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A Salute to the Heroes of Sutherland Springs, Texas


Democrats are going to do their thing again in the wake of the massacre in Sutherland Springs, Texas, but perhaps it would be best if we just completely ignore them this time around. Their song is getting tired and old, their constant politicization of death is depressing, and their legislative dreams aren’t going anywhere as long as Republicans have control of both houses of Congress. They are impotent songbirds, squealing into the dark night, and we’re only giving them legitimacy by taking their calls for gun control seriously. What gun control would have stopped this shooting, we ask? No, we don’t ask, because we’re not paying those idiots any mind.

And for now, we’re not even particularly interested in Devin Patrick Kelley, the 26-year-old atheist who topped off his life of beating his wife and child with a heinous act of mass murder. He managed to pull off a devastating death toll that will put his little spree in the record books, but he is a symbol of banal evil indeed. It’s the usual thing to say how it’s a shame that a child will grow up without their father, but maybe in this case, it’s for the best.

Instead, let’s focus on the heroic actions of Stephen Willeford and Johnnie Langendorff, two men who selflessly put themselves in harm’s way to stop this murderous rampage before it could get any worse. Willeford is responsible for putting a direct end to the shooting when he confronted the killer with a rifle of his own. He shot the perpetrator, wounding him, and then joined Langendorff for a high speed chase down rural roads that ended when Kelley lost control of his vehicle.

It wasn’t clear as of Monday whether Kelley succumbed to the original gunshot or shot himself in his final moments, but it is clear that these two heroes did their part in proving that there IS such a thing as a good guy with a gun.

“The neighbor with the rifle came to my truck and he opened my door and said, ‘He shot up the church,’ and got in,” Langendorff told Good Morning America. “He said, ‘Chase him’ so that’s what I did. I just chased him.”

The silver lining – if you can call it that – to any instance of tragedy like this one can be found in the simple, yet extraordinary, heroism of the people caught in the maelstrom of evil. You saw it on 9/11, you saw it on the ground in Las Vegas, and you damn sure saw it in Sutherland Springs. Yes, this was an act of evil, but it reminded us once again that there is still a LOT of good in this world.

  • Robert Augeri

    If more people carried guns our community would be a lot safer. Most of our idiots, mainly the Democrats have personal body guards, with the exception of Ron Paul he was assaulted by his neighbor who is a Democrat. The Democrats some like Barbara Boxer has a permit to protect her self, yet she wants gun control. Other Democrats have security people yet they want the common citizens to go without personal protection. My hat comes off to the two Texans who pursued the wacko who killed people praying in a church. Yet during Obama administration this wacko was in the Air Force and they failed to notify the agency who do background checks. Shame on the Air Force they hold blood on there lack of doing what they were supposed to do. I wonder if Obama was instrumental for allowing this to happen. This happened in another instant when someone was buying guns and selling them to people not allowed to own them, and he let this person off the hook and served no jail time. Pass all the laws but if they are not enforced by a President like Obama and Eric Holder what good are they. My prayers go out to the victims of Texas, and the families of the victims.

  • Firewagon

    Sadly, there were other heroes at that church, all of whom could only give their lives attempting to protect those they loved! “What if” is the tired preface to what is NEEDED to make these “Gun Free Zones” less of a juicy, risk free, shooting gallery for the (PC term) mentally challenged. I GO ARMED everywhere that I am not physically disarmed, to include schools, sporting events, recreational areas, church, etc., ad infinitum. When “forced” to enter some “Gun Free Zone” monitored with magnetometers, or some frisker, I enter only to exit as soon as feasible! Though I am not some “killer shooter,” like the Orlando whack, or this one, and would not gun down the magnetometer operator or frisker, I realize the very next person entering might be “That Shooter,” and I have just been rendered a sheep for the slaughter, and the very reason I avoid, when at all possible, ANY “Gun Free Zone!” Said far too often: God’s rest and peace to all those affected by the actions of this latest demonic individual! Can we “Pray” that the next time, the first casualty is the last, the perpetrator.

  • William L. Ramsburg


  • Richard Menius

    Take all the guns away from the liberal politicians. That includes your security personal. Then we will see what happens.

    • Tasine

      LOL!! Taking the guns away from the leftist idiots should STOP ALL THE SHOOTINGS as all of the shootings seem to be coming from the mentally skewed leftist NUTS.

  • Don

    Time to remove gub free zones and remove the area’s where these sick people can just bust in and start shooting knowing that no one there is supposed to be carring! when this is changed then the slautering of unarmed people will stop as well.

    • marshmil1789

      Thank you Don. I fully agree.

    • texjack

      Mexico has the strongest gun laws and consequently the highest gun homicide rate in South, Central, and North America

  • GuardianFlame

    Congrats Stephen and Johnnie for “doing what was right”! Our hats are off to you for thinking fast, acting faster, and taking down a very evil man. “You” made the difference in stopping a twisted evil man from killing any more than he already did.

    This was an act of bravery we haven’t seen in a long time. Hopefully it will encourage more responsible people to step forward and “do the right thing” no matter the circumstances. Bravery comes in all sizes, shapes and colors — even in you and I! Would you do the same thing if given the opportunity? I know I would…

  • jcgreen2

    There should have been folks in the Church congregation that could have drawn their weapon and taken this devil down rapidly before more were killed. The tragedy is that there weren’t more armed good guys in the Church!

    • Firewagon

      Gun Free Zones DON’T prevent the killers from entering. They do, “possibly,” prevent the “anti-killers” from being available – NOT in my house, but events PROVE others suffer from the misconceived, “it’s safer,” legislators legislating them out of their right to defend themselves! I would think they would FEEL “safer” were this guy in attendance ANYWHERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qX9xzKTY9M – BTW, that’s our back yard.

    • jesusknight


  • Lela Madera

    Just to give you an idea of what kind of monster he was, I understand he used to buy animals so he could kill them.. Just another red flag that should have put him back into the mental institution in New Mexico that he escaped from.

  • This veteran responds with a big THANK YOU to the brave men who stopped the shooter and hehn sought to end his shooting spree.

  • Get Real

    Start by taking all the trucks away from Home Depot…