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Democrat: Clinton’s Foreign Interference Was Ok Because it Was “Purchased”

In an impeachment trial where we’ve heard House managers spout some of the dumbest political rhetoric in U.S. history, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries accomplished something special on Thursday: In answering a question posed by Sen. Richard Burr and other Republican senators, he made what has to be the single stupidest statement of the entire circus. Congratulations, Rep. Jeffries, you’ve done your New York district proud.

The question: “Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee hired a retired foreign spy to work with Russian contacts to build a dossier of opposition research against her political opponent, Donald Trump. Under the House managers’ standard would the dossier be considered as foreign interference in a U.S. election, a violation of the law, and/or an impeachable offense?”

Jeffries’ classic response: “The analogy is not applicable to the present situation because first, to the extent that opposition research was obtained, it was opposition research that was purchased.”

Jeffries probably wouldn’t have done his inane response any favors by immediately sitting down after dropping it like a ton of elephant dung on the floor of the Senate, but he could have at least mitigated the damage. Instead, he soldiered on, worsening his argument with every subsequent utterance.

“This speaks to the avoidance of facts,” he said without any trace of irony. “The avoidance of the reality of what Mr. Trump did in this particular circumstance. All we’ve heard from the president’s legal counsel is conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory. We’ve heard about the Deep State conspiracy theory. We’ve heard about the ‘Adam Schiff is the root of all evil’ conspiracy theory. We’ve heard about the Burisma conspiracy theory.[…] This is the world’s great deliberative body, and all you offer us are conspiracy theories?”

It just gets worse and worse.

This is, however, what this entire impeachment affair has been about: Projection. Democrats know full well there was foreign interference in the 2016 election, and it was orchestrated by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee. They’ve tried to make it about Donald Trump. They know full well that Joe Biden was corrupt in withholding funds from Ukraine in an effort to protect his son’s cushy job. They’ve tried to make it about Donald Trump. They know full well that this country spent two solid years chasing down the conspiracy theory of “Trump/Russia collusion.” And now they want to accuse Republicans of doing the same.

In a country where we had a fair and unbiased media, the Democrats could not get away with this claptrap.

Because it was purchased!?


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    • Hey, that is racist! He is obviously a Lawyer. You have to trust what he says. He got a piece of paper from a big school that says he is a lawyer. Then he took a test and all the other lawyers said, “Come on in, Hakeem, you are one of us now.” That is how you get to be a Lawyer. He is obviously one of the best in Congress because there were only a few House Managers and he was chosen. He was right up there with big guns like Adam Schiff, and Jerrold Nadler. These are legal geniuses in their own rights. right? I mean, why would he lie?

      • Well i herd that we only have to believe that whatever is said is true if a woman claims she was raped but can;t remember where, when, how, why or most of the who. The was the standard set by the “me too: movement wasn’t it? so these liberals / Democrat guys are not women claiming rape without facts so we don;t have to believe anything they say right?

        Now that I think about it all of that is bizarre and weird! Why is it that liberals /Democrats are so darn bizarre and weird? Some liberal should explain it sometime.

    • Perhaps this kind of tom Foolery is what our President referred to as “BAD ACTORS”; fools reading a script that They do not understand—-did you notice all the House Reps had the same folio?

  1. OH Snap Hakeem ….guns are purchased too – so are illegal drugs – and child pornography. So You mean they are all ok because they are purchased?

  2. Which is dumber? Hakeem’s statement or Drunken Nancy Pelosi’s “We have to pass it to see what’s in it?’ Maybe a poll will be taken. The Democrats brain trust is really something isn’t it?

    • And Nancy wants to have the President’s lawyers disbarred! BWAHAHAHA! Hey, Drunklosi, what made you send Hakeem Jeffries up against Jay Sekulow and Cippolone? That was like sending a third-grader up against a Nobel Physicist in a math contest. Sorry, That was unfair to third-graders. I think they would mop the floor with Hakeem.

    • oh wow that one is a classic. Goes right along with the: ” what possible difference could it make now” of Hillary after she had the ambassador killed.

    • It comes down to the people that voted these zombies into office—–States like California & New York have been allowing illegal voting for decades—-and We all know about “grave yard voting”—that is why the democrats always put up a “straw man” argument about : Cleaning up the voter rolls–no dead votes, E-Verify for Jobs, VOTER IDENTIFICATION—-how about paper ballots with fingerprint? America is a federalist republic and not a democracy where everybody in the room gets to vote—no mob rule.

  3. And to think H. Jeffries is the very best his New York District has! The Dems have an answer for everything! The problem is, it is the WRONG answer! Woe be unto us Republicans if we ever purchased a dossier from any country for any political reason! The Dems think they can send one dimwitted person to make one dimwitted sentence to explain the steel dossier’s legality and why that was okay? The rest of what Jeffries added was “smoke and mirrors BS”!
    The Dems never cease to astound me, no matter what wildly outrageous words come from any of their mouths!
    TRUMP 2020 TO KAG!

  4. Because he PAYS for his drugs, so they are legal. It’s all about the Commerce Clause. Or is that about money laundering. Nope, its about buying stuff so it is legal. Stealing is bad. I read that somewhere.
    Lying is too. But if you buy a lie, then it is okay, right Hakeem?

    • So if I pay Schiff to lie to congress under oath it is not illegal right? So If I send some money to General Flynn and say thank you for lying to the FBI he gets off right? Ok, everyone send General Flynn a dollar. We can fix that Muller!!!

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