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It’s a GOOD Thing if Illegals Don’t Answer the Census

It’s a GOOD Thing if Illegals Don’t Answer the Census

According to Democrats, the sky is falling again. This time, it’s because the Trump administration is adding a question about citizenship to the 2020 U.S. Census. Before the day was out, California had filed a lawsuit against the federal government, claiming that it was somehow “illegal” for the Trump administration to ask such a relevant, simple question of census respondents. Yes, that is how far out into the wilderness of law California Democrats have traveled.

Quickly, let’s outline their major problems with this question. Well, their major STATED problems.

One, they claim that this is going to keep illegal immigrants from responding to the census, thus giving us an inaccurate count. As a result, federal funds based on population will be cut to those areas with considerable illegal density.

You can already see why California is so upset.

Furthermore, they believe that this move will have ramifications beyond funding questions. A pollster for the Huffington Post said that clipping illegal immigrants out of the process could affect “election-related polling data.” Similarly, the change could how congressional districts are drawn.

Finally, they are worried that the Trump administration is somehow going to use the data to seek out illegal immigrants and deport them. Which is why, naturally, the illegals will likely be hesitant to fill out the questionnaire in the first place.

“The Constitution requires the government to conduct an ‘actual enumeration’ of the total population, regardless of citizenship status. And since 1790, the census has counted citizens and noncitizens alike,” wrote California AG Xavier Becerra. “The census has a specific constitutional purpose: to provide an accurate count of all residents, which then allows for proper allotment of congressional representatives to the states. The Census Bureau has a long history of working to ensure the most accurate count of the U.S. population in a nonpartisan manner, based on scientific principles.”

Well, here’s the thing, Xavier: No one’s telling illegal immigrants not to fill out the form, buddy. So your claim that this question is illegal is ridiculous and unfounded.

Alas, it is probably a GOOD thing if illegals choose not to answer the Census, because it will fix a lot of what’s wrong with our political dynamics right now. One, it will root out voter fraud in a hurry. Let’s compare the new census populations with recent precinct vote counts and see what happens. Two, why in the hell WOULD congressional districts be drawn in such a way that takes illegal immigrants into account? That’s absurd. By the same token, there’s no reason for ELECTION polls to take PEOPLE WHO CAN’T VOTE into account when asking their questions, Mr. Polling Director for the Huffington Post.

Democrats are terrified of what this census will actually show. This could actually bring their entire political infrastructure crashing down around them. That’s why they’re going to wage the fight of their lives to get it declared unconstitutional.

And given the state of the federal court system these days…

What do you think?

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  1. This say’s it all!
    One, they claim that this is going to keep illegal immigrants from responding to the census, thus giving us an inaccurate count. As a result, federal funds based on population will be cut to those areas with considerable illegal density.

    • the constitution is bs to them untill something or someone steps on their toes and then they come out screeming thats unconstitutional what a bunch of hypocrites. I’ll keep my guns thank you.

    • BigE, first they state the obvious: #1 reduced funds, #2 aliens afraid to register because then easier to find. Yep, that is also what we real Americans want, even here in CA, and #3 if not on the census, then no way can be a voter, and #4 save money by not keeping them fed, dressed and given freebies which democrats being so compassionate (NOT!) love to do. Becerra was probably one attorney who passed among the 50% BELOW the middle and displays his lack of good English, our values, and intelligence.

    • I think the question is: are you a citizen? No mention is addressed as to whether or not the respondent is here legally or illegally, so what’s the problem? No fan of the census myself, I do feel that the question of citizenship is far more relevant than some of the totally invasive questions (which I refuse to answer) such as to how many rooms my house has, home ownership, income, number of vehicles and many other unnecessary questions that have nothing to do with enumerating the population. As for “rights” afforded to aliens, legal or illegal, they have NONE. They are visitors in OUR HOUSE and are here at our pleasure. No one other than Soros, McConnell and Ryan will attempt to prevent them from returning to their country or origin if there is something they do not like here.

    • Stop giving states money and congress positions based illegal alien populations.
      Use E-verify to make sure only Citizens can vote and get a job.
      This will give Democrats a reason to deport them instead of encouraging them to invaid our country.

    • It should concern them, California has essentially admitted that it is not only complicit in fraud, but there is a conspiracy to continue this fraud against every other state who has legitimate census records.

  2. Illegals chose to obviate or violate due process of law which provides accountability. The idea that, for ANY other reason, they are entitled to representation, is a right which they, also, forfeited. What reciprocal rights or benefits do U.S. citizens enjoy that is provided by the governments of Latin American countries whose internal conditions are the very reasons why their citizens violate the U.S. border? U.S. drug addicts are not a valid reason for policies of loose enforcement of the border.
    The liberal left is devoid of any sense of logic and their feigned compassion for illegals is a transparent ploy to achieve a political end which furthers their goal of denigration of the rule of law which ensures equal justice by obedience to it.
    The battle lines are drawn and they are going to lose.

