CDC Director: “Second Wave” of Coronavirus Could Be Coming Later

In an interview with the Washington Post this week, CDC Director Robert Redfield said that Americans should prepare for a second round of the coronavirus pandemic in the winter…and he warns that it could be worse than the one we’re enduring right now.

Speaking to the paper as several states begin putting plans into place for a partial reopening of the economy, Redfield said, “There’s a possibility that the assault of the virus on our nation next winter will be even more difficult than the one we just went through.”

He continued: “And when I’ve said this to others, they kind of put their head back, they don’t understand what I mean. We’re going to have the flu epidemic and the coronavirus epidemic at the same time.”

He said that such a confluence could lead to a devastating overwhelm of our nation’s healthcare capacity, leading to the kinds of hospital overflows that…well, that U.S. leaders predicted would happen with the first wave of the coronavirus.

We’re not throwing peanuts unnecessarily, by the way. Look, just today New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo told Trump that the city has no further need for the Navy ship Comfort, which was intended to help the city deal with the crisis. How many victims, total, did the Comfort ever treat? Last we heard, it wasn’t even taking coronavirus patients, which was strange enough. And the hospitals didn’t have any overflow patients of other types, meaning that the ship basically just sat there in the harbor, doing nothing.

Were New York City’s social distancing efforts so successful that they were able to avoid an Italy-like disaster? Or what? What’s the answer? Why haven’t we seen the kinds of ICU overflows, ventilator shortages, or people-dying-in-parking-lots scenes that so many in the media predicted?

None of that is meant to downplay what we’ve seen so far from COVID-19. 45,000 deaths in, like, a month’s time is nothing to downplay. And maybe the shutdown worked. Maybe we really would be looking at overflowing hospitals and morgues if we’d just whistled our way through this thing, pretending as if there was nothing to worry about.

But between now and winter, we really need to figure that out. We need to sharpen our models. We need to determine exactly how this virus is spreading so we know what practices work to stop the spread and which ones only work to destroy the economy. We don’t need more panic, and we don’t need more “grim warnings.” We need sensible, coherent, scientific information.

Otherwise, by the time winter gets here, the coronavirus may be the least of our concerns.

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  1. What he didn’t say is that if there is a second round, it may not be bad at all. By working on de-politicizing treatments and getting true protocols in place for doctors, we can mitigate most cases. We now know more about what does and doesn’t work. Nice try CDC. You missed just about every prediction and are even now putting your thumb on the fear scale again. You are not any better than the WHO. You are in bed with big pharmaceuticals.

  2. My question is, “Why the hell should anyone believe anything the CDC says?”. Since this pandemic started, CDC has never gotten anything right. Now, that we seem to be winding down, they open their ignorant (or corrupt) mouths once again in an attempt to keep the hype and anxiety at a high level. The goal of the Democrats is to keep the country in lock down as they feel the poorer the economy, the worse Trump’s chances of winning the election become. I find it interesting that virtually all of the expert decisions made from the start of the pandemic seem to negatively affect the country and it’s president.

  3. I can tell you now by this pandemic situation in the states is that we have lived with this virus for a long time we have to prepare well for that. The vaccine may come by the end of the year so we have to beware and should stay safe and stay home

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