and this is all they can think of tending to. They need to not try to amend or violate the Constitutional rights of the legal American citizens. All the laws in the world will not stop gun violence.

  14. I wonder how they will get around the Commerce Clause of the Constitution that states the federal government can only regulate that which is in, or effects, interstate commerce. As of now the feds can regulate commerce in firearms from parties engaged in interstate commerce, but not end users who buy or sell to non dealers in their own state. The individual states are tasked with that.

  15. Makes you wonder what else is in this bill? You can bet your last dollar there is more to this bill then what is stated in this article. Think about Pelosi’s fund the federal government bill, that sent millions to foreign countries for Abortions. Can anyone actually approve of sending tax payers monies for abortions in Africa? This is even worse thinking that Planned Parenthood not only gets funded, but they insist more then $500 million pays nothing on abortions. On top of that there is a law on the federal books stating no tax payers monies can be sent to any organization that participates in giving abortions. Talk about shafting the citizens of this country will legal ranging
    of the law, this tops the cake.

  16. I’m 81 yrs old and my “permitted” gun is in the car door pocket or near in the house!! I live in Texas not that far from the border – people have NO IDEA what we have to put up with from this mass that comes up I-35 with drugs, people locked in unventilated 18 wheelers by “coyotes” with no water, no food and certainly no restrooms! You who think you KNOW what is best for the border – bring your behinds down here and observe!! go into a grocery store and see them open jars, sticks their fingers in for a taste then put the jar back on the shelf!! JUST WAKE UP AND GET REAL AND INFORMED!!!

  17. Democrats are Constitution trashing freedom haters and they also hate The Bill of Rights! Democrats want to disarm decent, honest citizens. Why? Because Democrats love criminals.

  18. Mike Thompson is a joke. He is a lifetime Republican who had delusional aspirations to get into federal government. So what did he do? Switch to becoming a Democrat. So pathetic that you have to change who you are just to get elected and then you go with the flow that you don’t even truly believe in. Trust me this guy has a ton of guns at his house he lives in Napa. Truly truly disgusting by selling his soul to the devil.

  19. Pelsi is CATHOLIC. The Bi-babble and the Constitution are NOT COMPATIBLE. The Constitution must be destroyed in order for the Vatican to destory the USA. Chip by chip they are attempting to do exactly this.
    DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION. It is all American have left.
    Look south of the USA. NO Catholic nation likes guns. How is that working out in everything south of the USA? Vote for ANY Catholic and you vote for the destruction of the Constitution.

    • Al, what you wrote is the most ridiculous nonsense I have ever read. I understand from what you posted that for some reason you do not like Catholics or Christ’s own Church. I am a Catholic Priest and if you would like to discuss your specious claim I am prepared to defend the Church and my Savior.

  20. Lead by example. Order all weapons to be removed from all security personnel and individuals protecting legislators and legislative staff.
    Order that no security guard that has a weapon inside a Federal building can have any munitions in the weapons while on duty and can not be closer than 10 yards to any legislator.
    Add to the list.

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