  3. Contact your legislators demand legislation that makes aiding and abetting the criminal aliens a federal felony, carrying a mandatory, minimum 4 year sentence, without the possibility of parole.
    Let;s see if the liberakl dem bloodsuckers want the illegal alien vote badly enough to go to jail and then lose their right to vote as convicted felons

    • Jerry, I think you left out a couple of things, the 4 year sentence, should be before you see the judge, and if you are a government employee or stooge, you lose all of your salary and/or pension.

  4. This should be a big, big wakeup call to all Patriotic American citizens, that the progressive socialist democrat party is really attempting to replace American citizens with foreigners, including illegal alien invaders.
    Does anyone believe that when these illegal aliens or even legal immigrants get the vote they will vote in the best interests of the Country and the American citizens?
    The States with the largest illegal alien inhabitants are already receiving more representation in the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. than they are otherwise entitled to and once they succeed in having those illegal alien invaders get the vote just what does anyone believe will happen to the Sovereignty of our nation.
    These young kids who are buying into this notion of diversity at any cost are giving away their future.

  5. Why do DEM O CRAFTERS protect people who have no claim to the UNITED STATES???? I was born in this country over 70 years ago. I have not heard of one DEM O CRAFTER trying to give me WELFARE so I can live the good life!!!!! It is time the silent majority starts to open up. Come the elections in Nov. when the REPBUBS get the votes the DEM O CRAFTERS will say to them selves that they should have taken care of the AMERICANS first. The people on welfare better think before voting. The more ILLEGALS there are the less you get. THANK YOU for your attention.

  6. I keep reading that illegals are NOT allowed to “vote”. I call BS…. mexifornia not only “allowed” but “encouraged” illegals to vote. The same right here in N.Y. State. “king” andrew, and “king” deblasio did the same thing as well as oscumbag that told illegals THEY could vote right on national TV., SO do NOT try to feed me that line that “ILLEGALS” cannot “vote” they were told they could, and could do so without any fear of prosecution if “caught”. They are the NEXT group of GULLIBLE people that are installed on the democommunist “plantation” with “promises of “FREE STUFF” and “special treatment” (if they vote DEMOCRAT), mainly because MANY of the BLACKS and the HISPANICS are FINALLY beginning to realize they have been “USED” for their “votes” and getting NOTHING in return except “empty promises” from the democommunists.

  7. This may be true if you wipe you ass with the Constitution. Read what the Constitution says about the census. It si not a count of citizens, it was intended to be an accounting of who is here. Why do Republicans wrap themselves and their guns in the flag and wipe their asses with the Constitution?

  8. Is common sense ever going to come back to our world? The arguments are so ridiculous, and yet people think they have merit. Where in the world does a person have rights when they are not a citizen?

    • Leslie, I have never lived in another country, but have visited with required paperwork, knowing it was the law. Here in my/our country, I would like that other visitors respect our laws, but it seems that the Left morons, do not feel that way, I wonder why? Our laws are not complicated, but yet we allow millions to steal what we earn and pay in taxes, because they by pass the old Ellis Island concept or the application from our north and southern borders. It’s their ticket to come in (invade) our hard earned gains and benefit by being given our sweat. They invade and they vote, they break our laws and yet they are protected by the Left ambulance chasers that protect them with their chicanery and allows them to stay. We need to know who is here and that they honor the laws that we grew up by and instilled on us by our parents. A country without borders and laws is not a sovereign country, which is what the LEFT defends with their ideology to maintain power. The Left is known to wrap itself in our Flag and Constitution (which they despise) only when it benefits their ill factored arguments. They remain in power by using the poor and those here Illegally.

  9. You just KNOW illegal aliens will be truthful about their immigration status on a census form IF they send it in at all. The real question should be, “WHY are they still here?” They should have been deported long ago. Our last 5 Presidents refused to enforce our immigration laws both legal and illegal, leading up to the problems we are having now.

  10. Wow. If illegals are not counted or are counted as illegals sanctuary states will lose 2/3 of their representatives. Think of all the money that will go to US citizens instead. Also less political power.

  11. I have been doing my ancestry looking at census up to 1940, the latest released. The government asks if your a citizen or when you became a citizen from 1850. I understand they stopped it for the 1950 census, the democrats were in power then. Sounds like they started then hiding things.

  12. Cutting off funds for states that count illegals is the biggest reason liberals don’t want their people to answer the question.

  13. Are you a citizen of the United States of America will cover it. But what’s to keep them from telling a lie about it ?

  14. I agree with the above replies. All the Democrats want is voting districts in their favor, money based on headcount, just like they wanted amnesty for DACA recipients, voting tool

  15. By definition they are ILLEGALS and therefore they have NO RIGHTS except to leave and go back to where they came from. We, The American Tax Payers are sick and tired of supporting their Anti-American asses.

