Dr. Doomer Fauci: Don’t Expect Normalcy in America Until 2022

In a virtual interview with the University of Melbourne on Wednesday, infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci threw cold water on the expectation that Americans will be able to congregate, gather, and resume their normal activities anytime soon. Asked by the interviewers when Americans can expect to return to some sense of normalcy, Fauci gave a timeline that will come as a shock to many.

“I think you said it correctly, that it’s going to be some time till we get back to what we considered normal before December 2019,” Fauci said. “It will happen gradually, probably very much stimulated by what I hope will be the successful implementation of a COVID-19 vaccine campaign globally. Because if you vaccinate in one country and the rest of the world continues to have a pandemic outbreak, inevitably all countries will again be involved.”

Fauci then outlined what we would need to see in America before returning to normal.

“I would imagine, at least in the United States, the way things are looking, that if we get a vaccination campaign and by the second or third quarter of 2021, we have vaccinated a substantial proportion of the people. I think it will be easily by the end of 2021 and perhaps even into the next year before we start having some semblances of normality,” he said.

Now, we know that Dr. Fauci has come under plenty of criticism from the right – some of it well-warranted, some of it not so much – but it’s probably worth remembering that he’s speculating here. He’s not prescribing or recommending. He’s simply looking at the lay of the land and making his best bet. And we have to imagine that a guy like Fauci is used to hedging those bets on a worst-case-scenario, rather than wanting to give people false hope that winds up being thrown back in his face when people still can’t fill up a concert stadium.

At the same time, we can’t forget that there are other killers out there besides the coronavirus, and some of them have been made worse by the precautions.

Loneliness is a killer all by itself, as we’ve seen from the spiking suicides and arresting levels of new drug addictions. In a startling report this week, NBC News revealed: “Social isolation was listed as a contributing cause of death for at least nine Minnesotans — almost all long-term care residents — from June to September, according to state death records; no deaths in the previous two years cited social isolation as a cause.” These are people literally dying from quarantine, and they should not be taken for granted.

Human beings are social creatures. We need each other. It’s in our tribal-based blood. And the longer these pandemic restrictions force us to deny these biological and evolutionary realities, the worse it’s going to be for our society, our economy, and yes, our overall health.

2022? No, we have to do better than that.

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Written by Andrew


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  1. Mr. You can get AIDS from doorknobs and here’s $300,000 million plus China so you can Pandemic the world and make me look like a HERO A.K.A. SUPERQUAKE. Fire that Dinosaur.

    • Right on Rick! This man is in the Democrat, China, WHO, camp. He likes to hear himself talk. He cares not for the American people, only for himself and his fame. Throw the bum out! When one gets covid, one can recover in a week or two at the most. Those with other health concerns should be wary, but you have to live your life. The countries thta have locked down have more cases than those which didn’t. The body and its natural immunities have to be given a chance to combat the disease. You can’t put out a fire when it is locked up in a box Open the box and pour in the water.

    • Fauci is as disgrace to those doctors and scientists working to stop the Covid19 China scourge. Fauci knows more about where this all came from, why it was even conjured up, how and why he contributed to the science and technology to allow the Chicoms to have the knowledge to discover/biogenetic engineer the Covid19 family of disease, and now play the role of SCIENTIST WIT ANSWERS?? Fauci screwed up!

      Fauci himself researched and taught the CCP how to commit one of the World’s Greatest Crimes Against HUMANITY! What an evil man … he suffers from so many complex mental anomalies PSYCHIATRISTS/PSYCHOLOGISTS are stumped or simply will not reveal his psychological indings and certainly cannot look into his heart .. God knows though …

      It is a 1 in 100,000,000 chance A piece of Horseshoe Bat RNA to get pulled from over 600 miles from Wuhan into a laboratory then naturally and magically convert it’s genomic structure into a PERFECT TOOL OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION WORLDWIDE … there are World laws against the type genetic tinkering … AND why oh why did the US INFECTIOUS DISEASE WORLD EXPERT get involved in the development, establishment, FUNDING, and biogenetic teaching IN the Chicom Wuhan institute Viral Institute through FAUCI ….. ? Look back years before the December 2019 outbreak, guess who was in China doing just what was described above … FAUCI! Conspiracies are awful flimsy but not actual FACTS and when evil scientists work with a common goal we get results that now are RAVAGING THE EARTH!

