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Dershowitz: Mueller Report Will Be “Politically Devastating” to Trump

Over the past couple of years, famed attorney Alan Dershowitz has been an unlikely and frequent defender of President Donald Trump.

While making no bones about his liberal proclivities (or the fact that he supported Hillary Clinton), Dershowitz has found himself forced to defend Trump against a sea of ignorant left-wing pundits and legal “experts” who would rather destroy democracy than to see Trump succeed as President. That makes him a breath of fresh air in a media environment that seems to regard the Constitution as an inconvenient barrier preventing them from removing Trump from office ASAP.

But in an interview with ABC News this weekend, even Dershowitz had to acknowledge that Robert Mueller’s report was likely to be trouble for President Trump.

“I think the report is going to be devastating to the president,” Dershowitz told host George Stephanopoulos, “and I know that the president’s team is already working on a response to the report.”

But Dershowitz clarified that Trump was unlikely to face any criminal charges.

“When I say devastating,” he said, “I mean it’s going to paint a picture that’s going to be politically very devastating. I still don’t think it’s going to make a criminal case.”

We don’t disagree with Dershowitz in that we expect Mueller’s report to be extremely negative in terms of how he characterizes obstruction and collusion and all that junk. But devastating? No way. Mueller has nothing but his own opinions when it comes to obstruction, and there are clear constitutional avenues that allow Trump to do what he’s done (fire Comey, criticize Sessions, etc.)

As far as collusion, we have to guess that Mueller has only rumor and innuendo, or he would have brought the hammer down long before now. That’s not devastating to the president, politically or otherwise. In fact, the vast majority of Trump’s supporters have long since tuned this entire investigation out, so obvious it is that there is literally nothing to investigate. It’s silly, partisan, and long past its expiration date.

With Democrats soon to take control of the House, it is possible that they will use the Mueller report as a justification for impeachment. In which case, the only ones to suffer from political devastation will be them. The American people have made it clear that they do NOT want to see an impeachment trial, and that will go double if Democrats can’t bring the evidence required to seal the deal. Impeachment could very well send Trump soaring to new heights of approval just in time for the 2020 campaign season to swing into high gear.

We hope they try it. It will be the backfire of the century.

What do you think?

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  1. Dershowitz: Mueller Report Will (is going to try to) Be “Politically Devastating” to President TRUMP’s Presidency

    though no ??politically devastating?? mueller report is going kill President TRUMP’s Presidency

    mueller is giving his conniving report a devious murderous neverTRUMP chance


    • How about the indictment on Mueller for signing off on the dossier while he was the head of the FBI! Do you suppose he defrauded the FISA court? How much time does that bring?

    • I’m with you Rocky. Also I’m trying to figure out why we the American People are having to pay for this folly in the first place. There should be a limit to such nonsense. How about granting this Muller fella a time limit and be done with it?

    • We paid BIG TIME for it. Mueller’s an asshole who became a multi-millionaire by stretching this thing out as long as he could. All the crimes committed by the leftists aligned with Clinton, and all the crimes committed by the obuma thugs for 8 years, and they are searching for, and making up, crimes against people who have done nothing different or dishonest than main-stream business interests have done for centuries.

  2. If there was any evidence against Trump, they would have put it out there “gleefully” long ago! Now quit wasting our taxpayer money and go the hell away!!!!!

  3. Let the investigation continue. What does Trump have to fear if he committed no crimes? All investigative leads should, be and will be, followed. If more indictments are returned, so be it. If Mueller issues a report, the only person who can prohibit all or parts of the report is the Acting Attorney General. I guess we will see how transparent the Trump Department of Justice really is. Oh, I guess that the Acting Attorney General did not limit Mueller in advising the Court about Manafort’s lies and Manafort’s breach of the plea agreement. We will see whether the Court finds that Manafort breached the plea agreement and, if so, how that will impact his sentencing.

  4. Muller’s victims have had nothing to do with a Russian Trump collusion — Nothing. It has been a political witch hunt in my opinion but will wait to see what Muller’s $millions in tax payer money turned up on the so called Russian collusion. I think the whole thing was a farce and there will be nothing.


  6. I feel it does not matter what Mueller says. Most people recognize that Mueller is a criminal. He needs to be brought up on charges. He was involved in the sale of enriched uranium to Russia. He also was involved with 9/11. Many of our countrymen killed. He was the head of the FBI??

  7. the mueller investigation will continue till 202 election and if trump wins again it will go on another 4 years ,just who do you think you are bull $hitting ,i garenty you if they would have found anything , we would know about it right away , it’s the only thing they have to throw at trump and we all know it’s a lie

  8. Why is this investigation not including the treasonous the sale of some 15% of US Uranium to the Soviets, our Existential Enemy, or, alternatively, why does the Justice Department under whoever is the “Acting” or duly confirmed Atty. Gen. start this investigation, by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which should have been started a long time ago?? After all, Hillary profited to the tune of some $215 Mio. from this sale, plenty of reason to make a charge of treason against Hillary stick.
    This is the real damage against American national interests, that was inflicted under Hillary treasonous time as our Secretary of State under Obama.
    This has to happen before the expiration time for such treasonous actions by Hillary

  9. We the people ARE the government in the USA. And we are fed up with this Witch-Hunt, which is wasting OUR money for no good reason. If they had found some evidence of wrong-doing in regard to the election, they should have already released it. Since they have not we can assume they have nothing. They are grasping at straws now trying to snare witnesses in their testimonies over long periods of time. If they can find discrepancies they are threatening them with potential perjury charges and offering plea-bargains to get off… IF they will lie about things they were hoping Trump had done. It’s a major crock and the whole thing needs to be shut down immediately! Send Mueller to the locker room!!

  10. This witch hunt needs to end mueller has wasted enough of the taxpayers money, he should be brought up on charges of continuing an investigation that should have ended months ago when he found no collusion yet he has tried to get people to lie and implicate Trump, so what if his report does say a lot of lies about the president does he think that Trumps supporters are so stupid that they will automatically believe the BS he will put in his report, of course he will twist every thing in the final BS report but if people have a grain of sense they will see he is frustrated because he couldn’t bring the president down no matter how hard he tried

  11. Mueller is trying to cover up his own crimes. He’s another member of the Deep State or so terrifiedof then he’ll do anything to protect his own ass.

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