  16. If it’s in the Constitution the Socialist (read Progressive democrats & republicans) want nothing to do with it. The Progressive movement has been on a slow but steady path to elimination of our Constitution since 1900 and the last election cycle threw thing off track since Hillary’s not at the helm and the media, academia and the politicians that are actually progressive have been exposed by the budget resolution just passed by a Republican Congress and Senate. All WE the People have heard since 2009 is “Give us Control” and we will fix things, and We Did and they Folded like a cheap card table. The donations I gave to the RNC, congressional & senatorial Pac’s was the same as donating to Pelosi & Schumer’s Destroy America Campaign. I will vote AGAINST the Dim Wits on the Democratic side and FOR the Dim Wits with an R after their names and it will not be because I believe the BS any of them spew. I spent 8 years in the Military and took an OATH to protect and defend the Constitution and it had NO Expiration date and has NO Clauses that I can ignore because I don’t agree with policy. It’s either Legal and Lawful or it’s NOT, there is NO Middle Ground. I grieve for America because WE the People will Lose the Last Best Chance of saving Our Republic and the Politicians , Both Democrats and Republicans , are the Reason. GOD FORGIVE AMERICA!!

  17. there are to many of them living on our dollar. We have to many of our own with no jobs, housing, and food. Why should we take in more when we can not help our own. What happened to the law that said you had to come to our country after you have applied first. After you applied and came here legally you had to have a U S citizen agreed to help to keep you off of welfare for 5 years. We need that law back. At least until we can help those that are here and can get off of welfare. DACA can stay. We have put out so much, there is no reason to send them away.

  18. I noticed in some replies about the Census not being followed in the Constitution? Can any Democrat tell me Why is it, Democrats wants the Federal Government to obey the Constitution only WHEN they need it, BUT never enforce the Constitution, only WHEN they don’t want too? Seems like a one way Road all going the Direction the Democrats wants it to go? Like not enforcing the Illegals in the Constitution? Can any Democrat explain the Reasons to me? I believe the Census should only be for American Citizens and NOT include these Millions of Illegals.

  19. I do not see a problem with the citizenship question is a problem and I am married to LEGAL immigrant who holds on to his home country citizenship. They are allowed to ask about race and gender, why not citizenship. This baloney argument about allocating resources or the even more baloney argument of “election polling”. Well let’s look at both of those. Allocating resources: When my husband immigrated here, he was told in no uncertain terms that he was not allowed to apply for ANY government assistance programs. No welfare, no unemployment, no food stamps, NOTHING! In fact, because I was only 21, my father had to sign a legal document saying he would support my husband should he not be able to support himself. So I haven’t quite figured out how all these illegal immigrants are getting all these government assistance programs, has the rule changed or are they gaming the system? So, actually it would be better to know how many citizens we have so we could keep better track of our resources! And as far as “election polling” goes, last I checked it was a felony for a non-citizen to vote. So why in the world would we want election polling from people who can not legally vote. Or is it that they are just so used to doing things illegally that they just don’t care? And it would be interesting to see how many people are voting that should not be!!! So yes, I think we should ask the citizenship question on the census. Or are the Democrats afraid to know what is really going on in this country? Or do they just not want the general public to know???

  20. the dems. are a bunch of commies anymore they are traders to there own country .we need to get everone out of this country that don t belong here. love your country semper fi.

  21. Census results are only reported with statistics. No Personally Identifiable Information is reported until 70 years after the census is over. The answers can not be used for criminal evidence, so why not ask and answer these questions. I think this is information is needed before any discussion and passing of any new emigration laws. New laws might not even be needed! It is past time to get true numbers and stop with estaments of between 11 and 30 million illegal residents, in the country. They should ask a lot more questions to truly ascertain the impact of these non citizens on our Republic.

  22. What the Statists are afraid of would be damaging to their claim that ILLEGAL’s do not vote, which is a sham, we do know they vote and are urged to, by the Left. It’s already proven in tests across the US, that they discover that there is more votes in areas, where it shows votes, beyond the actual population count. The spectrum is wide in dealing with those unknowns, as they could be phony names, cemetery population still able to vote and pets that have found a way to offer their votes. I remember my parents telling us that the census at one time were taken door to door and one had to participate by law. One could not just turn down participation, or face consequences. The Left is terrified of anything that would hinder their voting base and personally I wish it were door to door to route out those that do not belong here, without the proper paperwork you are required by our laws, just as any other country that is protecting its sovereignty. Hence the census, furthers the fear of the WALL, preventing the Left from future voters, that is real FEAR.

  23. I wonder if Mexico takes a census? I would imagine their census would consist of wanting to know how many Mexicans have not left their home to America, where everything is free and sending their money home to Mexico to help with their economy. They are not doing their duty to help Mexico by staying home if you are poor and taking away from Mexico’s economy. You should go to America, let them pay for your babies and send money home and live off the backs of their foolish give away social programs. You are not doing your duty to Mexico if you are not climbing the wall, crossing the desert, swimming the river and making this saying come true. Ask not what Mexico can do for you, but ask what you can do for Mexico, by leaving here and draining the American social economy made for us.

  24. They are suing because
    Corrupt Californian Socialist Democrats will not get elected without the 10+ million illegal voters.
    California will also loose a large number of representitives in Congress and Federal money.

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