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CNN Explains How Trump Supporters Are Actually In a “Cult”

Somehow, we don’t recall CNN ever telling us that Obama’s supporters were a “cult,” even though they seemed absolutely enchanted by the former president – absent any particular reason for that adoration. Few people have ever won the presidency on a platform as thin as the one Obama ran on in 2008, but we must have missed all the concerned thinkpieces on how voters were being led to slaughter by a charismatic pied piper. No, no, we don’t remember CNN doing a single piece on that phenomenon.

But then, who is surprised at this point?

In his closing segment on “Reliable Sources” on Sunday, CNN host Brian Stelter explained that experts as diverse as Anthony Scaramucci and Dan Rather have called Trump supporters a “cult.” Perhaps sensing that the opinions of those two would not quite make a convincing argument, Stelter turned his attention to “mental health expert” Steven Hassan, who has penned a book called “The Cult of Trump.” And with a title like that, you can guess what he was there to say.

Hassan told Stelter that President Trump is a “destructive cult leader” who leads a herd of supporters who “are not being encouraged to really explore and look at the details and arrive at their own conclusion.”

Right, as opposed to all of those other politicians who, instead of defending themselves against their critcs, simply shrug and say, “Well, I dunno, maybe I am as bad as they say. I encourage everyone to come to their own conclusions, lest I be accused of starting a cult!”

Hassan continued: “Much of what they’re hearing is emotionally driven, loaded words, thought-stopping, and thought-terminating-type clichés.”

Uh-huh. Like…”yes, we can”?

“It is frightening to hear a cult expert say that you see all of these signs right now today in American politics,” Stelter said. “So, finally, the first step, if you say this is a cult, what’s the first step of deprogramming?”

“The first step with anyone who’s a true believer is contact with people that are outside the bubble,” Hassan said. “Cult leaders want to isolate their people. They want family and friends to just disappear rather than keep engaged. Hey, did you read this article? What do you think of it? You know, I’ll watch one of your shows, watch one of my shows. In other words, appealing to the person’s true self, their authentic self, that wants to be a good person, that wants — that believes in America and democracy and truth.”

Well, that’s not the worst advice we’ve ever heard, but does Hassan and Stelter not think liberals are just as much “in their bubble” as Trump supporters? How many of them are balancing their CNN/MSNBC/NY Times/Salon/Slate diet with a snack of National Review or a dessert of Breitbart News?

If anyone needs to undergo “deprogramming,” it’s the poor viewers who are still tuning into CNN’s nonsense after all this time.

What do you think?

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  1. Brian and his followers a fake news like CNN are the real cults because they support these Deep State Democrats and part of the swamp. I just hope and pray patriotic Americans agree and vote to re-elect President Trump and help him to get rid of these corrupt news reporters or puppets for the Deep State. Our country will be so much better off without them creating chaos and hatred.

    • What a bunch of sick little twits these fake news perps are. The description of a cult might be the Democrats worshiping at the alters of the Squad, Bernie or Warren. The High Priestess of the Democrat cult seems to have lost her magic. None of the faithful are listening to her or the deposed Emperor, Obama. His desperate message to the faithful is to–
      ” Lay back. Pretend you have seen the error of your socialist ways. Let them think you are moderate. Make them believe it and then–Wham. The votes will be in and we will be saved to open the borders and reclaim Obamacare and raise the taxes to pay for it and free stuff for our ‘illegal’ brothers and sisters.

  2. If you consider this group of people that want to see this President succeed, OUR COUNTRY prosper, to make living better, our borders protected, jobs created, our TAXES lowered, and our wages GROW, I guess you could say that I am PROUD as Hell to be one of PRESIDENT TRUMP’S “cult” members.
    Promises made, Promises kept…(and without the “help” of the CORRUPT DEMOCOMMUNISTS) that openly say they want to RAISE your taxes and give away “free stuff” and “free medical” and YOUR MONEY to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, and LAZY individuals that have NO desire to work.
    The “choice is clear”…. if your desire is being CONTROLLED by power-hungry government entities, and losing every freedom, perhaps you need to find a different country to live in. Venezuela or Cuba, perhaps?

  3. Funny thing I think CNN and it’s contributors are a cult, a cult t;hat hates America and everything it stands for. CNN and those who work there are disgusting racist pigs and I would never know anything they have to say unless real news sources reported it.

  4. It’s unbelievable. Why does CCN keep trying to show how incredibly biased and stupid? Shelter is the definition of stupid. Look it up, you see his picture!

  5. You are EXACTLY RIGHT, Let me tell you about this CRAZY cult.
    This brainwashed cult of TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS is for:
    Putting the interests of America’s LEGAL CITIZENS first and foremost.
    Stopping the business of slaughtering millions of helpless and innocent babies.
    Stopping the business of packaging, warehousing, and selling baby parts.
    Building a wall on our Southern border to protect our LEGAL citizens.
    Stopping human trafficking, drug smuggling, criminals, gangs, and Antifa thugs.
    Stopping the funding going to ILLEGAL TRESPASSING SQUATTERS.
    Eliminating over 8,000 VA employees that were not taking care of our GREAT Veterans.
    Acknowledging that Jerusalem IS the capital of Israel.
    Eliminating liberal regulations that smother good jobs.
    Making America a great place to do business.
    Lowering taxes, a strong economy, a 50 year low for unemployment.
    Over 6 million citizens off welfare with gainful employment.
    Taking Obama’s weak stock market of under 15,000 to over 28,000.
    Full and complete support of our great men and women serving in our military.
    Complete backing of our great law enforcement and excellent border security officials.
    Eliminating the top two ISIS THUGS with no American soldiers losing their lives.
    Stopping China from taking advantage of our Country and its citizens.
    A trade deal with Mexico and Canada that will create hundreds of thousands new jobs.
    A trade deal with Japan, that is goog for the American people.
    Fearful respect from other nations … both friend and foe.
    Our great President Trump is doing EXACTLY what this cult wants.

    Tell me what YOUR CULT is for, I’m always looking for something better.


  6. Through an atheist eyes , he thinks everyone is a cult ! A demented moronic behavior , he’s like a little kid kicking and screaming , let’s help him , into the trash can , and you call God’s children a cult . Shame shame on you , hatered is in your heart , you’ll not have any rest , torment is your name evil is your game , lake of fire to retire in . Enjoy your day!

  7. Just consider the facts that CNN is one of the largest groups pushing fake news. And they want to call everyone that don’t believe what they believe a cult. Makes sense to me. LOL

  8. If believing in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, America and the Bible is belonging to a cult then I am guilty!


  10. At least sixty-four million Americans voted for and support President Trump. That’s quite a “cult”, I would say. CNN and all the liberals better try coming up with something better than that if they want 64 million people to believe them. Don’t think it’s going to happen.

  11. He’s confused!

    It was the oblamo supporters that were/are in the cult, along with the clit-on supporters!!

    The leftist libTURD democRAT COMMIE party is a cult!!

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