      Normal???? It is surely an oxymoron for FAUCI to even speak about NORMALCY, I doubt he has ever known normal! No no no, Fauci is not and never will be normal, nor should he be trusted. Actually he should be investigated to the fullest extent by the Scientific Community much much more qualified than the little man — yes, “that Dr. Fauci has come under plenty of criticism from the right – some of it well-warranted, some of it not so much” is BUNK, I find it hard to think his mind and actions are being led forward by God! — He has lied, developed countless rabbit holes, and professionally acted much the same as a Mad Scientist! Is he dangerous YOU BET … HE IS SEEN AS THE ANSWER … well FAUCI that is God’s role and you have committed and continue to commit Cardinal sins.

      FAUCI claims to follow facts, WHOSE??? He equivocates more than a politician … Interestingly he is no longer a proponent of LOCKDOWNS, the only way to STOP the spread in the beginning of all this! I always wondered who would understand the unintended consequences of such an act ! One person did, a businessman who became a President, by the Grace of God! Imperfect a human as President Trump is he is intelligent enough to listen to his life experiences and training … and his God!

      Never never forget the Hippocratic Oath Dr Fauci! Additionally never overlook … “the first law of Medicine is DO NO HARM.” Well FAUCI you failed Humanity!

    • Funny how I just read an article where WHO admitted that the Corona virus was NO worse than the regular Flu .

      I wish everyone would get on the same page with this crap!!

      by a Proud Deplorable Chump !! 🙂

  2. Yet another gloom and doom merchant spawned from Biden’s ass. Fauci took an oath to “do no harm”, yet that’s JUST what he keeps doing. I said back in March this thing has to burn itself out, and, medication/vaccine or not, the docs should know this too. But since it seems they don’t know much, (everybody has a “theory”), we should just keep doing what we have been, but with our cities and towns ALL open for business as usual. Just sayin’.

  3. He paid to have the virus cultured, Fauci, Gates, Obama and Soros are responsible for mass deaths and should have been arrested already!

  4. Except for those GOOFY face masks (which DON’T work) my life has been RELATIVELY normal – I don’t need Dr. Fauci to tell me how to LIVE. Either you HAVE it or you DON’T, and Either you’ll get SICK or you WON’T. Use common sense, Social distance and use HERD IMMUNITY. And, medicate if you have to. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  5. Fauci is an idiot. Go back to February and even March and the man was talking sense – limited lockdown to “flatten the curve (which, statistically flattened in early to mid-April), masks not helpful or needed except in a few express cases but not as “general prophylaxis”, etc. Then, like so many “little men” he caught the bug – not COVID, publicity. Every time he disagreed with Trump, the media treated him like a friggin’ hero and he now craves the attention and gets it by making ever more outrageous and stupid statements. “We can’t count on herd immunity” – really? Look at Sweden, which handled the epidemic intelligently (no lockdowns) and have pretty much eliminated it thanks to herd immunity (and with the 4th lowest death rate in the world) or even New York (which did everything wrong, racking up one of the highest death rates in the world, but with essential herd immunity now). The only places having flare-ups are those that listened to Fauci. He claims that having the disease doesn’t grant immunity but claims a vaccine will (all a vaccine does is give you the same immunity you get from the disease) but won’t approve a vaccine for widespread testing. He’s a total tool and should be fired. He’d be out of his depth working in a dog grooming shop.

  6. It is a fact that Obama asked Fauchi to help deliver Thousands of $ to Wuhan, China to study Coronaviruses! After Donald Trump was elected, Fauchi made the statement that President Trump would have a VIRUS to handle in a couple of years! How else would the idiot know that? It was all part of their stupid plan. Bill Gates and others were in on it too! Gates is all for Population Control, just like China!!! We are really “Blessed” with some real traitors!!!!!

  7. I’m a little bit confused……when the hell did this weasel Fauci become president of the USA…did I miss an election somewhere?

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